How much autonomy is too much for AI?
"Humans today are constantly distracted. Our ability to focus on the important decisions in our lives is limited by the information overflow we live in, the constant distractions of our smartphones and the pressure to do more than we did yesterday. We need to hand over our most mundane tasks to AI, but always make sure this is a conscious decision."
7 hours ago
Singapore CIOs believe machine learning can improve speed, security ops
"The CIOs, though, recognised the impact of machine learning on business automation, with 87 percent in Singapore noting this could improve their company's profitability and top-line growth over the next three years.

Another 41 percent said decision automation, enabled by machine learning, would better facilitate the development of new products and services for their organisation."
big  data  analytics 
7 hours ago
podcast - #SAPTechEd Barcelona Review - @jonerp and @rhirsch on Leonardo, cloud, and where SAP goes next
"Separating hype from reality includes a review of SAP’s blockchain pursuits, and why cloud requires a different level of pricing transparency. Can SAP flip the pricing script? The guys also hit on SAP’s multi-cloud ambitions, including the Google partnership, and Jon reveals what he learned - or didn’t - on the Android SDK possibility in the future."
7 hours ago
AI and the specter of unintended consequences – Workday speaks- by @dahowlett
"Who will manage the unintended consequences of labor optimization that is aided by machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence? Workday steers a narrow course."
future  of  work  machine  intelligence  and  ai  regulation 
7 hours ago
Making Smarter IT Partner Selections
"Culture, by far, is the toughest to evaluate since it is much more subjective. You gain a sense of cultural fit throughout the entire evaluation process, from the very first interactions with the suppliers to their ability to follow direction and provide concise and complete responses to an RFP. You will get a sense of engagement and commitment during onsite presentations and to their ease of doing business as part of the commercial negotiations."
7 hours ago
Retail progress reports – GAP and Nordstrom ready for omni-channel Holidays - by @whostu
"It's nearly time for the Holidays and that means retail wars. On eve of battle, GAP and Nordstrom update on their omni-channel capabilities."
retail  e-commerce  and  the  omni-channel 
7 hours ago
Blockchain: Reflections on a Webinar - by @lcecere
" Blockchain is an immutable ledger. On the webinar, Juan Ruiz from IBM used an analogy that I loved. He shared the story from his boss. She describes immutable as completing a crossword puzzle with an ink pen versus a pencil. When you use a pencil on a crossword puzzle, you can erase the entries. However, in the use of the pen, the first entries stay and are then crossed through. This is a great analogy to understand “immutable” as it pertains to blockchain."
big  data  supply  chains  blockchain  chain  excellence  innovation 
7 hours ago
Why the Cloud Wars Will Be Good for Your Business
"That said, over time, a fractured market benefits no one. Users have to manage the complexity and providers are limited in reach. So we will likely see the pendulum continue to swing as the market ultimately navigates towards an equilibrium point. Of course, when we get to that point, the discussion will shift to supplier management strategies, which will again strengthen the case for a multi-cloud future."
analysis  contributed  op-ed  top  stories  amazon  web  services  architecture  azure  channel  cloud  google  juniper  networks  multicloud 
How much can you really trust user-generated content? - by @bmosherzinck
"User-generated content that advocates for brands is all the rage. But how willing are consumers to do it? And are we on a slippery branded slope? We analyze examples and data from SproutSocial."
content  marketing  digital  and  user  experience 
Revisiting show season, Oracle, Salesforce and all the others - by @denispombriant
"That’s what has been most interesting to me about show season. Each vendor has, in it’s own way, made a tacit nod to the primacy of data and analytics for automating processes. In that event, they’ve also begun closing the door on business processes that momentarily pop out of the automation sluice and into a spreadsheet or other manual thinking."
