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Uploadcare — Smart CDN combining cloud storage and upload widget
Uploadcare is a service handling CDN, cloud storage, file uploads & hosting, image upload & processing — all in one secure solution with a powerful upload widget. Sign up for free!
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february 2018 by jppferguson
RawGit serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.
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august 2016 by jppferguson
jsDelivr is an open source CDN that allows developers to host their own projects and anyone to link to our hosted files in their websites. We offer a stable CDN that can be used in production even on popular websites with huge amounts of traffic. There are no bandwidth limits or premium features and its completely free to use by anybody.
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march 2014 by jppferguson
Github as a CDN
Cache your Javascripts, Stylesheets, and Web Assets with Github Pages.
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october 2013 by jppferguson
A Guide To Using Github Pages
Are you learning to code and need an easy, free way to host your projects? GitHub pages is your answer. Not only is it an easy hosting solution for websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, but it also gives you practice using Git, an important but tricky tool. This step-by-step guide gets you up to speed in minutes.
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august 2013 by jppferguson

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