The new, new NetSuite – it’s all about your growth at SuiteConnect
"The NetSuite of today is focused on customers' success and growth for customers. This is a smart strategy which the company demonstrated by bringing on enthusiastic customers."
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7 hours ago
Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Calling For Bloomberg To Retract Its Chinese Spy Chip Story
"The result has been an impasse between some of the world’s most powerful corporations and a highly respected news organization, even in the face of questions from Congress. On Thursday evening, an indignant Cook further ratcheted up the tension in response to an inquiry from BuzzFeed News.

“There is no truth in their story about Apple,” Cook told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. "They need to do that right thing and retract it."
7 hours ago
Using analytics to increase satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue in customer service
"Payments providers that adopt advanced analytics to develop integrated approaches to customer service are seeing significant improvements."
insights  on  financial  services 
Do we understand the importance of ethical technology?
"Understanding the frameworks around which ethical models are built helps contextualize the often confusing world of ethical technology. Here is my stab at a view of the landscape and what should happen next."
machine  intelligence  and  ai  robotics  ethics 
Cybercrime-as-a-Service: No End in Sight
"The number of discovered zero-day exploits — weaknesses in code that had been previously undetected by the product’s vendor — has dropped steadily since 2014, according to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report, thanks in part to an increase in “bug bounty” programs that encourage and incentivize the legal disclosure of vulnerabilities. In turn, this has led to an increase in price for the vulnerabilities that do get discovered, with some of the most valuable being sold for more than $100,000 in one of the many darknet marketplaces catering to exploit sales, as highlighted in related a blog post on TechRepublic. Other cybercrime actors sell email databases to simplify future cybercrime campaigns, as was the case in 2016 when 3 billion Yahoo accounts were sold to a handful of spammers for $300,000 each."
Enterprise hits and misses – Sears goes on layaway and chatbots file lawsuits
In this streamlined, “Jon feels the road burn” version of hits and misses, he picks the event coverage that matters, the best of the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs."
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Three Reasons Teradata’s Lawsuit Matters to SAP’s Current Clients
"Teradata has responded to SAP’s motion to dismiss and SAP is scheduled to provide a rebuttal in mid-October. Following this, the judge is scheduled to rule on SAP’s motion in the first week of November. In the meantime, UpperEdge recommends that any company considering starting negotiations with SAP regarding S/4HANA contact us immediately to understand how we can put your organization in the best position to get the right deal with SAP."
Twilio’s $2 billion for SendGrid says that email’s not dead
"Despite the rise of messaging, chatbots and voice assistants, Twiio's $2 billion purchase of SendGrid sends a message that email's far from dead"
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2 days ago
Apple launches new privacy website and method to delete Apple ID - Business Insider
"In the past year, tech giants including Facebook and Google have faced a wave of scandals stemming from whether they can protect the huge amount of data they collect in order to target ads. "
2 days ago
‘Where America Shops’ isn’t Sears – US retail’s biggest omni-channel casualty to date
"Sears used to boast that it was "Where America Shops", but these days that's Walmart, Target and Amazon..."
e-commerce  retail  and  the  omni-channel 
2 days ago
Cracking down on government fraud with data analytics
"New data tools are giving government agencies the upper hand in taming fraud, waste, and abuse. Lessons from scaled approaches show how to capture the hundreds of billions of dollars at stake."
public  sector  insights 
2 days ago
DSAG and SAP on more or less the same page? Tell me it ain’t so.
"A DSAG survey provides illuminating insights into how well aligned SAP is to its customers. It's not all smooth sailing but there are important areas of agreement that hold bright promise for the future. "
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2 days ago
Things I’d Like To See Go Away – Distrust by Default
"If we start with distrust, it means communications between vendors and customers will always be stilted. One or the other party will always wonder what is being held back, what to believe. It actually creates an environment where trust is likely to be broken–because it was never there in the first place (okay if it was never there, it can’t be broken, but you get the picture)."
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2 days ago
Impressions on SAP CX Live, SAP during a walk on Calle de Vendedor
"SAP CX Live 2018 in Barcelona showed me that SAP was still committed to its customer-facing corporate pivot and willing to go to the wall for it. But is it enough? Here are my first impressions."
