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This isn’t anti-racism - it’s middle-class misanthropy | Race | spiked
When is it okay for someone from a ‘solidly middle-class’ background, who was brought up by a mother who was ‘super successful’ at a ‘financial company’, to scoff at the homeless? To imply that it is they who are privileged? To remove the silver spoon from her mouth for five seconds and in her cut-glass tones declare: ‘You can be homeless and still have white privilege’?
racism  liberalHypocrisy  hypocrisy 
may 2018 by Jswindle
Lawyer: Women Complained About Schneiderman | The Daily Caller
“Neither of these women want to have their identity revealed, but this is going back several years and I’m involved in local downtown Democratic politics and Albany all the way to the executive branch was fully aware of what Mr. Schneiderman is doing,” he continued.
hypocrisy  liberalHypocrisy  sexualAssault 
may 2018 by Jswindle
The Left Ruins Everything it Touches | National Review
The only way to save Western civilization is to convince more people that leftism — not liberalism — is a nihilistic force. Quite literally, whatever the Left touches it ruins
leftists  regressiveLeft  hypocrisy  hate 
april 2018 by Jswindle
'Ambassador Samantha Power Lied to My Face About Syria,' by Kassem Eid – Tablet Magazine
As they have done for years, Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers systematically targeted, in the words of a doctor in Ghouta, “everything: shops, markets, hospitals, schools, mosques, everything.”
obama  hypocrisy  iran  russia  war  syria 
february 2018 by Jswindle
Why Foreign Gov'ts Seem Reluctant to Expose Clintons' Alleged Fraud - Sputnik International
The Clintons fundraising activities have long been raising justified concerns. However, foreign investigations into the Clinton Foundation's activities are moving too slowly. Apparently, the probes could generate embarrassment and even legal exposures for foreign governments involved, Charles Ortel assumed speaking to Sputnik.
hillary  hypocrisy 
january 2018 by Jswindle
Toxic Feminism: The Rebranding of the Democratic Party » BarbWire.com
In my prior article I defined “toxic feminism” as poisonous hybrid of feminine guile and masculine aggression whose goal is to replace the patriarchal order of society with a matriarchy. I also suggested that toxic feminism is the ideological lubricant for the recent wave of sex scandals exposing men in power, and that this sudden explosion of scandals may be a deliberate strategy of the Clinton/Soros “Purple Revolution.”
Z  matriarchy  patriarchy  feminism  freespeech  hypocrisy  politicallyCorrect 
december 2017 by Jswindle
Malibu becomes a sanctuary city — in solidarity with its gardeners, cooks and others in the U.S. illegally - LA Times
But it being Malibu, there was a celebrity twist. The idea was inspired by one of the town’s many famous residents: actor Martin Sheen. In December, he grabbed the lectern during a City Council meeting and — as if conjuring his inner President Josiah Bartlet from “The West Wing” — urged the city to become a sanctuary city.
sanctuaryCities  California  openBorders  hypocrisy 
november 2017 by Jswindle
3 Things Scientists Need to Know About the IPCC | Big Picture News, Informed Analysis
It’s typically described as a paragon of scientific virtue, a model of transparency. We’re told it is staffed by the world’s top scientists and best experts, and that it has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The IPCC, we are advised, is an organization whose conclusions can – and should – be trusted.
science  IPCC  brokenScience  hypocrisy  climate 
november 2017 by Jswindle
Why Have Liberals Been Such Horrendous Hypocrites on Women's Rights? | Roger L. Simon
To ask the question why liberals have been such hypocrites about their treatment of women and about women's rights is not to say that conservatives haven't been.  They have. And some of their actions have been pretty bad. But by comparison, GOP hypocrisy in this area has been quite literally dwarfed by the Democrats.
liberal  sexualAssault  hypocrisy 
november 2017 by Jswindle
A state trooper was ordered to alter the arrest report of a judge’s daughter. Now he’s suing. - The Boston Globe
lli Bibaud had just crashed her car on Route I-190 in Worcester on the evening of Oct. 16. She reeked of alcohol and had what state Trooper Ryan Sceviour described as a “heroin kit,” including a dozen needles and a spoon. She admitted performing sex acts on men to support her heroin addiction, according to Sceviour’s official report, and offered him sex as well in return for leniency.

