Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones [Updated] | Ars Technica
—Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones [Updated] | Ars Technica
privacy  Facebook  security 
march 2018
NewsBlues editor takes parting shot at TV news
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore." Spot on!
news  television 
may 2017
Station Zombies Afoot In Post-Auction World | TVNewsCheck.com
This seems like a repeat of the 1920s, when small radio stations and individuals forfeit their licenses and left a few big players around.
broadcast  television  radio 
march 2017
Home | TripMode | Your mobile data savior.
MacSparky suggested this to help you save data transfer when tethering. Looks reasonable for those of us considering switching to an unlimited plan with tethering.
travel  mac  broadband 
march 2017
The Jobs Americans Do - NYTimes.com
An enlightening set of portrayals of nine job Americans do now. An old college chum, Eric Steuer, penned on of the portraits in the series.
february 2017
Underground New York
"A rare behind-the-scenes view of the exploding New York “underground” in the late sixties, a turbulent time and place that was to change American culture forever. A German TV crew, led by journalist Gideon Bachmann, explores the epicenter of the sixties revolution in art, music, poetry and film and interviews the main players in the “New American Cinema,” that was born on the streets of New York. Against a backdrop of cultural upheaval in all of the arts and growing political agitation against the Vietnam War, Bachman interviews the most prominent figures in “underground film,” including Jonas Mekas, Shirley Clarke, the Kuchar Brothers and Bruce Connor, and visits the most notorious location in the New York art world of the era - Andy Warhol’s Factory - to conduct an interview with the genius of Pop Art himself."

– Scott Hammen
NewYork  film  experimentalfilm 
february 2017
NO to DHS Social Media Password Requirement | Center for Democracy & Technology
"The first rule of online security is simple: Do not share your passwords. No government agency should undermine security, privacy, and other rights with a blanket policy of demanding passwords from individuals."
encryption  immigration  security 
february 2017
AT&T to Launch New Unlimited Data Plan
This why we didn't let AT&T and T-Mobile merge
february 2017
‘Economic Tsunami’: Fearing Donald Trump, Immigrants in New York Spend Less - The New York Times
If they were to leave the city, either by returning on their own to their home countries or by government order, “it could be a massive ripple effect.”
immigration  TrumpPence16  newyorkcity 
november 2016
Massive DDoS Attack Blocks Access to U.S. Web Sites
A well-written and sober account of the DDoS attack on Dyn from October 21, 2016.
october 2016
98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you - The Washington Post
—98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you - The Washington Post
advertising  privacy  Facebook  mediatechnologies 
august 2016
Your Smart Watch Can Steal Your ATM PIN
But I wear my watch on my left wrist, enter my pin on with my right hand…
july 2016
Network airlines make multicity bookings more difficult: Travel Weekly
boo! i took advantage of this last fall when I strung together a flight from NYC - Chicago and Chicago to LA to build a $150 transcontinental round-trip flight. Yay me!
travel  Airlines 
april 2016
End of an era: CBS to sell its historic radio division - LA Times
CBS radio started in 1927 and has been continually owned by the same company, though its role has changed dramatically since television.
radio  mediaindustries 
march 2016
Imagine: A newspaper without a website
bold idea, but let's check back in a year
march 2016
Why Apple Must Win vs the FBI | blog maverick
The line-by-line code the FBI is requesting could become evidence
security  apple  FBI 
march 2016
The irony in the FBI's request to unlock the iPhone
The encryption backdoor also applies to the FBI
security  apple  FBI 
march 2016
The Deactivation of the American Worker
Who needs a "pink slip" when you can turn off an employee's account?
february 2016
F.C.C. Proposes Changes in Cable Set-Top Box Market - The New York Times
I still doubt Apple will make a cable set-top box. Sucky options may abound for a while.
television  broadband  multichannel  mediaindustries 
february 2016
Confessions of a Paywall Journalist by John Heltman | The Washington Monthly
Thanks to a booming trade press, lobbyists and other insiders know what’s happening in government. The rest of the country, not so much.
december 2015
America Is Too Dumb for TV News
Matt Taibi: "It's our fault. We in the media have spent decades turning the news into a consumer business that's basically indistinguishable from selling cheeseburgers or video games. You want bigger margins, you just cram the product full of more fat and sugar and violence and wait for your obese, over-stimulated customer to come waddling forth."
news  election 
november 2015
"Good" Coffee Shops in New York City - The Awl
What follows is a proper categorization of most of the city’s “good” coffee shops—whether they are Actually Good, Perfectly Okay, or In Fact Bad—listed in no particular order.