3 days ago
Bank of America CEO – digital-only is not the way to go in banking
"Bank of America is investing in a combination of digital innovation, platform consolidation and branch expansion. "
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3 days ago
Customer 360, Dreamforce 2018, The Langoliers, and a Wish
"The new C360 should be about timely use of data, not about collecting and aggregating into data stores. I have been talking about this for a long time, but my advocacy is to use data in real time and save the results, discard the data (you can save the calculations, meaning which variables went into making what decision by the analytics program, but the data itself is useless – with the exception of few places where you need to save it for compliance). The new C360 is about the calculation, not the complex mode of correlating data and knowing where to get what, where to store, use, and store again after calculation."
3 days ago
M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1 Billion - The New York Times
"The goal of the college, said L. Rafael Reif, the president of M.I.T., is to “educate the bilinguals of the future.” He defines bilinguals as people in fields like biology, chemistry, politics, history and linguistics who are also skilled in the techniques of modern computing that can be applied to them.

But, he said, “to educate bilinguals, we have to create a new structure.”
4 days ago
Barriers to Digital@Scale: Shifting the focus from tech to culture
"Many pharma and medtech companies have a digital strategy. But to pull off a true digital transformation, it's crucial to focus on culture and mindset, according to leaders who attended a recent European roundtable."
insights  on  pharmaceuticals  &  medical  products 
4 days ago
How Heroku built its self-service analytics future on the Looker platform
"In 2013, Heroku gave Michael Schiff a job offer he couldn't refuse. But could he build the kind of analytics platform today's business users would embrace - and avoid BI bottlenecks? At Looker JOIN 2018, Schiff shared his story."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world 
4 days ago
2018 Roundup Of Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates
"Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounted for 55% of the company’s operating profit in Q2, 2018, despite contributing only 12% to the company’s net sales. In Q1, 2018 services accounted for 40% of Amazon’s revenue, up from 26% three years earlier. Source: Cloud Business Drives Amazon’s Profits, Statista, July 27, 2018."
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4 days ago
Huawei Connect 2018 – the smart police are coming
"A final report from Huawei Connect in Shanghai, as the vendor pushes a vision of smart safety and security."
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4 days ago
Sears Filed For Bankruptcy And Plans To Shut Down 142 More Stores
"“Over the last several years, we have worked hard to transform our business and unlock the value of our assets,” Lampert, who served as CEO for five years, said in a statement. “While we have made progress, the plan has yet to deliver the results we have desired, and addressing the company’s immediate liquidity needs has impacted our efforts to become a profitable and more competitive retailer.”"
4 days ago
The Battle for the Home
"Google does face questions about privacy: the company collects data obsessively — right up to the creepy line, as former CEO Eric Schmidt has said — and that could be a hindrance to the company’s ability to penetrate the home. That said, Google has so far escaped Facebook-level scrutiny, and wisely excluded a camera from the Google Home Hub. Google knows its advantage is in providing information; it has sufficient other avenues to collect it, without putting a camera in your bedroom."
5 days ago
Putting the customer at the heart of marketing – Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi on how it’s done
"The recent Dreamforce conference was customer-rich; CMO Stephanie Buscemi explains how it's done."
crm  and  customer  experience  digital  content  marketing  social 
5 days ago
McKinsey: time to rethink Agile in complex digital environments
"In a recent analysis of Agile companies, Federico Berruti, Geet Chandratre, and Zaid Rab, all with McKinsey, state there are many complications when attempting to apply Agile methodologies to digital settings, from immature technology to the fact that "with thousands of processes involving tens of thousands of employees, organizations find it difficult to build workable road maps for large-scale automation." Add to this the changes AI and automation bring to employees' jobs, which further gums up the works. Scrum, with its emphasis on chunking work into smaller components, scrum masters, and process ownership, also falls flat when scaling automated approaches that suck in diverse portions of the enterprise. methodology."
digital  transformation 
5 days ago
The Internet of Things Needs an Infusion of Web Technologies
"Tiffany summarized a number of reasons for this relative failure. One is the complexity of technologies. Not only are there wide arrays of hardware, but also “weird data formats and strange wire protocols you’ve never heard of, hundreds of them,” he said. Something as simple are wireless connectivity doesn’t just rely on cellular but formats such as Zigbee and Sigfox. These technologies not only have to be integrated together with each other but fused with the back-end enterprise systems as well."