36 companies agree to a Kubernetes certification standard - by @ron_miller
" The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today that 36 members have agreed to a set of certification standards for Kubernetes, the immensely popular open source container orchestration tool. This should make it easy for users to move from one version to another without worry, while ensuring that containers under Kubernetes management will behave in a predictable way."
cloud  enterprise  tc  native  computing  foundation  cncf  standards  kubernetes  containers  open  source 
No Wild West here – Workday’s CEO on customer satisfaction - by @dahowlett
"Workday maintains an iron grip over its implementations. That is a direct contributor to customer satisfaction. Aneel Bhusri, CEO Workday expands on this theme."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  hcm  the  future  of  work 
Big Tech Cannot Stop Shooting Itself In The Foot
"Google’s inability to imagine that a cupcake calorie counter you can’t opt out of might offend — or Twitter’s failure to see how verifying a white supremacist would read like it was conferring legitimacy on his movement — suggests that these companies are emotionally stunted, frozen in an era when their intentions were rarely questioned and their ambitions lauded as novel and almost universally pure."
Twitter Revamps Verification, Unverifies Prominent White Nationalists
"witter removed verification badges from a handful of prominent, largely far-right accounts on its service Wednesday afternoon.

The accounts — belonging to Unite The Right organizer Jason Kessler and white nationalist Richard Spencer, among others — lost their verified status under a new Twitter policy which makes verification contingent on compliance with the company's rules."
3 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – omni-channels near holiday stress test, digital gets critiqued - by @jonerp
"This week: it's omni-channel or bust as holiday season kicks in. Plus: do digital with a capital D - or don't bother. Dreamforce gets a wrap, and you get your weekly whiffs."
hits  and  misses  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
3 days ago
Salesforce.com and Innovation – Are Trailhead and Einstein Enough? - by @josheac
"But being first in energy, enthusiasm, and even hyperbole – Salesforce.com loves to brag about the near trillion dollar potential impact of Trailhead and its ability, potentially, to create 3.3 million jobs by 2020 — doesn’t mean Salesforce.com has its innovation strategy problems licked. On the contrary. What all this enthusiasm and interest in Trailhead has exposed is a fundamental weakness in the overall Salesforce.com platform/ecosystem strategy that needs to be fixed. Or Trailhead and its Trailblazers will be relegated to enabling a mere slice of the vast innovation potential that exists in the enterprise."
3 days ago
Microsoft’s period of congenial cooperation could be over - by @ron_miller
"A couple of years ago while a guest of Marc Benioff onstage at Salesforce’s Dreamforce customer conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said something that seemed to signal a new period of amicable cooperation for his company. Several pieces of evidence seem to suggest that the period of friendly cooperation that was in full bloom in 2015 could be over, and not just with Salesforce."
cloud  enterprise  tc  microsoft  satya  nadella  coopetition  partnerships 
4 days ago
Salesforce Dreamforce 2017: 4 Next Steps for Einstein - by @dhenschen
"The unsung announcements that didn’t get as much attention at Dreamforce included a recent rewrite of the Einstein Analytics engine said to deliver a 30% reduction in data-ingestion and query times. Available data capacity was also more than doubled to 1 billion rows per customer. For easier data loading from external sources, Salesforce has added out-of-the-box data connectors for AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery and Microsoft Dynamics, and more than 20 additional pre-built connectors are to be added over the next six months."
4 days ago
SAP’s IIoT and blockchain ambitions – a heady mix but will it blend? - by @dahowlett #sapteched
"SAP jumped on the IIoT and blockchain bandwagon in 2017 in big style. But do they really understand what's required to be competitive?"
internet  of  things  iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence 
4 days ago
Contrasts are Critical - by @barnes_hank
Contrast the business results that are possible with your product/service vs. without.
Contrast yourself vs. alternative products or approaches.
Contrast your implementation and customer success model vs. others.
Contrast a day in the life of the users of your solution vs. a day without it."
go-to-market  b2b  marketing  sales  context  contrast  differentiation  messaging  storytelling 
4 days ago
Trending: Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core - via @data_nerd
"A serial leak of the agency’s cyberweapons has damaged
morale, slowed intelligence operations and resulted in
hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide."
