mixn/carbon-now-cli: 🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.
generate beautiful images of your source code through a great UI, letting you customize aspects like fonts, themes, window controls and much mor
commandline  opensource  javascript  node.js  graphicdesign 
19 hours ago
From data to Viz | Find the graphic you need
determining the best kind of graph for your data
emiltb/datalegreyar: Easily convert data to be displayed with the Datalegreya font
aims to make formatting of data for use with the Datalegreya font very easy
r  visualization  opensource 
5 days ago
GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer
open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser
analytics  opensource 
20 days ago
danger/peril: ☢️ Serious and immediate danger.
takes GitHub webhooks, and makes it easy to build one-off actions
opensource  github  javascript  productivity 
20 days ago
Mailist App – Save links for later and get reminded
create a mailing list from the bookmarks you don't read
email  newsletter  bookmarking 
21 days ago
Bizarro Devs
bizarre tech newsletter
newsletter  tech  email 
22 days ago
designer shirts for charity
apparel  shop  t-shirt  charity 
24 days ago
Micro Visualisation
introduction to micro visualizations
26 days ago
studio working with data visualization and generative art
inspiration  generativeart  visualization  creativecoding 
26 days ago
Unvael Journal
art and poetry magazine
magazine  art  poetry 
26 days ago
ReCode Project
community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language
generativeart  processing  archive  magazine  creativecoding 
26 days ago
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