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Pro tip: divest from your big bank that's funding the dakota access pipeline and go to sf fire credit union because they have no ATM fees and sometimes cupcakes
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9 days ago
Railway oriented programming | F# for fun and profit
via sam. "if you want to learn monads but are afraid of the word monad" lol
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10 days ago
> She went on, “I never thought my country would be the one people had to run from.”
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12 days ago
The Sculpture of a "Fearless Girl" on Wall Street Is Fake Corporate Feminism
I'm fine with my own projection of joy and scorn at the same object. I'm all cognitive dissonance all the time already, anyway.
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16 days ago
Meet Silicon Valley's Secretive Alt-Right Followers | Mother Jones
What if we took their frog memes and put our sjw facts on them?
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16 days ago
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They release aggregated data at crisistrends.org.
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22 days ago
Jeremy Howard: The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn | TED Talk | TED.com
So 80 percent of the world's employment in the developed world is stuff that computers have just learned how to do.

via avi
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26 days ago
Sandpoint, ID : solar roadways
The first-ever public Solar Roadways installation has a live webcam: http://ift.tt/2dHjVEk =D
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28 days ago
The lessons of our counterprotests | SocialistWorker.org
What became clear over the course of the week is that those who argued against counterprotests in the name of protecting patients were ignoring and dismissing the voices of actual patient
28 days ago
The 10 Best Children’s Books That Celebrate Immigration – Literati Blog
This was a sponsored post but damn it's a good one. I took a seminar on children's literature once. That's how I learned about why it's important to have children's books about white parents adopting asian babies and how the west calls forests in exotic places "jungles" and what happens if you call it a forest instead and that reading Max as a girl in where the wild things is like the most amazing thing your 20-year-old's naive and surprised mind has ever tried as a reluctant experiment. Anyone want to do a reading circle of these?
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5 weeks ago
California School Under Fire After Teachers Mock Students Participating In Immigrants Strike | The Huffington Post
Dat abusive logic tho (hi Cori's post also lol) Isn't this like saying "I apologize for the structure of my punch to your face"? > “While I stand by my assertion that skipping school is no way to demonstrate one’s value to society, I do apologize for the harsh tone and hurtful structure of the previous message.”
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5 weeks ago
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