And she started ranting that her father was a judge.

“He’s going to kill me,” screamed Bibaud, the trooper reported.
hypocrisy  govtManipulation  govtObstruction  corruption 
november 2017 by Jswindle
Identity-Politics Democrats Preach Hate toward Conservatives | National Review
In the days following Donald Trump’s surprise election win, progressive Columbia University humanities professor Mark Lilla published a thought-provoking, viral essay that took direct aim at identity politics
hate  identityPolitics  hypocrisy  regressiveleft 
november 2017 by Jswindle
Tinseltown Travelogue Part 1 | Breitbart News
“Republican in the dictionary comes just after ‘reptile’ and just before ‘repugnant.’” – Julia Roberts, at a 2000 Gore for President fundraiser, organized by Harvey Weinstein
hollywood  hypocrisy  leftists 
october 2017 by Jswindle
Sexual Misconduct in California’s Capitol Is Difficult to Escape - NYTimes.com
There were the demeaning personal chores she said her boss assigned her, like buying a shower curtain and blankets. And there was the time that he appeared at the door of his apartment with his pants open, she said, exposing himself to her when she went to pick him up for a vote.
sexualAssault  hypocrisy  California 
october 2017 by Jswindle
Weinstein and Our Culture of Enablers - NYTimes.com
But mostly there are enablers, both those who facilitated his predations and those who found it expedient to look the other way.
weinstein  sexualAssault  hypocrisy 
october 2017 by Jswindle
Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy: Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies | Zero Hedge
The revelations coming to light about Hollywood Oligarch Harvey Weinstein perfectly capture the true nature of our status quo: a rotten-to-the-core, predatory, exploitive oligarchy of dirty secrets and dirty lies protected by an army of self-serving sycophants, servile toadies on the make and well-paid legal mercenaries. Predators aren't an aberration of the Establishment; they are the perfection of the Establishment, which protects abusive, exploitive predator-oligarchs lest the feudal injustices of life in America be revealed for all to see.
hollywood  wealth  oligarchy  hypocrisy  weinstein  elite 
october 2017 by Jswindle
Bullying A Leftist Think Tank Pierces Google's Pretend Neutrality
I wrote recently about how Google is in danger of breaking the implicit social contract with its users by becoming seen as a politicized organization. But that was when Google was seen by the Right as being politicized for firing an engineer who expressed politically incorrect ideas.
Google  corruption  hypocrisy 
september 2017 by Jswindle
To Say, 'Stop Raping Me!' In English, Press '1' Now | Human Events
The same media that slavishly ignored the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal immigrants in Rockville, Maryland, spent last week crowing about the prosecutor’s refusal to bring charges.
rape  rapeCulture  sexualAssault  immigration  hypocrisy 
may 2017 by Jswindle
Obama Email Alias to Clinton Is Why FBI Didn’t Prosecute Hillary | National Review
Hillary couldn’t be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well.
‘How is this not classified?”

So exclaimed Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, Huma Abedin. The FBI had just shown her an old e-mail exchange, over Clinton’s private account, between the then-secretary of state and a second person, whose name Abedin did not recognize. The FBI then did what the FBI is never supposed to do: The agents informed their interviewee (Abedin) of the identity of the second person. It was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, using a pseudonym to conduct communications over a non-secure e-mail system — something anyone with a high-level security clearance, such as Huma Abedin, would instantly realize was a major breach.
hillary  obama  hypocrisy  email  treason 
march 2017 by Jswindle
Deconstructing Michael Moore
Every successful predator has a distinctive way of succeeding; some ways are more cerebral than others. The fox and the badger have been equally successful for millions of years: the fox by being clever and adaptive, the badger by the dogged employment of a single trick: he digs. You might say that the badger has the genius of will; he has discovered one simple trick that works for him and he has stayed with it; his constant repetition his one trick has made the badger a well-fed predator indeed.
michaelMoore  propaganda  lying  hypocrisy  limousineLiberal 
december 2016 by Jswindle
All the News that's Fit to Fake - Washington Free Beacon
Credit: Instagram user @ndubbs BY: Bill McMorris Follow @FBillMcMorris November 20, 2016 5:00 am The New York Times exposed the threat of fake news even before
newspapers  hypocrisy  fake  news 
november 2016 by Jswindle
Opinion Journal: Comey's Double Standard
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the FBI’s extensive case against Hillary Clinton and the decision not to indict. Photo credit: Associated Press
hillary  email  hypocrisy  ruleOfLaw 
july 2016 by Jswindle
Not even Secretary Kerry can make sense of the Iran deal anymore
One of the most enraging, naïve and usefully idiotic episodes in Iran lobbyist-in-chief John Kerry’s career took place during last week’s Aspen Ideas Festival, to little notice.

