The 10 Best Children’s Books That Celebrate Immigration – Literati Blog
This was a sponsored post but damn it's a good one. I took a seminar on children's literature once. That's how I learned about why it's important to have children's books about white parents adopting asian babies and how the west calls forests in exotic places "jungles" and what happens if you call it a forest instead and that reading Max as a girl in where the wild things is like the most amazing thing your 20-year-old's naive and surprised mind has ever tried as a reluctant experiment. Anyone want to do a reading circle of these?
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4 days ago
California School Under Fire After Teachers Mock Students Participating In Immigrants Strike | The Huffington Post
Dat abusive logic tho (hi Cori's post also lol) Isn't this like saying "I apologize for the structure of my punch to your face"? > “While I stand by my assertion that skipping school is no way to demonstrate one’s value to society, I do apologize for the harsh tone and hurtful structure of the previous message.”
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5 days ago
Abdi Soltani on the Long March for Justice | Feb 19 at YBCA
hey it's the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 authorizing the internment of Japanese Americans. let's go to this. it's this sunday.
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8 days ago
protest song research (they did an indiegogo campaign)
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8 days ago
The His Dark Materials trilogy is getting its long-overdue sequel - The Verge
omgomgomg.omg.ogmomgog. who else feels like crafting their own soul? 🐻
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8 days ago
Winter Mix 2017 by Yotto
music w/o lyrics for working
8 days ago
Fox News "Alpha Woman" Op-Ed | POPSUGAR News
Anybody compiling a list of counter-articles, like this one? I'm almost like "meh it's not worth our time" but we have to replace this shit with our own, better narratives.
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11 days ago
302 Found
"She was not in the mood for another death threat." 😡
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14 days ago
Meet The Guy Who Is Creating New Alien Languages For Star Citizen | nowloading.co
Britton Watkins, I LOVE the script for your language! Xenolinguist Britton. I love it so much!!!!!!!
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16 days ago
Pragmatic Frames for Teaching and Learning in Human–Robot Interaction: Review and Challenges
Learning/teaching pragmatic frame

A pattern in verbal and non-verbal behavior involving goal-oriented actions coordinated with the interaction partner that emerges over recurrent interactions.

Recall the previous example of Bruner’s book-reading frame (Bruner, 1983), which consists of (1) the parent directing the child’s attention, (2) the child paying attention, (3) the parent asking the child for a label, (4) the child answering according to her capabilities, and (5) the parent providing feedback and (6) the correct label (see Table S5 in Supplementary Material).

A learning/teaching frame like the above involves a teacher explicitly teaching a certain content (e.g., a word or an action) to the learner.

In contrast, in current human–robot interactions for teaching robot sensorimotor skills, pragmatic frames are predefined by the designer or developer including a lot of implicit prior knowledge about the action and often involve the developer to provide relevant structuring information for the learning robot system. As an example, consider the experiment of Calinon et al. (2010) where a robot learned through kinesthetic teaching to feed a doll with a spoon. In that frame, (1) the robot gazed straight ahead with a spoon in its hand and was prepared by preprograming to focus on the trajectory of the arm movement and the objects doll and plate: the doll was rigidly attached to the robot, adding a link to the robot’s kinematic chain, and it received data from an external vision system tracking the marker attached to the plate; (2) the experimenter/developer provided the signal for the beginning of the teaching, i.e., recording the data; (3) the tutor provided the arm movements through kinesthetic teaching; (4) the experimenter ended the recording and started the learning process; (5) the robot used the visual input and proprioception to derive the position of the landmarks (doll’s mouth, plate) to normalize the trajectories with respect to these landmarks; (6) the robot used the normalized trajectories to update the parameters of a HMM/GMM model; (7) the experimenter started the action execution behavior; and (8) the robot executed the action based on the updated model parameters.
18 days ago
Flippable | Commit to Flip
Anyone else doing this? How is it?
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18 days ago
The battle over identity politics, explained - Vox
The conclusion is clear: White identity and issues surrounding it can play a big role in electoral outcomes. That helps explain why Trump won: All his dog whistles about making America great again (by perhaps reverting to a time when white people held a much stronger grip of government), political correctness, immigrants, Muslims, and “the African Americans” may have helped prime white people into voting for the racially regressive candidate. (There’s a lot more research backing this priming effect, which Dylan Matthews broke down for Vox.)

It’s important to understand this to understand how identity politics works. It’s a two-sided debate: One side wants to preserve a status quo that has historically protected a white identity that many white, straight, cisgender (non-trans), Christian Americans identify with. The other side wants to carve out an opening for other groups to be more accepted in mainstream America: black people, Latino immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, and Muslim Americans, to name a few.
19 days ago
'Identity Politics' Address Real Problems of Discrimination - NYTimes.com
But moving from that recognition to a claim that we should just attend to class, or a rejection of concerns about our position in the society, or a dismissal of all calls for inclusive language and behaviors as political correctness is damaging.

We have a long history in this country of responding to the suffering of “working class whites” not by leveling the playing field for everyone, but by maintaining their status above people of color and immigrants. The labor movement, the New Deal, the G.I Bill, are just three examples.

Addressing economic suffering by providing a remedy for some often extends the suffering of others.
19 days ago
What's Gotten Into Jim Cooper? | Elk Grove News.net
The final of these bills Assemblyman Cooper is sponsoring is AB-165, which seeks to exclude “local education agencies” from the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. What this would mean is that schools, on their own or in conjunction with law enforcement, would be able to compel students to make available their electronic communication without a warrant or wiretap order.

They can force students to turn over their phones and passwords to search them, force students to allow them access to their social media, and even make the students friend or follow the school on social media so they can keep tabs on their social media feeds; all without a court order and regardless of the students wishes. The schools would be able keep tabs on students’ associations, their political views, and even if they’re queer. This opens the door to further discrimination of students based on their sexuality, gender orientation, and political leanings.
19 days ago
A Buddhist monk explains mindfulness for times of conflict - Vox
Don’t allow hate and anger to take over your world. Because there are other things happening. Trump is not the end of the world — eight years, maybe, okay.

But right now people in our family are still there, and they might need us. Our friend may be somebody who is being discriminated against. You can only be there to offer them that kindness if you are stable. You cannot help them if you are filled with hate and fear. What people need is your non-fear, your stability, solidity, clarity. This is what we can offer.
20 days ago
A conversation with J.D. Vance, the reluctant interpreter of Trumpism - Vox
But to connect it to the conversation about white privilege, I think it's always important to note that there are obviously still advantages to being white, there are still disadvantages to being black, even when you control completely for class, income, and so forth. But one of the points I tried to make is that if you're asking the son of an unemployed West Virginia coal miner to check his privilege or to appreciate the ways in which, let's say, Barack Obama's daughters are going to be privileged or underprivileged relative to him in certain ways, I think that you're asking just too much from basic human cognition.
20 days ago
Democratic politics have to be “identity politics.”
"If Democrats standing up for diversity makes Trump voters feel disrespected, the best response is a slogan popular among enemies of political correctness at Trump rallies: Fuck your feelings."
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20 days ago
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