3D NES emulator for Windows
emulation  windows  opensource 
5 days ago
SVG Gradient Map Filter
creating gradient filters via svg
svg  opensource  webdesign 
15 days ago
Courier Prime | Quote-Unquote Apps
altered version of Courier, for writing screenplays
typography  font  opensource 
19 days ago
When in viewport
small script for triggering actions when an element is in the viewport
javascript  opensource 
6 weeks ago
color palette generator
color  webdesign 
7 weeks ago
portsmouth/fibre: WebGL 3d dynamical systems visualization
WebGL application for visualizing and coding 3d vector fields and dynamic systems
opensource  javascript  webgl  webdesign 
7 weeks ago
Home  |  web.dev
helps developers learn and apply the web's modern capabilities
performance  webdev 
9 weeks ago
Feature Policy
new way of controlling the availability of features on the web platform
9 weeks ago
Martin — vector tiles server
open source PostGIS vector tile server
opensource  mapping 
10 weeks ago
open source password manager
opensource  password  security 
10 weeks ago
WinNMP - Nginx MariaDB Redis Php 7 development stack for Windows | WinNMP
lightweight, fast and stable server stack for developing php mysql applications on windows
opensource  php  mysql  webdev  win 
october 2018
CSS Border-Radius Can Do That? | IO 9elements
on creating different shapes via border-radius
css  webdesign 
october 2018
compose data-driven layers to create interactive visualizations in JavaScript with relational algebra supported data model
javascript  visualization  graph  opensource 
october 2018
vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit | vvvv
designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously
visualization  audio  video  creativecoding  software 
october 2018
tooll.io – Create beautiful interactive realtime content
open source solution for creating interactive 3d content and animations
animation  opensource  software  video  creativecoding 
october 2018
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