Svenska kyrkan i siffror - Svenska kyrkan
Church of Sweden in numbers. Info on the number of baptisms by kommun, etc. Also references to baptisms of people with one or more Swedish parents (possible to determine numbers of immigrants?)
statistics  CofS  churchofsweden  baptism 
19 days ago
Addicted to digital technology? Here's how to beat the habit
Includes suggestion of making screen monochrome to make it less appealing
technology  smartphones  screens  psychology 
23 days ago
How to Fix a Mac That Stalls on the Gray Screen at Startup
If your Mac stalls at the gray screen during startup, it can indicate a number of problems. This troubleshooting guide can get your Mac running.
mac  repair  tutorial 
6 weeks ago
America’s New Religion: Fox Evangelicalism -
"... 'evangelical' effectively functions as a cultural label, unmoored from theological meaning."
evangelicalism  America  religion 
9 weeks ago
If You Think Porn Didn’t Influence #MeToo You’re Dead Wrong
One evening I watched Ron Jeremy scavenge the leftover food a few of us at the table didn’t eat. It was a surreal experience sitting across from one of the largest names in the porn industry and, on…
12 weeks ago
Data Analysis & Statistics | edX
Take statistics & data analysis courses online for free from top universities worldwide. Browse statistics & data MOOCS in a variety of disciplines and enroll now.
education  learning  data  technology 
october 2017
20 best Middle Eastern recipes: part 1 | Life and style | The Guardian
Tabouleh and lahm bi ajine, butternut squash kibbeh and aubergine with pomegranate and tahini – we bring you the classic flavours of the Middle East
recipe  recipes 
october 2017
British Vs American English - Where Each Variation Is Taught -
The map above shows which version of English is most commonly taught in schools - British or American. Of course this does not mean that people actually speak the version they learn in school, it's just what they are taught.
infographics  maps  english  language 
october 2017
Overview - Eurostat
Eurostat's statistics on asylum and managed migration comes from the Member States Ministries of Interior and related Immigration Agencies.
statistics  europe 
october 2017
How to help refugee children get through the trauma of what's happened to them
It's not just children who need support to cope, their families and caregivers do, too.
refugees  trauma 
october 2017
Young asylum seekers' mental health hinges on where they are homed
Young asylum seekers need stability... or the consequences can be longlasting
ums  unaccompaniedminors  mentalhealth  caregiving 
october 2017
British media suspicion of child refugees goes back to the 1930s
There were mixed reactions to refugees from the Spanish Civil War and the Nazis by the British press.
unaccompaniedminors  ums  uk  britain 
october 2017
Well, We Never Expected This — Peace Catalyst International
“I hate Muslims.” As a simple conversational opener after church, Bob
introduced himself, letting us know where he stood on the Muslim/Christian
debate. Awkward conversation and strained parting smiles left us each to
head home after the service. “How ‘bout that Bob? Think we'll avoid him in
the future... wow." But then something happened that we never would have
peace  middleeast  muslim  christian 
october 2017
When ‘Underage’ Refugees Look Anything But | Foreign Policy
When ‘Underage’ Refugees Look Anything But « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas
ums  unaccompaniedminors  sweden 
september 2017
Hej Sverige | Om att känna sig som hemma i ett nytt land
I det unika projektet Hej Sverige förmedlar Friends i samarbete med UNHCR ensamkommande flyktingbarns erfarenheter och mötet med den svenska skolan.
ums  unaccompaniedminors  sweden 
september 2017
What everyday life is really like in Sweden - BBC News
Debunking Donald Trump's claims about what happened "last night".
sweden  photography 
september 2017
Use two Dropbox accounts on one computer — theTerran
Like many people, I have both a business and a personal Dropbox account.
Sometimes I need files from the business account while on a computer where
my personal Dropbox is installed.

The obvious solution is to run two instances of Dropbox at the same time,
using two different accounts simultaneously on one computer. The obvious
problem is that Dropbox does not support multiple accounts.
september 2017
Monday Morning Mixtape 177 by Stamp The Wax | Mixcloud
Listen to Monday Morning Mixtape 177 by Stamp The Wax for free. Follow Stamp The Wax to never miss another show.
september 2017
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