7 days ago
Microsoft fraternises with old enemy Linux,  moves toward quantum computing
"Microsoft cosies up to Linux in Azure while trying to pin down and make sense of technology’s latest slippery eel, quantum computing."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  open  source 
7 days ago
How Can I Drive Lights-Out Planning? - by @lcecere
"Yesterday, I facilitated a group of business leaders attempting to drive innovation in supply chain practices. The last five years were tough for the group. With five serial years of Draconian cost-cutting efforts and downsizing, the team has been heads-down trying to survive. For many years, the focus was overcoming day-to-day hurdles. In addition, the company, for the first time in a decade, is struggling to grow. As a result, there has been little time for reflection. Conferences, external training, or educational forums took a back seat."
demand  driven  digital  supply  chains  cognitive  computing  innovation  lightsout  plannig  chain  planning 
7 days ago
Pricing access to the Trump White House: the strange case of the Times social media policy
"Any semblance of a political opinion must be squashed, with the appearance of neutrality and balance preserved at all costs. The new policy reads less like a covenant with readers who view the paper as a trustworthy news source than a response to bad-faith critics who never will—providing a playbook for trolls to attack journalists at the Times and elsewhere. The policy, which was created by a team of reporters and editors in the newsroom, puts a high premium on the appearance of objectivity."
7 days ago
Embedding apps in Quip is huge for Salesforce – here’s why - by @philww
"In a video interview at Dreamforce, I explain why embedding apps in Quip advances Salesforce in enterprise collaboration and conversational computing."
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  frictionless  enterprise 
7 days ago
What even is streaming data and Kafka? What is a message bus? Everything you ever wanted to know about modern event-driven architectures but were afraid to ask. -by @monkchips
"Thingmonk is a developer conference, but it’s also an inclusive tech conference, which covers a fair bit of ground in terms of Internet of Things (IoT) topics. We try not to assume too much knowledge, but don’t patronise people either, when it comes to learning new concepts and technology. So what even is a distributed commit log and how is it different from a message bus? This year we were really lucky to have a couple of brilliant talks to walk people, stepwise, through modern event-driven messaging architectures to help explain that question and more."
7 days ago
Enterprise software slows down digital transformation, survey suggests - by @joemckendrick
"Now, a recent survey confirms the drag that much of today's installed software has on transitions to the digital realm. A study of 200 manufacturers, conducted by IFS, finds a connection between enterprise resource planning (ERP), field service management (FSM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and other types of enterprise software and readiness for digital transformation -- or lack of thereof."
8 days ago
TrustRadius on how to make peer reviews matter for B2B buyers - by @bmosherzinck
"Customer reviews are a huge factor in B2C buying. But can B2B peer reviews reach the same level of relevance? TrustRadius says yes - here's how they're doing it."
content  marketing  digital  and  skills  training  professional  services 
8 days ago
IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud service - by @ron_miller
"IBM has been offering quantum computing as a cloud service since last year when it came out with a 5 qubit version of the advanced computers. Today, the company announced that it’s releasing 20-qubit quantum computers, quite a leap in just 18 months. A qubit is a single unit of quantum information"
cloud  enterprise  tc  ibm  quantum  computing  advanced  research  mechanics  emerging-technologies  qubit 
8 days ago
Win Rates, Close Rates and Milestone vs. Flow Analysis - by @kellblog
"Back to our original topic, the same concept comes up in analyzing win rates. Regardless of which win rate you’re calculating, at most companies you’re calculating it on a milestone basis. I find milestone-based win rates more volatile and less accurate that a flow-based SAL-to-close rate. For example, if I were building a marketing funnel to determine how many deals I need to hit next year’s number, I’d want to use a SAL-to-close rate, not a win rate, to do so. Why? SAL-to-close rates."
marketing  metrics  modeling  saas  sales  startups  uncategorized 
8 days ago
The Uber London employment decision – implications for contingent and gig labor - by @dahowlett
"The London UK court decision to uphold the earlier decision to treat Uber drivers as workers raises questions about the future of work and contingent labor."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  future  of  work  hcm  the  digital  talent  management 
8 days ago
Since when did AI become the job creation antidote to automation's job destruction? Time for an augmented reality check...