However, it speaks volumes about the state of American foreign policy and just how perilous of a situation we find ourselves in in this mercifully final year of the Obama presidency.

Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic’s frequently Obama-friendly muse on all things Middle East in general and Israel in particular, asked an admittedly difficult question of Sec. Kerry.
johnKerry  iran  hypocrisy 
july 2016 by Jswindle
National Review Purges Buckley! - Taki's Magazine
When Christopher Buckley, the novelist, writer, and son of the founding editor of National Review, first penned his endorsement of Barack Obama in Tina Brown
conservative  republicans  hypocrisy 
may 2016 by Jswindle
Compared to Trump, Hillary can't be that bad. Can she? » The Spectator
The presidential campaign here in the land hymned by one of its earliest immigrants as a shining
trump  lying  hillary  cronyism  hypocrisy 
may 2016 by Jswindle
How The Rothschilds Made America Into Their Private Tax Fraud Backyard | Zero Hedge
Back in September 2012 we first presented "the world's biggest hedge fund nobody had ever heard of": a small, previously unknown company called Braeburn Capital which, however, managed more cash than
hypocrisy  FATCA  corruption  realestate  taxes  irs 
may 2016 by Jswindle
Did Mizzou Act Differently when Racism Was Targeted at Jews on the University of Missouri Campus than It Did When Blacks Were Attacked?
Our exclusive emails show the shocking lack of interest Mizzou faculty showed in anti-Jewish racism – and the totally different way the college treated racism towards African-Americans.
racism  blacks  antiSemitism  hypocrisy 
may 2016 by Jswindle
When Pieties Collide | City Journal
Feminists incessantly harp about a phantom “rape culture” in the United States and other Western countries. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Northern European cities experienced an outbreak of the real thing—and the opponents of patriarchy went silent. It turns out that a more powerful force exists on the left than feminist victimology: multiculturalism.
feminism  multiCulturalism  hypocrisy  immigration  rape 
may 2016 by Jswindle
Remember the Law Is Only Sacred When It Furthers a Liberal Value - Reason.com
Working for the government is not an inalienable right. So Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, was wrong to refuse same-sex couples marriage licenses in her office. If you're unwilling to enforce
hypocrisy  politicallyCorrect  govtOverreach  lawfare  ruleOfLaw  democrats 
april 2016 by Jswindle
The Rage of Virginia Woolf | City Journal
In 1938, the year my mother left Germany for good and never saw her parents again, Virginia Woolf published a book entitled Three Guineas. It was about how women could prevent war.
women  war  class  morality  selfPity  hypocrisy 
april 2016 by Jswindle
Infrastructure Hypocrisy in NYC | commentary
Americans are not wrong to worry about their nation’s aging infrastructure. Those crumbling “roads and bridges” that President Barack Obama has been going on about for precisely as long as Republicans have been in control of the appropriations process is, however, only half the story – and the most visible half, at that. Underground, another tale of decrepit infrastructure has been circulating, particularly among New York City residents, for decades. It is the story of near apocalyptic disaster; one which has been in the making for nearly a century. There’s a reason why you do not hear nearly as many national Democrats pointing politically charged fingers in the direction of their fellow party members in the highest echelons of city government. Theirs is a mess the national party would much rather ignore.
leftwing  NewYork  democrats  hypocrisy 
april 2016 by Jswindle
Virtue signaling and other inane platitudes - The Boston Globe
Have you changed your Facebook avatar to support a cause? Did you take the ice bucket challenge? Have you ever offered your thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of a disaster? Do you express your
virtueSignalling  hypocrisy 
april 2016 by Jswindle

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