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The Ritual Burial Of The US Constitution | Zero Hedge
In the wake of a number of the Lehman and 9/11 commemorations in America, and as a monster storm is once again threatening to cause outsize damage, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in time, which will decide how the country interacts with its own laws, its legal system, its Constitution, its freedom of speech, and indeed if it has sufficient willpower left to adhere to the Constitution as its no. 1 guiding principle.
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september 2018 by Jswindle
Tech Companies That Support Net Neutrality Aren't as Virtuous as You Think
In the speech, Pai sharply called out social media platforms for virtue-signaling their support of a “free and open internet” while simultaneously ramping up content filtering and censorship.
siliconValley  netNeutrality  censorship 
december 2017 by Jswindle
Sweden’s Government Censorship – Save My Sweden
In the report, placing the word “refugees” in quotation marks, as well as “unaccompanied children,” is supposedly an expression of “hate”. (Many, if not most, migrants classified as “unaccompanied children” have turned out to be grown men)
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december 2017 by Jswindle
Moran: Did Google, GoDaddy, and CloudFlare Violate Net Neutrality? - Breitbart
Net neutrality advocates frequently warn about the perils of internet service providers (ISPs) censoring the internet yet remain remarkably silent when Cloudflare, Google, and other companies censor free speech.
censorship  netNeutrality 
november 2017 by Jswindle
Stop Funding Hate has a simple aim: political censorship | Coffee House
Here’s a law of politics that is about as cast-iron as a law of politics can be: people who hate tabloid newspapers are snobs. Every time. Scratch a Daily Mail basher or those people who seethe daily about the Sun and you will find someone who’s really just scared of the throng and of what all this tabloid fare is doing to their brains.
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november 2017 by Jswindle
FCC to Free Internet from Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Left floods FCC with fake comments
What is clear from an examination of the public comments from the political left supporting the retention of the Obama “Net Neutrality” rules have flooded the FCC comment space with “Bot-generated,” often foreign-sourced, comments that have generated unrelated, racist, and even violent remarks in high volume.
netNeutrality  Internet  bots  censorship 
november 2017 by Jswindle
Censorship in the Digital Age
None of this would be news to Barack Obama, whose own legacy of crumpled writs of habeas corpus, worthless privacy platitudes, and high-altitude wetwork, sits like a canker on the body politic.
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october 2017 by Jswindle
A Letter to Jamie Dimon – Chain
I wrote a letter to Jamie Dimon (and anyone else still struggling to understand cryptocurrencies)
bitcoin  freedom  cryptoCurrency  censorship  govtSupression  surveillance 
october 2017 by Jswindle
‘Economic censorship’: YouTube bans advertisers from Ron Paul videos — RT America
YouTube stands accused of censorship, following the company’s decision to bar former Congressman Ron Paul and his online news program from receiving advertising revenue for a number of videos which Paul recently posted.
Upon “manual review,” the website has found a series of videos posted by the Ron Paul Liberty Report “unsuitable for all advertisers,” effectively denying Paul and his online news program potential revenue from views.
Google  youTube  censorship  economicCensorship  liberalBias  freespeech 
september 2017 by Jswindle
YouTube’s Soft Censorship
Internet giant YouTube has been accused of discriminatory practices by two black American video bloggers. Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as “Diamond and Silk,” accused the video-sharing service of demonetizing their videos because of their conservative positions and support of President Donald Trump.
youTube  Google  censorship  economicCensorship  free  speech  authoritarianism  youngTurks  demonetization 
september 2017 by Jswindle
Facebook Will Block Ads From Pages That Share 'Fake News'
In a statement released Tuesday, Facebook announced it will block ads from pages that “repeatedly” share so-called “fake news.”
Facebook  socialMedia  censorship  freespeech 
september 2017 by Jswindle
Google Issues Ultimatum To The Liberty Conservative: Censor Your Content or Lose All Ad Revenue! | The Liberty Conservative
esterday morning, we received a very bizarre letter from Google issuing us an ultimatum. Either we were to remove a particular article or see all of our ad revenues choked off in an instant. This is the newest method that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control.
Google  freespeech  censorship  authoritarianism 
september 2017 by Jswindle
Streisand Effect: YouTube and Google Accused of 'Economic Censorship' - American Renaissance
While technically old news, YouTube has been doing this for months with smaller content creators, but has now started going after bigger fish in the sea. When a content creator on YouTube or “YouTuber” is able to attract large audiences and get substantial viewers, then they are eligible to have advertisements on their videos and get some income. While smaller channels might get peanuts, some YouTubers create content as their full-time job.

