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Madina Industrial Corp - Brooklyn, NY
 I'd bring cash next time because their charge system looked manual (like the one I used when I worked for a wholesaler where it stored every credit card number) and although I can't accuse them of anything, the next day my credit card company called and said we had a charge for a $2,000 flight to Saudi Arabia.  For small businesses like these from now on I'm using cash only.
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august 2011 by jomc
The new rules for reviewing media
I've noticed an increasing tendency by reviewers on Amazon (and Apple's iTunes and App Stores) to review things based on the packaging or format of the media with little regard shown to the actual content/plot. Here are two recent examples.
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march 2010 by jomc
Yelp Extortion Allegations Stack Up | News | East Bay Express
Secondly, Stoppelman criticized my use of anonymous sources, calling it "fraught with hazards and ... strongly discouraged by most editors." Yet Yelp is a review site based entirely on anonymous sources. Stoppelman claims Yelp's reviews are reasonably trustworthy because of the web site's review filter, and because reviews may be suppressed if they're not written by frequent Yelpers. However, only the first name and last initial of the reviewer is posted, in some cases just initials, and in some cases fake names with no photos. Frequently posting anonymously does not make one any less anonymous.
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january 2010 by jomc
Twitter / Cody Brown: Excellent piece on Yelp an ...
"Another clear case on how anonymity leads to platform decay"
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january 2010 by jomc

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