6 days ago
Adobe Nabs Marketo, Closes the B2B Customer Engagement Gap
"Adobe is acquiring Marketo, a well-known player in marketing cloud platforms for business-to-business (B2B) customers. This post provides the background and examines what each software maker stands to gain from the move."
6 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – making sense of the Chinese server sabotage allegations, as silly season rolls on
"In this streamlined, “Jon feels the road burn” version of hits and misses, he picks the highlights from the week’s biggest shows, the best of the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs. And: an anti-whiff!"
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6 days ago
The Stock Market Suffered Huge Losses As Investors See Pressures On Growth
"Tech stocks, which had seen significant gains throughout 2018, were among the stocks that suffered the most damage. Amazon, up more than 50% since the start of the year, fell 6%, while Netflix, closed the day down 8.4%. Payments company Square, which tanked 10.1% during day trading on Wednesday, fell another 11% in after-hours trading after announcing that its CFO, Sarah Friar, was departing to become chief executive at neighborhood social networking firm Nextdoor."
6 days ago
The Average User Checks Email 5.6 Hours Per Weekday. This Is Not Good.
"We cannot, in other words, escape the necessity to radically rethink how we work in the age of computer networks. To use a metaphor appropriate to the October season: survey results like those reported by Adobe are making it unmistakably clear that Frankenstein’s digital monster has escaped the lab."
6 days ago
Global Emancipation Network tackles human trafficking crisis with Splunk
"Splunk is putting its skills to good use with the Global Emancipation Network’s efforts to expose human traffickers and choke off their business"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture 
7 days ago
Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2018
"Bundling products and going to market with product platforms and/or bundles is a common tactic of IT vendors and especially cloud vendors. Even cable companies use this tactic to strengthen vendor lock-in and increase adoption. If more companies purchase the bundled offering, the vendor has the ability to report higher adoption rates of the products that make up the bundle regardless of how many companies are actually using that particular product. Bundles like Salesforce’s Customer 360 also make it significantly harder for customers to walk away since multiple aspects of their business now depend on Salesforce to function."
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7 days ago
The FBI Is Now Investigating Facebook’s Security Breach Where Attackers Accessed 30 Million Users’ Personal Information
"The attack, detected in late September, exposed some users’ emails and phone numbers, as well as profile information including gender, location, birthdates, and recent search history."
7 days ago
Huawei Connect 2018 – the war for AI talent
"Chris Middleton reports from Shanghai on the battle for AI talent at Huawei, and in China as a whole. What are the lessons for the West?"
future  of  work  iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence  talent  management 
7 days ago
All Revenue Is Good Revenue Attitudes Force Compromises
"This discussion is almost always a short term vs. long term perspective. Short term, there is pressure to “make the number.” And that scales across the company as you go from sales rep, to manager, to team, to division, etc. But long term, I believe that most, but not all, of these questionable deals to more harm than good."
go-to-market  ideal  customer  profile  revenue  strategy 
7 days ago
The future of customer service needs a new model of operational excellence | ZDNet
"Nearly 80 percent of transactions that customer service carriers out can be automated. Half of those can be done easily, the rest require better tools to learn how to automate them, improve the processes behind them, and test and deploy automated events. Until recently, maybe three-to-four years ago, this was mostly focused on customer service via self-service and lately even chatbots. The success of those operations over the last decade made it an organization-wide strategy aligned with digital transformation," said Kolsky. Kolsky has also written about the dangers of over automating customer service. Kolsky refers to a diagram that shows the journey of automation from advanced analytics to AI.
7 days ago
SAP Customer Experience CTO explains why YaaS was retired in favour of Cloud Platform Extension Factory
"Moritz Zimmermann admits that SAP got it wrong initially, mistaking YaaS For a start-up development platform, when in fact, it’s enterprises that want to make use of microservices in the cloud. "
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
7 days ago
RPA is the gateway drug. AI is the drug...
