jppferguson + collection   175 - Everything I Learned in Design School
This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design, and an ongoing list of things I think you should read. For budding UX, UI, Interaction, or whatever other title designers.
ui  ux  design  learning  collection 
21 days ago by jppferguson
CSS Code Generators
Pick from the available CSS generators. Set the desired options quickly with sliders, color pickers and test the codes with the interactive HTML-CSS editor
css3  generator  tool  collection 
6 weeks ago by jppferguson
101 BEST Business Books of All Time [Ultimate List]
Here's an AWESOME list of the best business books of all time. Whether you need books on starting a business or you are looking for strategy or marketing books ... this list is for you.
collection  business  books  recommendations  filter 
10 weeks ago by jppferguson
Hot tips CSS
Here a curated collection of css snippets that you can use for determinate situations or just for fun.
css  snippets  collection  awesome 
june 2018 by jppferguson
A Directory of design and front-end resources
An expert curation of amazing resources for Designers & UI Developers.
collection  design  frontend  ui  webdesign  resources  inspiration 
june 2018 by jppferguson
WDRL – Web Development Reading List | The Evergreen
A handcrafted, carefully selected list of web development related resources.
Published usually every week.
articles  web  evergreen  collection  development 
june 2018 by jppferguson
Trello Inspiration
Trello board templates and examples for all of life's projects. Whether learning how to use Trello or creating more boards, see how Trello can help you organize anything, with anyone.
collaboration  inspiration  productivity  trello  workflow  agile  examples  collection 
june 2018 by jppferguson
30 seconds of interviews
A curated collection of common web development interview questions to help you prepare for your next interview.
coding  css  interview  javascript  collection 
june 2018 by jppferguson
30 Seconds of CSS
A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less. From foundational elements such as clearfix to gradient text color and gradient cursor tracking to CSS easing and far beyond.
css  resources  snippets  tips  collection  reference 
march 2018 by jppferguson
Linqes - Manage and share your collection of bookmarks
Create own Groups of your favourite content and share with your friends or colleagues
bookmarking  service  social  links  collection 
march 2018 by jppferguson
5 examples of web animation done right
And the biggest lesson we can learn from each one.
animation  web  invision  article  examples  collection 
march 2018 by jppferguson
Really Good UX
A library of screenshots and examples of really good UX. Brought to you by Appcues.
design  gallery  inspiration  ux  resources  collection 
january 2018 by jppferguson
24 websites to find original free pics
A simple list of 24 alternative websites to find high-quality, royalty-free images that don't cost a cent.
free  images  stock  photos  collection 
june 2017 by jppferguson
15 unique website layouts | Webflow Blog
Many websites same to follow the same tired, old template. Here’s a hero image with a centered call to action and here’s my three columns below it. It’s not a bad design, because it works. The problem is that it’s predictable. So we wanted to give you some examples of websites that take a different approach so you can create pages that break the mold, without shattering user expectations.
design  inspiration  collection  webdesign  different 
march 2017 by jppferguson
Startup Collections - Resources and Tools for Starters
Startup Collections provides resources and tools for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers to help them save time, energy and money. We don’t have fake reviews or ratings. We only curate the tools and categorize them to help makers find the right tools for their side projects or startups.
collection  design  startup  tools  resources  business  curated 
march 2017 by jppferguson
Kit FUI - User interfaces from movies, tv, video games and more
Fantasy User Interfaces, Fictional User Interfaces, Fake User Interfaces, Futuristic User Interfaces, Film User Interfaces, Future User Interfaces.
collection  design  inspiration  ui  movies 
march 2017 by jppferguson
Totally rocking websites | httpster
Httpster is an inspiration resource and showcase of totally rocking websites made by people from all over the world.
collection  website  showcase  design 
november 2016 by jppferguson
uiGradients - Beautiful colored gradients
A handpicked collection of beautiful color gradients for designers and developers
gradient  design  collection  random 
october 2016 by jppferguson
Hustle Mode ON
Curated directory of the best productivity tools
collection  directory  productivity  tools 
september 2016 by jppferguson
Two Factor Auth List
List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.
security  2fa  list  collection  compare 
july 2016 by jppferguson
Founder Mantras
Daily mantras, quotes and words to live by for founders by founders.
quotes  startup  inspiration  collection 
january 2016 by jppferguson
Showcase of clean and minimal Wordpress themes — Medium
Finding a theme that provides a beautiful reading experience with an clean, minimal and high quality design is no simple…
theme  collection  wordpress  minimal  medium  article 
october 2015 by jppferguson
30 Stunning Agency Sites - Qwilr Blog
Here are 30 stunning examples of impressive and creatively realised agency websites. Beautiful designs, exquisite imagery and pixel perfect execution.
collection  agency  awesome 
september 2015 by jppferguson
Viewing List
Great tech & design videos
video  tech  collection 
august 2015 by jppferguson
Free Responsive Templates, Themes and Examples - HTML5 Zero
Stop wasting time hunting for free themes & templates. Discover the best ones ranked by popularity. Save and organize your favorites.
free  responsive  templates  theme  collection 
august 2015 by jppferguson
The Slack Post
Post all the useful links from Slack in a simple public newspaper.
slack  chat  news  collection  team 
july 2015 by jppferguson
Wappalyzer uncovers the technologies used on websites.
development  technology  collection  stats 
june 2015 by jppferguson
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