jppferguson + dashboard   13 – Free Cron Job Monitoring.
Cron Monitoring. Monitor nightly backups, weekly reports, cron jobs and background tasks. Receive alerts when your tasks don't run on time.
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november 2018 by jppferguson
Webdash | The customizable web dashboard
Orchestrate your web project with 
Webdash - the customizable web dashboard
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june 2018 by jppferguson
Tabler - Admin panel made simple
Premium dashboard template with responsive and high quality UI. For Free!
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june 2018 by jppferguson
Be proud of your data, show it off! Embeddable, remixable, virtualizable, portable, real time visualisations.
app  service  not-free  free  data  dashboard 
march 2014 by jppferguson
Turn any website into a table of data or an API in minutes without writing any code.
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january 2014 by jppferguson
dashkards — dashboard cheat sheets for your favorite mac apps
Keyboard shortcuts are so much more efficient than using the mouse. The only problem: They're hard to remember, especially the ones you don't use all that often. Same goes for things like Terminal commands, Twitter search syntax, multitouch gestures or anything else you can't simply point and click a mouse at. That's where dashkards come in. Dashkards are cheat sheets for the Mac OS X Dashboard where you can have them handy at the press of a button.
cheatsheet  dashboard  mac  osx  app  shortcuts 
november 2012 by jppferguson

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