"The Bottom-Line: Enjoy that RPA high a bit longer before you graduate onto the harder stuff..."
7 days ago
Microsoft-Adobe’s amazing partnership: Creating a new category?
"I’ve digitally ripped this post up multiple times. Every time I think I’ve got it down, I have to change something. For the most part, I think I now have it under control. And don’t sweat it, my Dreamforce coverage will be coming. I want to get this one out first."
business  featured  posts  trends  &  concepts 
10 days ago
Marketplaces, Platforms, Ecosystems, and You
"A traditional market has a buyer and a seller. You need something, you find a vendor for that item and purchase it. You complete a commerce transaction, you pay, you get the product or service. Vendors compete for your attention using traditional marketing (read outbound) techniques where they promote their product, and compete on features, price, or reputation. There is not a lot more to it, and it has been around for many centuries, unchanged in spite of the technology improvements. Even in the eCommerce world were we lived until about 5-10 years ago, this was the prevailing model (back when Amazon only sold books and few other items directly)."
10 days ago
Inforum 2018 exclusive – the state of Infor’s SaaSy reinvention with CFO Kevin Samuelson
"As Inforum 2018 came to a close, I had the chance to press Infor CFO Kevin Samuelson on how Infor is doing SaaS differently - and what their market challenges are. Samuelson is the ideal person to ask: he's an old school Infor guy who's been a key player in Infor's modernization story."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work 
10 days ago
Google’s arrogance on display: burying the lede about its Google+ vulnerability and shutdown
"Google announced it would shut down its social network Google+ yesterday after revealing that it had given outside developers access to private data. At least that’s how the media is describing it. Google’s own statement just buries the news amid a whole bunch of other announcements, like a radioactive pellet"
bullshitties  corporate  bury  the  lede  google  press  releases  tech  company  arrogance 
10 days ago
Leading agile transformation: The new capabilities leaders need to build 21st-century organizations
"To build and lead an agile organization, it’s crucial that senior leaders develop new mind-sets and capabilities to transform themselves, their teams, and the organization."
insights  on  organization 
11 days ago
MikroTik vulnerability climbs up the severity scale, new attack permits root access
A bug previously deemed medium in severity may actually be as "bad as it gets" due to a new attack technique.
11 days ago
A different Vegas. A very different Workday.
"– I want to see a significant industry “book of record” offering. If you say you are committed to retail, I want to see a robust offering and a sizable customer base in the merchandising area. If it is insurance, show me similar around claims processing. If it is utilities, I want to see a billing engine, and one for complex asset management and maintenance. If it is healthcare, show me electronic patient records. If it is oil and gas, show me functionality their geologists consider critical."
featured  posts  technology  software  #wday  #wdayrising  workday 
11 days ago
Costco’s dilemma – e-commerce is the future, but the business model is about the warehouses
"Costco piles them high, sells them on out of huge warehouses. Trouble is, so does Amazon..."
e-commerce  retail  and  the  omni-channel 
11 days ago
The Art of DevOps Communication, at Scale and On-Call
"One of the important aspects of DevOps is breaking down barriers and providing cross-functional training so everyone feels an equal responsibility for code that’s being released. For most DevOps teams, that means streamlining incident response and instituting all-hands-on-deck on-call rotations. Because when you are trying to create a world of always-on continuous delivery and integration, you need people willing to work increased uptime, any time of day or night."
ci  cd  cloud  native  devops 
11 days ago
Data Factories
"The most important thing that regulators could do is force Facebook and Google — and all data collectors — to disclose their factory output. Give users the ability to see not simply what they put in — which again, Google and Facebook do (and which GDPR requires), but also what comes out after all of the inputs are mixed and matched."
