Regain Disk Space from Homebrew
on cleaning up after homebrew
3 days ago
You Are @ 10K Apart
competent for web sites under 10k
webdesign  inspiration  event 
8 days ago
guess-js/guess: Libraries & tools for enabling data-driven user-experiences on the web
provides libraries & tools to simplify predictive data-analytics driven approaches to improving user-experiences on the web
javascript  machinelearning  opensource  analytics  webdev  performance 
10 days ago
stowball/eqio: A simple, tiny alternative to element/container queries
components that can adapt their styling based on their width, not the browser‘s
opensource  javascript  webdesign 
10 days ago
JavaScript library to suggest that the elements are scrollable horizontally
opensource  javascript  webdesign 
10 days ago
Quokka - Live Scratchpad for JavaScript in your editor
runs your code immediately as you type and displays various execution results in your code editor
javascript  prototyping  plugin  ide  vscode  atom 
10 days ago
Hadron - A new era for designing and creating
tool aimed to make designing through code visual, fast and easy by working with the web platform
webdesign  webdev 
15 days ago
Webdev on Windows with WSL and VS Code - daverupert.com
on setting up a web dev environment on Linux in Windows
windows  linux  webdev 
20 days ago
0i0/nonky: a Desktop Customization App (and platform)
display system information or any kind of information right on your desktop
desktop  osx  opensource 
20 days ago
combine design documentation with real, live components
opensource  webdesign  css  javascript  collaboration  react 
20 days ago
gadenbuie/ggpomological: 🍑 Pomological plot theme for ggplot2
a ggplot2 theme inspired by the USDA Pomological Watercolors collection
opensource  r  theme  visualization 
20 days ago
Pacific Standard
social justice and politics mag
magazine  news  journalism  politics 
21 days ago
Shotcut - Home
open source video editor
video  opensource 
21 days ago
Cauldron: The Unnotebook
complete data analysis environment
python  repl  ide  opensource  datascience 
21 days ago
200 Word RPG Challenge
tabletop game design competition
rpg  event  opensource  tabletop 
22 days ago
Ana Never
great Serbian post-rock band
music  postrock 
22 days ago
Unmoved mover - Wikipedia
the "unmoved mover" moves other things, but is not itself moved by any prior action
22 days ago
Context Free Art
program that generates images from written instructions
graphicdesign  softwaredevelopment  generativeart 
22 days ago
api service to grab user avatars
socialnetworking  webdev  api 
24 days ago
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