Philippines to Shut Overcrowded Boracay | Skift
6-month closure looms yet govt still calls for more tourists.
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20 days ago
Three Jammed Cities Confront Overtourism | Skift
Dubrovnik, Amsterdam, Barcelona try to cope—a warning for others
4 weeks ago
Tourism Rose 7% in 2017, Most in 7 Years | UNWTO
Notably, destination acreage did not expand to receive the influx.
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11 weeks ago
Cuba Seeks Ecotourism Success | PBS
Castro was an environmentalist? Evidently.
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november 2017
Taj Majal Suffers Tourism Demotion | Washington Post
Muslim-built, it doesn't rate in Modi's Hindu India.
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october 2017
Evicted for Tourism | South China Morning Post
Sterile heritage: Residents forced to leave historic Chikan.
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august 2017
How to Save Over-Loved Cities | Guardian
Two opinions on fixing overtourism: Font on how (above), Becker on who (below)
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august 2017
Geotourism in Montana: Sizing Up Character of Place | UMT
To measure geotourism success you need to assess integrity of place.
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june 2017
Melbourne Frets Over Fate of Beloved Market | NY Times
Queen Victoria Mkt should keep its "grungy glamour."
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june 2017
Venice Fights Fast Food | Artnet
Pre-Bienalle attempt to preserve city's character
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may 2017
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