12 days ago
The SAP TechEd Vegas Review - the ABAP PaaS, serverless ERP, community and more with @grahamrobbo
"In an SAP TechEd special, Jon Reed is joined by SAP Mentor Graham Robinson in the lost Vegas corridors to hash out what they learned behind the scenes - and how that stacks up with SAP's news announcements. Graham, who is an independent consultant and expert SAP developer, has plenty to say about SAP's ABAP PaaS announcement, and how ABAP on the SAP Cloud Platform impacts developers and customers. The guys also hash out the "serverless ERP" annnouncement, and how ERP functions as a service could play into running the SAP Cloud Platform at scale. The highs and the lows of the show are covered, including the keynote, and a surprise challenge to Jon by SAP CTO Björn Goerke in response to his diginomica show review. The guys reflect on SAP's change in community leadership - and the future of TechEd as SAP attempts to turn community into an edge again, after some down years.
12 days ago
Journeys in big data and AI across the transport networks of London & Paris
"We should take notice of the pioneering work in big data and AI done by digital innovators at public transport networks - two examples from London and Paris"
customer  service  management  frictionless  enterprise  machine  intelligence  and  ai  mobile  social  use  cases 
12 days ago
Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?
"In a nutshell, the Bloomberg story claims that San Jose, Calif. based tech giant Supermicro was somehow caught up in a plan to quietly insert a rice-sized computer chip on the circuit boards that get put into a variety of servers and electronic components purchased by major vendors, allegedly including Amazon and Apple. The chips were alleged to have spied on users of the devices and sent unspecified data back to the Chinese military."
a  little  sunshine  latest  warnings 
12 days ago
Five Reasons Why Are We Not Making Progress on Inventory Management
"I discussed the topic of technology selection for planning at great length in the Blog, Yowza, A Nine-Step Process for Selecting Supply Chain Planning Systems. Supply chain planning is all about better math and modeling. Today, since many do not test the solutions and often buy based on IT standardization, the probability of success is about the same as playing the tables in Las Vegas. As shown in Figure 5, only one-in-two business users are satisfied. The default? Most planning happens in Excel Spreadsheets."
demand  innovation  inventory  management  market-driven 
13 days ago
Lost and Founder: A Painful Yet Valuable Read
"Finally, in a Silicon Valley where failure is supposedly a red badge of courage, but one only worn after your next big success, Fishkin has an unique take on vulnerability (chapter 15) and his battles with depression, both in this long, painful blog post which was written the night before this story about a Foundry CEO summit from the book"
startup  lessons  entrepreneurship  fishkin  lost  and  founder  management  rand  retrospective  silicon  valley  startups  uncategorized  venture  capital 
14 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – blockchain gets explained, Abobe – Marketo gets analyzed, and event season rolls on
"In another streamlined, “Jon feels the road burn” version of hits and misses, Jon picks the highlights from this week’s biggest shows, the best of the enterprise web, and, as always, some classic whiffs."
hits  and  misses 
14 days ago
L’Oréal: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence
"To understand the extent of the achievement, note the comparison to their industry peer group in Table 1. Note that the company is at the industry average on growth, but outperforming the average on operating margin, inventory turns, return on invested capital, market cap, price to tangible book. Overall, L’Oreal is number two in the peer group in terms of driving improvement as defined by the Supply Chain Index."
customer-centric  supply  chains  market-driven  chain  excellence  beauty  l'oreal  personal  products 
14 days ago
Salesforce’s Chief Equality Officer asks – “Which side of history do you want to be on?”
"Tony Prophet was appointed Salesforce’s Chief Equality Officer back in 2016. The company is leading the way on diversity and equality issues. We sit down with Prophet to understand why this matters for business."
