What Happened to Charlie Rose? Friends and Former Associates Speak | Hollywood Reporter
"My sense is that Charlie has put [book writing and planning his return to TV] aside for now," says another friend who asked to remain anonymous. "I think he is focusing on trying to understand, [both] events and other people's perception of them."
7 days ago
Microresistance: Inside The Day of a Supermarket Picker // Notes From Below
On the other hand, that opacity can also be useful in a worker’s struggle to make their job more bearable. William Golding, who worked as a picker in a large Sainsbury’s store in the south of England, told me he periodically kept his handset logged in for the duration of his lunch break, making his average weekly pick rate plummet and making the algorithm set a lower pick target for the store in the subsequent week. He received a disciplinary for this, but it was more preferable to receive a disciplinary for human error and serve out a probationary period rather than regularly missing the weekly targets.
7 days ago
Not So Awesome - Google Docs
an example grievances doc for Channel Awesome
7 days ago
yes-universe / pheonix
7 days ago
From ancient Chinese legends comes a beautiful tale of love and sacrifice. There is a mystical race of beings that control the tide and the changing of the seasons. But one of these beings, a young girl named Chun, wants to experience the human world, not simply observe it. When she turns sixteen, Chun is allowed to transform into a dolphin and explore the human world. However, she soon learns this world is a dangerous place. Chun is nearly killed in a vortex, but saved by a human boy at the cost of his own life. Moved by his kindness and courage, she decides to give the boy life again, but this power comes at a price. Chun will have to face adventure and sacrifice in order to protect the boy’s soul until it is ready to return to the human world.

Directed by Xuan Liang & Chun Zhang. Written by Xuan Liang. DCP. 2018. 105 mins. In Mandarin with English subtitles.
7 days ago
Yiyun Li on Public and Private Narratives | The New Yorker
Sometimes I feel wary of the pressure that artists should be creating work that engages with “this time of ours.” On December 31, 1941, not long before Stefan Zweig committed suicide, he wrote in a letter, “There is in reality not much to tell as our private life is of no importance now and the public events have enough publicity.” If I were to put some words on my office wall, I might choose this quote, to remind myself that there is, in reality, so much to tell, precisely because our private life seems of no importance and the public events have enough publicity. To pay close attention to private narratives when there appears to be little space left is to me a way to not succumb to this time of ours. The challenge in entwining public and private narratives is that the former is an egotist: it demands to be fully engaged with, and if it’s not the center of a piece of work it deems the work irrelevant. A story has to push back; a story cannot let itself be bullied.
7 days ago
The currently selected DOM node  |  Web  |  Google Developers
When you have a node selected in the Elements panel, use $0 to access it in the Console panel. On this subject, you can also use $_ to access the value of the most recently evaluated expression.
7 days ago
Explore | Queer in Oakland
okay this is awesome. wordpress.
28 days ago
The Program in Critical Theory
In this second to the last meeting of the working group, we shift gears to consider more directly the relational practices involved in doing collaboration. We have seen the co-operative and the collective appear in various forms over the previous working group meetings: in the business + tech ideas of platform cooperativism discussed in our “Global Networks” meeting last November; and in the collective and communal formations of ‘the public’ that came up across readings for “Public Spheres” in February. From navigating the group dynamics of the collective, to building an equitable and inclusive co-operative model, how does building a framework for ‘the many’ work on the ground?

“Co-operative Models,” the meeting, is intended to open the group’s thinking up to how such different frameworks of coalition operate and how they’ve formed across sectors since the 19th century—in shadow economies of the ad hoc, the experimental, and the underground; as well as in the “cultural” economies and “creative” industries of the non-profit and state-sponsored stratum. Where can we imagine spaces of possibility within or alongside entrenched market forces? Could co-operative models be a means by which to begin digging our way out of such entrenchments?


Olive Blackburn [PhD World Arts and Culture, UCLA; co-founder of the Oakland-based Salta Collective]

Zach Gamlieli [College of Letters & Sciences, Class of ’18; President of the Berkeley Student Co-op]

The recommended readings for this meeting can be found here.

This meeting is part of the Critical Theory Working Group Collaborations, Co-operatives, Coalition-Building, co-sponsored by the Arts Research Center, the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, the Berkeley Center for New Media, and the Maxine Elliot Chair of Comparative Literature.
28 days ago
Find Jenn Wilde - Home | Facebook
heya Jenn Wilde. we <3 you. it's so weird to be talking about you like this in the second person? please forgive me. we are all so worried about you. i want you to just be okay. please please please tell us you're okay.
4 weeks ago
On An Everyday (music video) - The Mission Girls - YouTube
i met some youth workers yesterday at the sfpd town hall. this is what our youth are up to. THIS IS AWESOME =D =D =D
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6 weeks ago
Facebook Sound Collection
facebook Pages has a feature where you can put sounds from NASA on your posts? http://ift.tt/2pfy8L9 i mean the sounds are awesome, i particularly love Ganymede, and they have all the classics like "houston we've had a problem," and even sally ride joking about disneylaaaaanddddd!!!!!, but like why does this exist? hahah
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6 weeks ago
Mission Townhall - Justice for Adolfo
our kids' names shouldn't have to be chants. adolfo delgado: presente.
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6 weeks ago
Per Scholas
it training in multiple cities, existed before 2012
7 weeks ago
How the Survivors of Parkland Began the Never Again Movement | The New Yorker
As Alfonso Calderon, a co-founder of Never Again, who was there that night, told me, “Nikolas Cruz, the shooter at my school, was reported to the police thirty-nine times.”
8 weeks ago
deploying your react app to heroku with webpack
this tutorial builds things, checks it into git, and has heroku server them directly.
10 weeks ago
My Advice for Coding Bootcamp Graduates
do big(O). take algorithms courses. =P
10 weeks ago
somehow i'd never before considered how people with sleep apnea can kill other people
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10 weeks ago
this is amazing. logs incidences of crying plus emotions, times, for over a year, 589 days. graphs and everything.
10 weeks ago
All workers need unions – including those in Silicon Valley | Chi Onwurah | Opinion | The Guardian
Today, over 1 million people in the Bay Area are on low-wage jobs that pay only $18 an hour – well below the living wage of $22 an hour. And there is a racial dimension: black and Latino workers comprise 58% of the cleaners, bus drivers, caterers and other subcontractors working for big tech firms, but only 10% of the core tech workforce.
10 weeks ago
Step by Step Through a Union Campaign
on harvard business review yall

....from july 1981
10 weeks ago
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