"Instead, we have academics and "analysts", desperate for attention, making unsubstantiated predictions that are only fuelling the tech firms, desperate to sell their wares without this negative connotation that the real ROI of selling their products is tied to labor elimination."
8 days ago
AI is bollocks... or is it? - by @pfersht
"Well someone actually said it - and it may not come as a complete shock that it's come from everyone's favorite RPA evangelist Guy Kirkwood, of UIPath fame. Even more impressive is guy's beautiful command of the English language to describe the latest hyped term "AI", now that most the hypesters have got bored touting the massively disruptive impacts of IoT and digital - and the automation conversations have just got a bit rinse and repeat."
10 days ago
Raising the Bar – for clouds, renewables and digital – Part 3 - by @dealarchitect
"For years now, pundits have said technology budgets are being taken over by the CMO. That is their narrow definition of digital – implement a social sentiment analysis technology or roll out a mobile consumer focused app. Much better payback has come from the product side of the house. It is not unusual to find in auto makers more software engineers who report to product engineering/R&D than do to the CIO. It is not uncommon to see in companies seriously making their products smarter that the spend with contract manufacturers like Flex and Foxconn and product design firms like IDEO and Frog exceeds the spend with IT outsourcers and strategy firms."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  industry  commentary 
10 days ago
The self-driving enterprise – achievable, or pipe dream? Behind Aera’s cognitive automation vision - by @jonerp
"I've been pursuing Aera to find out what the self-driving enterprise is really about - and why cognitive automation is their buzz phrase of choice. I got my chance - and recorded a voice UI demo to boot."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain 
10 days ago
Wild West of the SAP SuccessFactors Partner Ecosystem - by @sap_jarret
"SuccessFactors re-launched Professional Certification about 2.5 years ago, which has a requirement of two projects as lead and customer references to be able to qualify, and as of October 25, 2017 only 49% of official SuccessFactors partners currently have at least one consultant with it across any the 11 certifications. It is crazy to me that more than half of the of the 191 SuccessFactors Service/Implementation Partners do not have at least one consultant with Professional Certification in any of the 11 modules. Here is the information on the 94 SuccessFactors Partners that meet this criteria by region by module of certification."
10 days ago
ServiceMax and GE Digital – a year on. The GE view. - by @dahowlett
"How are things going between GE Digital and ServiceMax a year after GE acquired ServiceMax. Rather well it turns out and with some stand out results, the future looks bright."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  customer  service  management  productivity 
10 days ago
Is Strategic Planning the Key to IT Cost Optimization?
"Once the company had a firm grip on where they stood with their IT strategy, they sought market intelligence and expert consulting to further validate the strength of their negotiating position. Unbiased outsider assistance paired with their strategic multi-year demand forecast and provider sourcing plan gave them the leverage to negotiate highly favorable and cost-effective terms with their provider. Even though the company was in an advantageous position, their vendor was happy to skip competitive bidding and make material, sustainable commercial concession to secure a multi-year commitment from the company."
10 days ago
The first industry mandates for the Future of Operations in the Robotic Age - by @pfersht
"From the C-Suite to the manager, enterprises need people who appreciate and understand the value of data

Success in achieving the OneOffice future requires a blend of strategy, business design, and technology skills to re-think and re-configure core processes with a singular focus on improving the customer experience v. just cutting costs."
