History of the browser user-agent string
History of the User-Agent string written as if it was the book of genesis from the bible.
programming  http  history  funny 
9 weeks ago
Reading up on Lisp this is... not what I was lead to believe. The 'primitives' are extremely high level. The lists…
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9 weeks ago
Platform for renting out personal graphics card for cpu intensive applications.
programming  cloud  platform 
october 2018
Cryptographic "Right Answers"
Recent reccomendations on cryptography and security.
crypto  security  programming 
september 2018
How I hacked Google’s bug tracking system itself for $15,600 in bounties
Someone exploited incrementing IDs to exfiltrate a large amount of data (over $15k in bug bounties) from buganizer.
google  security 
august 2018
Occupy Babel!
Full Recognition Before Processing

Avoid weird machines
security  programming  :save 
may 2018
3/ The vast majority of Americans overpay for network connectivity they don't use, as "megabits" is the only compar…
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december 2017
90% sure I'm going to sell the 12" MacBook and go back to my 2014 15" MacBook Pro even though it's so terribly heav…
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december 2017
TFW you can't get any random bytes so you leak 128 bytes of kernel stack into a 80211 Auth packet.
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august 2017
How Not To Sort By Average Rating
The "correct" way to sort a list of ranked items.
programming  sorting  useful 
august 2017
Yeah I know, but I am just asking for consistency and for us not to stoop to their lev…
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august 2017
RT : Fun C++ fact: `return 42;` is *not* the same as `return (42);`.
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july 2017
A better way to store password hashes?
Article about how having a huge number of hashes in your password database and making all of them valid can make your security better.
security  hashing  hash  database  web-dev 
april 2017
Open Data Structures
A frequently updated, open-source book with descriptions of most types of algorithms and data structures.
datastructures  programming:data-structures  coding  programming 
january 2017
A Tourist’s Guide to the LLVM Source Code
A high-level overview of the LLVM source tree done by Regher.
llvm  programming  people:regher  clang  c  c++ 
january 2017
Version SAT
Versioning in software is NP-complete in the general case. Apparently most packaging systems are aware of this and include either rudimentary or complex solvers to handle the problem.
programming  cs  versioning 
december 2016
On metadata
An argument for producing and consuming metadata via probabilistic reasoning rather than discrete ontologies. He argues that ontologies have not scaled in any instance, and that modern approaches have much more success with probabilistic models.
author:Daniel-Lemire  programming  ai  machine-learning  ontology  metadata 
november 2016
Strategy Letter V
Why it makes sense for a company to release a product for free, or standardize.
economics  joel-spolsky  business  software  pricing  joelonsoftware  microsoft  ibm 
october 2016
A financial services api that allows for easy bank transfers.
finance  api  services 
october 2016
yudai/gotty: Share your terminal as a web application
A little command like program for sharing your terminal via web-browser.
terminal  web  screen-sharing  github  tool 
october 2016
tmate • Instant terminal sharing
An application that lets you share a terminal over SSH
terminal  screen-sharing  tool 
october 2016
A really fancy extended markdown editor.
writing  markdown  software  tool 
october 2016
The Neural Network Zoo
A description of various different types of neural networks and how they relate to each other.
machine-learning  neural-networks  programming  AI 
october 2016
The Carbs-Obesity Hypothesis
Huge carbs vs. fat meta-analysis that comes to the conclusion that there's not really a big difference between "low carb" and "low fat" diets after you control for calories.
carbs  fat  meta-analysis 
september 2016
December 1996 C++ draft standards
The 1996 working draft standard of C++. Might actually be somewhat comprehensible.
c++  programming 
september 2016
The C++ Annotations
A classical and very/pretty thorough guide for C++. Covers lots of features of C++ including those added in C++11 and C++14(?). A good "C++ for programmers" guide.

Homepage: https://fbb-git.github.io/cppannotations/
Alternate link: http://www.icce.rug.nl/documents/cplusplus/
c++  reference  book  programming  c++-annotations 
september 2016
A reasonable quick reference for C++ programming.
c++  reference  programming 
september 2016
OxyCotin's 12 Hour Problem
How Purdue Pharmaceutical's deceptive marketing created the OxyCotin addiction epidemic.
drugwar  udls  drugs 
september 2016
"Tugboat" by Galaxie 500
From the "Balls Deep" episode on tugboats.
music  :youtube 
august 2016
Opium Made Easy
Fascinating take on opium poppies and the drug war.
drugs  gardening  opium  law  drugwar  udls 
july 2016
"Cats on Mars" by The Seatbelts
Apparently this is from Cowboy Bebop.
music  :youtube 
june 2016
A programming language that is supposed to be extremely difficult to write programs in.
programming  esolang  crypto 
may 2016
An esolang where programs are supposed to look like abstract art. Input is an image.
programming  esolang 
may 2016
A programming language with two instructions that uses a circular set of operations.
programming  esolang 
may 2016
Racket: Bootstrap
Racket materials aimed at new programmers.
racket  programming  learning 
april 2016
An Earthshaking Announcement
Knuth introduces the next evolution of TeX, e-TeX. Note: This is a joke.
people:donald-knuth  LaTeX  eTeX  TeX  tug 
april 2016
Primitive Haskell
An explanation of the IO and State (ST) monad internals on GHC.
haskell  programming  monad  IO  ST  ghc  ghc:internal 
february 2016
CS/ECE 6810 Home Page
Computer Architecture homepage / syllabus. Taken Spring 2016
school  utah  university-of-utah  class 
january 2016
A site run by Internet Archive that lets you archive a page at a given time.
reference  archive  internet 
january 2016
rollApp - Run Desktop Applications Online
An interesting thing. Pretty great that they support Google Chrome, so you can use RollApp in RollApp in RollApp... Etc.
december 2015
Alexander Hamilton (Musical)
The soundtrack to Hamilton (the musical).
music  :youtube  music:album 
december 2015
Linux Inside
Deep dive on linux internals.
linux  coding  book  kernel 
november 2015
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