diversity  hcm  and  the  digital  future  of  work  df18 
15 days ago
SAP TechEd 2018 – How Kaeser Kompressoren is selling compressed air as a service with the help of SAP Data Hub
"Every now and then, a customer use case really stands out. I picked up a dandy at SAP TechEd 2018, via a long-time SAP customer that keeps their tech - and business models - right on the edge of what's possible."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  internet  of  things  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  use  cases 
15 days ago
A winning IoT strategy
'There’s no single path to IoT success. Some companies focus on connecting existing products to make them more attractive and useful to customers. Others exploit opportunities to achieve operational improvements that increase efficiency and lower costs. Still others push more boldly, using connectivity to create entirely new products or remake business models (even moving into separate IoT businesses)"
15 days ago
SAP TechEd day one, burning questions edition – beaming up serverless ERP and the ABAP PaaS
"SAP TechEd day one featured news announcements that implied a more open SAP. Serverless ERP, ABAP on the SAP Cloud Platform - we're a long way from NetWeaver. But big questions remain. Here's my illustrated day one review."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  iot  robotics  ai  serverless 
16 days ago
Putting Security on Par with DevOps
"DevSecOps is nothing more — and nothing less — than the process of uniting the two main stakeholders, DevOps and security, in a spirit of collaboration. Many organizations have multiple DevOps teams, especially with multiple business units. That's why it's important for the security practice to own the cloud security program, which can encompass uniform monitoring and central visibility across all public cloud environments."
16 days ago
FutureStack18 London – focusing on customer success
"FutureStack18 in London focused on customer success and the challenges they face with digital transformation. It was a solid show."
infrastructure  productivity  event  reports 
16 days ago
Salesforce Dreamforce 2018 Spotlights Identity, Integration, AI and Getting More For Less
"When Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said his (first ever?) sub-two-hour Dreamforce keynote would be “a celebration of you, the customer,” I was initially skeptical. The few big tech announcements -- Customer 360, Einstein Voice, Quip Slides -- seemed, well, incremental. Did they run out of big new tech challenges?"
16 days ago
Overcoming the AI, ML and data science skills gap – hashing it out with Vijay Vijayasankar of IBM
"If you want to provoke me, tell me there's not enough qualified data science talent. That led me to a video exchange with IBM's Vijay Vijayasankar, where he shared the ups and own of hiring data science talent."
digital  skills  and  training  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
17 days ago
When Security Researchers Pose as Cybercrooks, Who Can Tell the Difference?
"Last week, I was on a train from New York to Washington, D.C. when I received a phone call from Vinny Troia, a security researcher who runs a startup in Missouri called NightLion Security. Troia had discovered that All American Entertainment, a speaker bureau which represents a number of celebrities who also can be hired to do public speaking, had exposed thousands of speaking contracts via an unsecured Amazon cloud instance."
a  little  sunshine  data  breaches  ne'er-do-well  news  the  coming  storm  all  american  entertainment  angellist  apollo  arnie  exactis  facebook  kickass  linkedin 
17 days ago
The Illusion of Control
"Once you recognize that control, at least total control, is an illusion, you can start to change. Even though Gartner recommends, as part of the Challenger methodology that sellers teach, tailor, and take control, the reality is that this can only be done in small chunks."
go-to-market  challenger  control  strategy 
17 days ago
These 7 Negotiation Tactics are Futile in Cloud Renewals
"Many organizations begin their cloud renewal negotiation preparations around 3 months in advance of the renewal date, but this is not enough time to effectively negotiate, let alone discuss the litany of issues that will need to be addressed with the cloud vendor. Waiting this long will also significantly diminish your leverage since the cloud vendor will know you don’t have enough time. Ideally, organizations will begin preparations 12 months in advance of the renewal date."
17 days ago
Inforum 2018 – Flint Hills Resources shares how to pull off a rapid CloudSuite Financials implementation
"Contrary to some marketing messages you might see, SaaS ERP implementations are not easy. At Inforum 2018, I attended a presentation from a CloudSuite Financials customer that showed how they pulled off a go-live in ten months. The lessons are instructive."
"cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  use  cases 
18 days ago
Voice Phishing Scams Are Getting More Clever
"Most of us have been trained to be wary of clicking on links and attachments that arrive in emails unexpected, but it’s easy to forget scam artists are constantly dreaming up innovations that put a new shine on old-fashioned telephone-based phishing scams. Think you’re too smart to fall for one? Think again: Even technology experts are getting taken in by some of the more recent schemes (or very nearly)."
a  little  sunshine  latest  warnings  the  coming  storm  cabel  sasser  caller  id  spoofing  matt  haughey  metafilter  panic  inc.  phone  phishing  slack  vishing 
18 days ago
U.S. Justice Department to sue California on net neutrality law
"The action sets up a high stakes legal showdown over regulation of the Internet that seems inevitably destined to wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court."