11 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – AI gets machine washed and automation gets real - by @jonerp
"This week: the dangers of machine washing as AI heats up and Dreamforce kicks off. Plus: beware data store bragging and automation denial. Your whiffs include LinkedIn getting exposed and Boing Boing getting bonked."
hits  and  misses  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
11 days ago
Facebook Fake News Problem: It's A Media Company - by @tomforemski
"Facebook (and Google) is finding it harder and harder to avoid being seen as a media company. I’ve called Facebook, Google, Yahoo and many others — high-tech enabled media companies for more than a decade. I’m glad others are seeing that: publishing pages of content with advertising around it is a media company."
a  top  story  every  company  is  media  valley  mediawatch 
11 days ago
IBM Joins Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Data Science Chorus - by @dhenschen
"Constellation’s analysis: IBM and other leading commercial vendors have gotten the message that data scientists want open source options and hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options through which they can avoid vendor lock-in. This year I’ve seen lots of analytics and data science platform progress announcements, from Cloudera, Databricks, IBM, and Microsoft to Oracle, SAP, SAS, Teradata and more. Common themes include support for Spark for processing; object stores for the separation of storage and compute; column stores for performance; R, Python and, in some cases, Scala, for language support; Jupyter and Zeppelin notebook support; and access to Spark ML, TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras, and other leading frameworks and libraries."
12 days ago
Digital transformation may be overhyped, but so is business as usual – with Brian Solis - by @jonerp
"I usually dread the next digital transformation report to land in my inbox. But it's different when I hear from Brian Solis of Altimeter Group. Here's our latest back and forth - with some surprising data to chew on."
crm  and  customer  experience  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise 
12 days ago
The Power of (Product) Moments - by @barnes_hank
"Wow experiences are scalable when they are ingrained in the product and service design. Rather than being random acts of “wow”, they become fundamental to the delivery. Since they are designed in the product they may not be totally unexpected, but they’ll still be appreciated."
go-to-market  customer  experience  cx  design  thinking  effortless  moments  of  truth  product  service 
12 days ago
Salesforce and Google are the latest pals in the cloud - by @ron_miller
"Salesforce and Google inked a deal today that could provide easier integration between Salesforce tools and Google’s G Suite and Google Analytics. It also named Google as a preferred cloud provider for its core services as part of its international infrastructure expansion."
cloud  enterprise  tc  salesforce  google  platform  partnerships  microsoft  g  suite  google-analytics  dreamforce  2017 
12 days ago
Dreamforce 2017 – Getting rid of bias in AI
"Questions should be asked about where the data comes from and who collected it in the age of AI."
iot  robotics  and  ai  df17 
12 days ago
'Tis the Season for Maintenance Renewals
"Still not at the savings you want to achieve having applied the strategies above? Need something to “seal the deal” or get that last concession? Perhaps the biggest carrot you can dangle (short of accelerating a major software purchase) is adding another year or two of added certainty to the revenue stream of your provider. This is a very powerful card to play in renegotiating your maintenance renewal but should first be validated with your architecture and standards group to ensure the software is a supported technology and not on track to be sunset."
12 days ago
Big Brother isn't just watching: workplace surveillance can track your every move | World news | The Guardian
"Today’s workplace surveillance software is a digital panopticon that began with email and phone monitoring but now includes keeping track of web-browsing patterns, text messages, screenshots, keystrokes, social media posts, private messaging apps like WhatsApp and even face-to-face interactions with co-workers."
13 days ago
.@Tableau’s CPO on the impact of AI, and how data analysts need to change - by @jonerp
"My last piece on Tableau news left out a big honking question: what's Tableau's stance on AI, and how should data analysts respond? Here's the three point advice for analysts from Tableau CPO Francois Ajenstat."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
13 days ago
Australia's war on encryption potentially 'reckless': Former US cyber advisor
"Demands for more access to private data and control over personal communications devices 'sounds a lot like China', says Obama's director for Cybersecurity Policy."
