jppferguson + domains   9 | Modern Open Source URL shortener. is a free and open source URL shortener with custom domains and stats.
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may 2018 by jppferguson
Domain name services and DNS hosting - DNSimple
DNSimple provides domain name services that make your life easier with a carefully crafted web interface and a REST API for automation.
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march 2017 by jppferguson
ZoneWatcher - DNS Backups & Monitoring
ZoneWatcher provides automated DNS backup and monitoring for teams across multiple DNS providers.
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december 2016 by jppferguson
Web Domains: Tools To Use, Articles To Read
A thought-out domain name can save you a lot of time and bring you a lot of traffic. Search engines love topic-related domain names and they seem to be an important aspect which is being used to evaluate web-pages. Besides, if you have a popular web-site with enviable reputation, you might be willing to make sure that your visitors don’t get to some surprising web-sites mistyping your site’s URL.
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february 2014 by jppferguson
Legit unregistered domains for your next project
Finding a domain name for your project sucks. Here are 14,411 legit, {word}.{tld} domains that you can register and then get back to work on the important stuff.
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january 2014 by jppferguson
Cheap Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting
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january 2014 by jppferguson
Domain Name Search
Domize is the place to find your next domain name whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector. We offer unmatched speed and security to allow you to search quickly and in complete privacy.
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december 2013 by jppferguson
Web Hosting, Servers & Domain Names.
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may 2013 by jppferguson

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