"regulation  net  neutrality 
18 days ago
Infor thru the stages- what’s the next phase?
"t’s been interesting to watch Infor’s transformation over the last few years. How can a company with so many product lines modernize them all, migrate users to the cloud and position these firms for a more digital future? Here’s the progress report that’s been eight years in the making."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  internet  of  things  machine  intelligence  ai  robotics 
18 days ago
Adobe buys Marketo: Who wins, who to watch
"Chris Fletcher, founder of the Aegean Group, former senior analyst at Gartner Group, and now an independent, opines on Adobe's Marketo acquisition. You'd do well to read and listen. Chris has the chops. And the knowledge. And the experience."
18 days ago
SEC settles charges with Tesla's Elon Musk, will remain as CEO 
"The SEC's enforcement action brings to a conclusion a saga which began in early August, when Musk announced via Twitter that he had secured enough funding for a massive private buyout of Tesla. The SEC complaint alleged that in doing so, Musk issued "false and misleading" statements, and failed to properly notify regulators of material company events. Under the deal's terms, Musk and Tesla neither admit or deny wrongdoing alleged by regulators."
19 days ago
The next UX frontier: a simpler view of enterprise applications | ZDNet
"Skjoldan urges more attention on "designing the user experience between engagement analytics, optimization software and experience management. It is a matter of directing design resources to the internal workflows with the aim to improve the customer experience in the end. Those who work in user experience and service design intimately know how to do that. They just need to be nudged in that direction."
19 days ago
Dreamforce 2018 – ditch happy hour and play hardball
"Four leading women in tech share their tips for achieving gender equality."
diversity  future  of  work  hcm  and  the  digital  df18 
19 days ago
Blockchain explained: What it is and isn’t, and why it matters
"Understanding how blockchain creates business value is essential for companies to identify the right use cases and move beyond small pilots to widespread adoption."
digital  insights 
19 days ago
Web founder Berners-Lee rallies Solid rebellion against digital empires
"WorldWide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches Inrupt to foment Solid citizen data rebellion against digital empires of Facebook, Google and others"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  data  privacy  open  source  user  experience 
19 days ago
Facebook Security Bug Affects 90M Users
"Facebook said it was removing the insecure “View As” feature, and resetting the access tokens of 50 million accounts that the company said it knows were affected, as well as the tokens for another 40 million users that may have been impacted over the past year."
a  little  sunshine  data  breaches  90  million  facebook  breach  view-as  bug 
19 days ago
Dreamforce 2018 – Keith Block on integration, innovation and life as a co-CEO
"As Dreamforce begins to wind down, I had the chance to sit down to chew the fat with co-CEO Keith Block on a variety of Salesforce-related topics."
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20 days ago
Event Report - Salesforce Dreamforce 2018 - AI, Apple & Customer 360 - but where is the CRM thought leadership?
"It was the usual mega event for Salesforce, it’s partners and its users. Attendees were optimistic and looking forward on innovation to come in 2019. Good to see the shift towards more neural network-based AI, which at the moment is clearly the AI technology of choice. Good to keep Einstein’s voice efforts cross platform. But details were not shared – where does Salesforce plan to build all these models, where does the data have to be, etc. Good to see what MuleSoft is ultimately about, pulling off Customer 360 – if Salesforce managed to implement this architecture (and get customer to pay for it) – it may justify the princely cost of MuleSoft. To be fair – that is little of concern for Salesforce users, who they want to see value coming form their vendor overall, across the product suite."
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20 days ago
Microsoft Steps Up Data Platform and AI Ambitions
"AI figured in many of the customer innovation stories that Nadella shared, whether it was BMW’s Azure-powered Intelligent Personal Assistant, Buhler adding machine vision to its grain-processing equipment to spot and extract foreign matter before it enters the food supply, or real estate services firm CBRE using Azure IoT to optimize energy usage and Azure Digital Twins to simulate and better manage office space. Microsoft made announcements on all five levels what it describes as its AI stack, shown below."
21 days ago
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