high-performance WebGL2 components for GPU-powered data visualization and computation
javascript  webdesign  webgl  animation 
allows for easy implementation of responsive images using picturefill while integrating the powerful free CDN of Jetpack Photon
webdev  wordpress  opensource  cdn  optimization  performance 
2 days ago
rtCamp/blank-theme: Customized Blank theme based on Underscore and Foundation
custom blank theme created with underscore theme, which includes foundation basic grid system and some basic customizer settings
opensource  wordpress  theme  webdev 
2 days ago
opens source music server
music  audio  opensource  python  selfhosted 
12 days ago
Dharma Type - Sometype Mono
open source monospaced font family for coding and tabular layout
opensource  license:SIL  font  typography  programming 
13 days ago
A weekly digest of best curated products & resources - Engigogo Digest
weekly newsletter full of interesting products, links and valuable content
email  newsletter  webdev  webdesign 
13 days ago
The CSS Paint API | CSS-Tricks
call a function when you would normally use a css value for an image
css  javascript  webdev  webdesign 
13 days ago
remove islands from text (to create stencils)
svg  font 
16 days ago
Oh My Zsh - a delightful & open source framework for Z-Shell
open source, community-driven framework for managing your Zsh configuration
zsh  commandline  opensource 
17 days ago
Icon Transition Generator
create a transition between two icons and download the SVG code
animation  svg  icon 
17 days ago
Font style matcher
matching system fonts against web fonts
typography  webdesign  webfont  ux 
17 days ago
Home | Bookdown
an open-source R package that facilitates writing books and long-form articles/reports with R Markdown
markdown  r  opensource  publishing 
17 days ago
nbedos/termtosvg: Record terminal sessions as SVG animations
terminal recorder written in Python that renders your command line sessions as standalone SVG animations
animation  svg  commandline  python  opensource 
18 days ago
Retina.js | Retina graphics for your website
open source script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays
javascript  opensource  webdesign 
19 days ago
Structure Synth
cross-platform application for generating 3D structures by specifying a design grammar
visualization  generativeart  graphicdesign  opensource  windows  osx 
19 days ago
Upspin · Upspin
safe, secure, and sharable way that makes it easy to discover what you’ve got and who you’ve shared it with
filesharing  selfhosted  opensource  go  filehosting 
19 days ago
PlotDevice: a Python-based graphics environment for the Mac
Python-based graphics language for designers, developers, and tinkerers
python  graphicdesign  osx  opensource  generativeart 
19 days ago
peer-to-peer encrypted messaging and forums
android  chat  p2p  encryption  privacy  mobile 
19 days ago
progressive web app builder
pwa  node.js  javascript  webdev  opensource 
19 days ago
Progressive Tooling
community-built, third-party tools that can be used to improve page performance
accessibility  performance  webdev 
19 days ago
Vanilla Modal Dialogs
on building accessible modal dialogs
javascript  accessibility  aria 
19 days ago
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