I actually took this photo 12 years ago which is great
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6 days ago
Forget the NSA, the LAPD Spies on Millions of Innocent Folks | L.A. Weekly
The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California are suing LAPD and the Sheriff's Department, demanding to see a sample week's worth of that data in order to get some idea of what cops are storing in a vast and growing, regionally shared database. (See our story "License Plate Recognition Logs Our Lives Long Before We Sin," June 21, 2012.)
8 days ago
Sign up for a free IFTTT account - IFTTT
Please tune in to see Jen-Mei Wu, Sarah Allen, and me give a talk at Google I/O tomorrow (thurs!) at 2:30pm PST! And if you have a github account, download our app =D https://hubbub.live We'll tell you patterns for using Firebase tools as the backend for your mobile app. Serverless wooooo #io17
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12 days ago
How Richard Spencer Became an Icon for White Supremacists - The Atlantic
Well that's terrifying. Fear. It works! Yep! I'm afraid! Hooray! Let's all buy guns!
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14 days ago
GOP Lawmaker Just Got Outed As The Founder Of Popular Pro-Rape Group
Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free of thinking the problem lies with myself ever
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18 days ago
Build #97 - all-the-hubbub/hubbub-ios - Travis CI
[06:51:35]: Starting login with user 'judytuna@gmail.com'
[06:51:36]: Successfully logged in
[06:51:36]: Fetching profiles...
[06:51:36]: Verifying certificates...
[06:51:37]: There are no local code signing identities found.
You can run `security find-identity -v -p codesigning` to get this output.
This Stack Overflow thread has more information: https://stackoverflow.com/q/35390072/774.
(Check in Keychain Access for an expired WWDR certificate: https://stackoverflow.com/a/35409835/774 has more info.)
[06:51:37]: Certificate for Provisioning Profile 'live.hubbub.all-the-hubbub Development' not available locally: DRDS2H8YN4, skipping this one...
[06:51:37]: No existing profiles found, that match the certificates you have installed locally! Creating a new provisioning profile for you
[06:51:38]: There are no local code signing identities found.
You can run `security find-identity -v -p codesigning` to get this output.
This Stack Overflow thread has more information: https://stackoverflow.com/q/35390072/774.
(Check in Keychain Access for an expired WWDR certificate: https://stackoverflow.com/a/35409835/774 has more info.)
| Lane Context |
| LANE_NAME | ios travis_deploy |
[06:51:38]: Could not find a matching code signing identity for type 'Development'. It is recommended to use match to manage code signing for you, more information on https://codesigning.guide.If you don't want to do so, you can also use cert to generate a new one: https://fastlane.tools/cert
19 days ago
Set up code signing for iOS projects - CircleCI
3. Find Your Code Signing Identity name
One your local machine run the following command to list the current code-signing identities installed on your machine.

$ security find-identity -p codesigning
23 days ago
Code Sign error: No code signing identities found: No valid signing identities (i.e. certificate and private key pair) were found. · Issue #160 · fastlane-old/gym
Including the .cert and .p12 I wanted to use in the repo
Importing those to a temp keychain on bitrise
Hardcoding the cert id in the sigh invocation
Hardcoding the cert name (iPhone Distribution: Company (<uid>)) as the codesigning_identity parameter for gym
23 days ago
Connection reset by peer · Issue #6553 · fastlane/fastlane
Seems to work for me

$ rbenv install 2.3.1
$ rbenv global 2.3.1
$ gem install bundler -v 1.13.4
$ bundle install --path ./.gems --verbose
$ bundle exec fastlane --verbose your_lane
23 days ago
Deploy an iOS app to testflight using Travis CI
Deploy an app automatically to testflight using travis ci.

Copy the .travis.yml into your repo (replace app name, developer name and provisionin profile uuid)
Create the folder "scripts/travis"
Export the following things from the Keychain app
"Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority" into scripts/travis/apple.cer
Your iPhone Distribution certificate into scripts/travis/dist.cer
Your iPhone Distribution private key into scripts/travis/dist.p12 (choose a password)
Execute travis encrypt "KEY_PASSWORD=YOUR_KEY_PASSWORD" --add
Execute travis encrypt "TEAM_TOKEN=TESTFLIGHT_TEAM_TOKEN" --add
Execute travis encrypt "API_TOKEN=TESTFLIGHT_API_TOKEN" --add
Copy add-key.sh, remove-key.sh and testflight.sh into scripts/travis
24 days ago
Joe Biden’s Sound Advice for Democrats - The New Yorker
> “There is absolutely no inconsistency,” Biden said, “between defending the right to [gay] marriage, defining the rights of women to control their own bodies, standing up for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and demanding safe working conditions, a living wage, sick leave.” my hero
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26 days ago
Technical Note TN2420: Version Numbers and Build Numbers
For iOS apps, build numbers must be unique within each release train, but they do not need to be unique across different release trains. That is to say, for iOS Apps you can use the same build numbers again in different release trains if you want to. However, for macOS apps, build numbers must monotonically increase even across different versions. In other words, for macOS apps you cannot use the same build numbers again in different release trains.

26 days ago
NeFi (ENFP) — Type in Mind
enfp cognitive functions
I'm "Ne Fi Te Si" - relying on, in order, extroverted iNtuition, introverted Feeling, extroverted Thinking, and finally, internal Sensing.
28 days ago
Yale's College Republicans hold BBQ near a hunger strike to increase protesters' anguish
Countercounterprotest with stingy tofu? Burn cow pies? What are some other ideas for escalation? Come on I know you're all good at going three far
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29 days ago
How to make Git "forget" about a file that was tracked but is now in .gitignore? - Stack Overflow
git ls-files --ignored --exclude-standard | xargs git rm --cached
git commit -am "Remove ignored files"

This takes the list of the ignored files and removes them from the index, then commits the changes.
4 weeks ago
Being Indian in Trump’s America - The New Yorker
> The desire for advancement often breeds an apolitical attitude among immigrants, a desire not to rock the boat, to be allowed to pass unnoticed. Since 1965, when Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Immigration and Nationality Act, abolishing the racist quotas of the nineteen-twenties, our compatriots had been bringing their professional skills to America. If we didn’t hope to be welcomed, we at least expected to be benignly ignored.
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4 weeks ago
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