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Pico - A stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS.
Pico is a flat file CMS, this means there is no administration backend and database to deal with. You simply create .md files in the 'content' folder and that becomes a page.
blog  cms  flatfile  markdown  php  flat  file  tools 
november 2018 by jppferguson
pqina/filepond: 🌊 A flexible and fun JavaScript file upload library
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
file  github  javascript  upload  js  form  components  html 
may 2018 by jppferguson
FilePond, Where files go to stretch their bits.
FilePond is a cross platform JavaScript File Upload and Transform plugin, easy to setup and beautifully animated.
files  javascript  js  library  upload  file 
march 2018 by jppferguson
Grav - A Modern Flat-File CMS | Grav
Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, opensource CMS that requires no database
cms  file  markdown  php  flatfile  opensource 
october 2015 by jppferguson
Simple File Sharing
file  files  share  tools  free 
may 2014 by jppferguson
Automated Organization for your Mac.
app  file  osx  productivity 
december 2013 by jppferguson
Kirby is a file-based cms. Easy to setup, easy to use, flexible as hell.
cms  backend  file  clean 
october 2013 by jppferguson

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