Due to the Streisand effect, some of the content that YouTube has attempted to censor has actually become more popular as people start wondering why it was deemed inappropriate.
censorship  Google  youTube  freespeech 
september 2017 by Jswindle
YouTube accused of CENSORSHIP over controversial new bid to 'limit' access to videos
"What's interesting about the new method deployed is that it is a clear attempt at social engineering. It isn't just turning off the ads.
youTube  Google  censorship  freespeech  authoritarianism 
september 2017 by Jswindle
08/18/11 Stick Google Plus Buttons On Your Pages, Or Your Search Traffic Suffers - Internet Marketing Association
What is Google Plus really about? Sure, it’s a social network — a good
one, and it’s adding millions of users fast — but some folks, like fellow
Forbeser Paul Tassi, are skeptical about its chances of luring people away
from the addiction that is Facebook. What we should keep in mind though is that
Plus is a product from Google, a word that is synonymous with search.
Google  censorship  authoritarianism  freespeech  corruption  cronyCapitalism 
september 2017 by Jswindle
Yes, Google Uses Its Power to Quash Ideas It Doesn’t Like—I Know Because It Happened to Me [Updated]
The story in the New York Times this week was unsettling: The New America Foundation, a major think tank, was getting rid of one of its teams of scholars, the Open Markets group. New America had warned its leader Barry Lynn that he was “imperiling the institution,” the Times reported, after he and his group had repeatedly criticized Google, a major funder of the think tank, for its market dominance.
censorship  authoritarianism  Google  freespeech 
september 2017 by Jswindle
Conservatives Hit By Wave Of YouTube Censorsh | The Daily Caller
YouTube is now demonetizing videos from content creators deemed too controversial for the platform, and conservatives and independents are being heavily impacted.

The move follows YouTube’s announcement earlier in August to catch and flag “controversial religious and supremacist” content hosted on the popular video-hosting website. Political and social commentators on YouTube are feeling the hurt—and they believe that they may be on a blacklist for having the wrong opinions.
youTube  demonitization  censorship  thoughtCrime 
september 2017 by Jswindle
As FBI reverses itself on Orlando shooting transcript, government censorship is more pervasive | Sharyl Attkisson
The following is a news analysis The FBI has reversed its decision to withhold information from the released transcript of the 911 calls made by the Islamic extremist terrorist attacker in the
govtObstruction  FOIA  censorship  govtSupression 
august 2016 by Jswindle
University Admins Surrender to Violent Protesters, Shutter Event
If you know a good constitutional law professor, please introduce me to her. I’m confused about the First Amendment, and I need answers.

Until yesterday, for example, I never realized that forcibly shutting down a private speaking event was considered free speech. I was also surprised to learn that assaulting a police officer is now a form of protest. It certainly never occurred to me that making violent threats towards a speaker was a constitutionally protected right. In fact, I was pretty confident all three of these acts were illegal...highly illegal.
freespeech  censorship 
may 2016 by Jswindle
Tips for Tuesday, May 24 | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Tell us the news here.

My editorial from the latest The Bolt Report
Facebook  censorship 
may 2016 by Jswindle
Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News
Illustration: Jim Cooke Facebook workers routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network
news  Facebook  conservative  manipulation  censorship 
may 2016 by Jswindle
Left Outside the Social-Justice Movement's Small Tent - The Atlantic
Mahad Olad, a high school student, used to be active in “the local social-justice scene” around Minneapolis, Minnesota, attending meetings and leading demonstrations for feminist, LGBT, and anti-racism groups. Then he became disillusioned.
censorship  education  SJW  racism 
april 2016 by Jswindle
What’s Wrong with Twinkling Buttocks? | City Journal
A crude culture makes a coarse people, and private refinement cannot long survive public excess. There is a Gresham
culture  vulgar  restraint  hedonism  virtue  intelligentsia  elite  art  censorship  sex  porn 
april 2016 by Jswindle
Study: How Government Surveillance Stifles Dissent on the Internet - The Atlantic
Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters How Much Does Bernie Sanders Know About Policy? The Democratic presidential hopeful had a rough interview with the New York Daily News editorial board, struggling to explain
censorship  surveillance  Internet  monitoring 
april 2016 by Jswindle

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