13 days ago
Tech Goes to Washington - by @benthompson #facebook #google
"Still, Kennedy’s two lines of questions combined revealed the tech companies’ testimony for the paradox it was: on the one hand, their sheer scale means it is impossible to fully stamp out activities like Russian meddling; on the other, that same scale means they all have the most intimate information on nearly everyone."
articles  aggregation  theory  distribution  and  transaction  costs  facebook  google  owning  customer  relationship  politics  privacy  search  social  technology  society  twitter 
13 days ago
Raising the Bar – for clouds, renewables and digital – Part 1 - by @dealarchitect
"Amazon started off very well, delivering price cuts just about every quarter. But now, managed services partners have jumped on the bandwagon and dilute its attractiveness. Salesforce is actually confirming its service partners make $ 4 to 5 for every $ 1 it charges. Not very comforting to customers who thought that went away with on-premise systems."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  cloud  computing  saas 
14 days ago
The ludicrous press release awards – “have you leveraged your #blockchain?” edition - by @jonerp
"Yes, it's time to put a satirical buzz saw to the PR flatulence around "game changing" tech. This time around - blockchain. But to my surprise, my snark got (partially) disrupted by genuinely interesting use cases."
digital  and  content  marketing  hits  misses  blockchain 
14 days ago
Humans Hate Being Spun: How to Practice Radical Honesty — from the Woman Who Defined Netflix’s Culture | First Round Review
"Practicing radical honesty is like breathing to me, which didn’t always put me in good graces at other companies. One reason I decided to move from the corporate world to the startup world when I went to work for Reed at Pure was that I was always getting in trouble. I’d be called to the VP of HR’s office, and he’d ask, “Did you make fun of the engineers?” And I’d say, “Yes, but seriously! They’re complaining that the hot tubs were not hot enough, the towels aren’t fluffy enough, and the pool is too cold.” And he’d reprimand me, “You know our engineers are our most important resource and you have to give them special treatment!” I just wasn’t buying that. I’d gotten quite tired of them being treated like gods."
14 days ago
Trust, But Verify - by @lcecere #scm
"Avoid a System Integrator’s Recommendation. System integrators usually get a commission on the sale of the software. They are usually not a neutral party. Ask your system integrator for details on their arrangement with the software provider. Buyer beware!"
demand  driven  digital  supply  chain  planning  benchmarking  decision  support  sales  and  operations  user  satisfaction  warehouse 
14 days ago
How is voice search changing your SEO strategy? - by @bmosherzinck
"The rise of voice search brings us back to the future, thinking about SEO in an "Ask Jeeves" kind of way. Here's Barb's tips on winning in voice search in Google and beyond."
content  marketing  digital  and 
14 days ago
Enterprise Automation and AI will reach $10 billion in 2018 to engineer the OneOffice - by @pfersht
"In short, every siloed dataset restricts the analytical insight that makes process owners strategic contributors to the business. You can’t create value - or transform a business operation - without converged, real-time data."
14 days ago
Is blockchain enterprise-ready? A Hyperledger gut check with Executive Director Brian Behlendorf - by @jonerp
"It was no surprise to see a debate break out about the role of blockchain in the enterprise at Connected Enterprise 2017. After the debate, Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf gave me his rebuttal - and his views on Hyperledger's progress."
digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  iot  robotics  and  ai  blockchain 
17 days ago
Facebook's plan to throw humans at security, manipulation issue won't work, equates to indictment on AI progress
"Throwing humans at Facebook's fake news and security issues isn't likely to fix the company's issues. Facebook needs more AI and automation to correct ills before engagement falls."