Coffee  NewYork 
november 2015
Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract from Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS
Any terrorist capable of tying his own shoe — let alone carrying out a significant attack — has known for decades that speaking on open telephone and internet lines was to be avoided due to U.S. surveillance. As one Twitter commentator put it yesterday when mocking this new It’s-Snowden’s-Fault game: “Dude, the drug dealers from the Wire knew not to use cell phones.”
security  terrorism 
november 2015
Patt Morrison | Ey, watcha! The linguistics of the East LA accent | 89.3 KPCC
linguists propose that Chicano English stems from an indigenous group in Mexico, Nahuatl. Higher vowel sounds mark the ends of words and "ch" sounds are replaced with "sh." L.A. becomes "all-ay," and the word "barely" often substitutes for "just," for example: "I barely got out of the shower."
losangeles  California  accents  linguistics 
november 2015
Why Fox held the story of Edinson Volquez’s father’s death — even when most viewers already knew - The Washington Post
Ken Rozenthal: "Maybe he knew. Maybe he didn’t. We weren’t going to take the chance we were going to tell him. I’m convinced today it was the right move. I’ll always be convinced it was the right move. We have a special responsibility. We’re not Twitter."
news  Fox  baseball 
october 2015
90-Year-Old Headlines About Radio That Could Be About the Internet Today | Mental Floss
Here are 12 that could just as well be attached to trend-pieces on anything that’s newfangled today.
radio  mediatechnologies 
october 2015
Hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer, World Health Organization declares - The Washington Post
by concluding that processed meat causes cancer, and that red meat "probably" causes cancer, the WHO findings go well beyond the tentative associations that some other groups have reported
food  Cancer 
october 2015
NY, NY: A Century of City Symphony Films
Archivist and curator Jon Gartenberg (MA, Cinema Studies; www.gartenbergmedia.com) provides an overview of the genre of City Symphony Films produced in New York City, extending from the period of early cinema at the dawn of the 20th century through to the digital works of the first decade of 21st Century, as seen through the lens of independent and experimental filmmakers.
NewYork  nyu  film 
october 2015
The Fats You Don't Need to Fear, and the Carbs That You Do - The New York Times
An explainer on the importance of monitoring the glycemic level of certain foods.
diet  food  sugar 
october 2015
For Silicon Valley Hopefuls, Is College Irrelevant? — Bright — Medium
Some day we will ask: "For College Graduates, is Silicon Valley Irrelevant?"
pedagogy  College 
september 2015
Is Uber The Next Enron?
A question that I have considered myself.
september 2015
The Evolution of Magazine Covers — Medium
A look at how magazine, especially Cosmopolitan, have changed. Besides the more sultry covers of late, note the specialized content for their presumed readers.
history  magazines  mediaindustries 
august 2015
How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers? - The New York Times
A nifty tool for aggregating the major security breaches that may have exposed our personal information..
security  privacy 
july 2015
nprapps/lunchbox · GitHub
A suite of apps for news websites that make it easy to get attention on social media platforms
opensource  socialmedia  news  newtechnologies  mediatechnologies 
july 2015
Finally... Playboy, for the Articles
Playboy magazine's safe-for-work site focuses on the hard hitting original content.
magazines  digital 
july 2015
The English are very mean to the Dutch
july 2015
Inside Obama's Stealth Startup | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Another example of giving private sector technocrats the keys to the US government's technological infrastructure.
government  solutionism 
june 2015
3 Perfect Summer Beer Cocktails
San Diego's "Beerded Lady" offers some summer beer cocktails. Bring on the radlers!
recipe  cocktails  beer 
june 2015
The Big Lebowskemoji — Technology Musings — Medium
The plot of the Big Lebowski told through Emjoi… if this were a film criticism paper, it would get a B-… too much plot summary.
film  technology 
may 2015
WikiLeaks - Sony Archives
Assange: "This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation. It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict"
sony  government  wikileaks 
april 2015
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