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Pretzel - Keyboard shortcuts for the app you're currently using
A smart, simple desktop app that shows and searches keyboard shortcuts based on your currently focused app.
app  apps  keyboard  mac  shortcuts  macos 
june 2018 by jppferguson
hotkeys.js - A robust Javascript library for capturing keyboard input.
A robust Javascript library for capturing keyboard input and key combinations entered. It has no dependencies. Try to press your keyboard, The following button will highlight.
javascript  js  keyboard  dev  library  opensource  keys 
june 2018 by jppferguson
Keycodes - Javascript Keyboard Codes, Character Codes, Unicode, HTML Entities
Your guide to keyboard codes, unicodes, keycodes, javascript character codes, charcodes - by JayJo
code  javascript  keyboard  unicode  keycode 
august 2014 by jppferguson
Synergy is free and open source software for sharing one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. Works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and Apple iOS.
keyboard  linux  software  windows  osx  ios  mac  app  free  opensource 
november 2012 by jppferguson

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