17 days ago
Recent cloud revenue statements and share price hikes - by @monkchips
"Microsoft is now in a good place. The Satya Nadella revolution is now translating from halo effect to sustained financial performance. Having said two years ago that it would reach $20bn in cloud revenues by 2018 it actually breezed through that mark this year. Azure revenues grew 90% during the quarter. Microsoft’s Office 365 growth rates have now fallen to 42%, but that’s on a sizeable customer base – 120m active users. Microsoft has also now the subscription corner, driving more revenue from Office 365 than traditional licensing."
uncategorized  aphabet  aws  gcp  ibm 
18 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – McDonald’s and Dunkin’ vs Starbucks, blockchain vs the skeptics - by @jonerp
"This week: McDonald's goes for the digital trojan horse against Starbucks, while Dunkin' brews their own. Plus: blockchain earns credibility from real-world advancements. Your whiffs include live music on planes - and I get a Halloween whiff called on myself."
hits  and  misses  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
18 days ago
Personalities Trump Personas in B2B - by @barnes_hank
"But in B2B, that is much harder. First, you aren’t dealing with individuals making a buying decision, you are dealing with teams. CEB (now Gartner) finds that 6.8 people are involved in B2B buying decisions. For technology related purchases, it’s even higher. Gartner research shows between 6 and 8 people actively involved and another 5-6 occasionally involved. That is a lot of people and personalities. And it is nearly impossible to find a segment where you will find the same aspirations for specific CIOs, business unit leaders, and other roles. Further, appealing to individual personas could create conflict when these teams get together to build consensus."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  enterprise  personality  mobilizers  persona 
18 days ago
Costs Count but Talent Wins: 3 Vendor Talent Management Strategies that Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs
"It is easy to get caught in the trap of keeping the same people on the project over the whole course of the project. Some corporate IT leaders even seem to prefer the continuity, based on the argument that they don’t want to lose the investment they have made in educating project resources and that it also takes too long to bring new people up to speed. The fact of the matter is that you are short-changing your company by not changing talent."
18 days ago
Social media giants need to up their game as US Senate grills them - by @whostu
"Twitter, Google and Facebook go in 'lawyered-up' to answer US Senate questions on Russia and the Presidential Election. The result - holding positions and obfuscation."
digital  government  and  public  services  machine  intelligence  ai  security 
18 days ago
Are we poised to see a new era of digital operations advisors? - by @pfersht
"The emerging advisory market is about hiring people with the capabilities to understand client outcomes and implement solutions using the right mix of new tech on the market. What's more, most of these consultants are relishing working in a boutique environment - it just feels like the age of the boutique is coming back, and we will see several more of these spring us with the barriers to entry still pretty low. Only GenFour has got absorbed (by Accenture earlier this year), as a first-mover in RPA implementation, but I'd be surprised if many of these other boutiques really want to get swallowed by the mega-firms... most seem to be hell-bent on building up organically in this market."
18 days ago
On platforms and sustainability - by @jobsworth
"If platforms are to be built sustainably, that’s principle 1. You build on a platform, not in it. Those that build on the platform should be able to interact with each other independent of the platform if they so choose."
four  pillars 
19 days ago
Mapbox weighs in on location platforms, augmented reality, and the open source enterprise - by @jonerp
"At Connected Enterprise '17, Alex Barth of Mapbox shared their open source business model - and why augmented reality has traction."
devops  nosql  and  the  open  source  stack 
19 days ago
RAND’s blockchain challenges and opportunities
"No doubt because the BSI commissioned the Report, its focus is on standards. There is relatively little examination of the processing implications (including the speed and size of DLT/blockchains). The description: “the distributed nature of DLT/blockchain systems and the need for increased computing power could involve high energy consumption and associated costs” does not explore the issues in depth. Similarly, the merits of interworking DLT/blochchains could do with more depth."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  british  standards  institute  bsi  database  distributed  ledger  technology  dlt  iso  rand  corporation  europe  transactions 
19 days ago
Enabling 'DIY' digital transformation at AT&T
"Part of the answer, according to Stine, is pushing the data as close as possible to the right people within the business, to enable a "self-serve" model of innovation. Stine spoke to ZDNet about how he plans to make this happen, starting with a new approach to big data."
20 days ago
.@TandemHR’s CFO – how we create exceptional workplaces, and grow with cloud financials - by @jonerp
"Create exceptional workplaces? Easier said than done. At Sage Intacct Advantage 2017, a presentation by Tandem HR's CFO Tanya Yakhnis broke through. She also shared her journey to modern finance with Sage Intacct."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  future  of  work  hcm  use  cases 
20 days ago
Beyond Bitcoin: Oracle, IBM Prepare Blockchains for Industrial Use
"For OpenWorld, Oracle launched a Blockchain-as-a-Service, to be released in early 2018. The service will bundle the technology, make the system private, and guarantee compliance with all regulations, all of which have issues with getting enterprise companies on board, according to Frank Xiong, Oracle vice president of blockchain product development."
events  technology  top  stories  bitcoin  black  book  research  blockchains  data  distributed  databases  systems  ibm  openworld  2017  oracle 
20 days ago
Cryptocurrency or cryptocon? - by @denispombriant
"Cryptocurrencies and their bastard child initial coin offerings are sprouting like weeds. They have a faint whiff of a Ponzi scheme."
20 days ago
AWS continues to rule the cloud infrastructure market - by @ron_miller
"AWS’s domination of the Infrastructure as a Service market continues unabated this quarter. Yes, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and others continue to grow much faster than AWS, but that has not had a significant impact on AWS’s command over the IaaS market."
20 days ago
Salesforce: why so much hype? - by @dealarchitect
"While the two above were commissioned by Salesforce or a partner, they likely only provided fodder for the third one, an article from Business Insider on preparing for Dreamforce next week. 1,000+ words later you will not have a clue about product direction or announcements, but you get invaluable advice like “Plan to party hard” and “ Pack a portable charger – or two”."
21 days ago
The Four Cringe-Worthy Mistakes Too Many Startups Make with Data
"“You need to start with a specific question to answer or hypothesis to investigate,” she says. “A lot of times, people will launch a product and then say, ‘How's it doing?’ Rather than saying, ‘Our product goal is to convert from this to this. Or grow the top of funnel or move the bottom of the funnel. Or increase our revenue per user.’”
21 days ago
ServiceNow drills down on mobile, government and the compulsory AI - by @whostu
"ServiceNow has expanded from ITSM into HCM and customer service management. Government, mobile and AI are big agenda items now."
customer  service  management  digital  government  and  public  services  hcm  the  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  it  machine  intelligence 
21 days ago
SAP Prescribes a Good Night’s Sleep: Q3 2017 Earnings Analysis
"Based on SAP’s Q3 2017 earnings announcement on October 19th, its CEO Bill McDermott purports to be resting easy. But if you’re looking to do a deal with SAP in Q4, how are you sleeping?

Let’s dig into a few of the key numbers to understand the basis for Bill’s statement, “(If)… you are the CEO of SAP, you will be sleeping very good tonight.”
21 days ago
Progress Report - C3IoT Analyst Day - A unique approach to PaaS needs more adoption - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, C3IoT is a relatively small vendor, with limited resources that must support a large solution footprint and a demanding customer base. Single projects that the C3IoT platform powers typically required a headcount larger than C3IoT’s complete employee base. Truly a David vs a Goliath task scenario, which C3IoT can only solve with scaling know how and 3rd party resources rapidly on its platform."
c3iot  cloud  constellation  research  futurist  holger  mueller  integration  iot  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  trusted  advisor 
21 days ago
21st century winning strategies for software channel partners - by @brianssommer
"Recent acquisitions, technology advances and other events are triggering a re-examinations of the vendor relationship by channel partners. What are the best partners thinking?."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  digital  skills  training  frictionless  enterprise  productivity 
21 days ago
The State of Automation and AI Study 2017: 400 operations leaders air the real deal - by @pfersht
"Deployments of RPA as well as AI starting to scale out with varying degrees of maturity. RPA is seeing rapid adoption and AI will become mainstream in two years. More than 70% of customers are planning to deploy RPA over the next two years and more than 50% believe that AI will be applicable for a broad set of processes within the same timeframe. Therefore, investments, planning, and training of talent around the notion of Intelligent Automation is pivotal for staying competitive."
21 days ago
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