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Zugzwang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zugzwang (German for "compulsion to move", pronounced [ˈtsuːktsvaŋ]) is a situation found in chess and other games, where one player is put at a disadvantage because he must make a move when he would prefer to pass and not to move. The fact that the player is compelled to move means that his position will become significantly weaker. A player is said to be "in zugzwang" when any possible move will worsen his position.[1]
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Britain didn't understand the enemy in Helmand - Telegraph
According to the “insurgency narrative” widely espoused by Western governments, a legitimate Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA), which is recognised and supported by the international community, is violently opposed by a movement of insurgents, called the Taliban, who have sanctuary in Quetta, Pakistan...Today, much of the violence is mischaracterised as “Taliban” insurgent violence, when in fact it is not linked to the Taliban or the GIRoA, but is driven by local dynamics between groups and individuals on the ground
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The drone lobby's image problem - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
the minimisation of violence is, therefore, both a humanitarian demand and good military strategy.
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The Web is Dead (…and what your business can do about it) - Global Business Hub -
A silent revolution has been in the making over the past decade, with its pace accelerating particularly in the past few years. In 2001 the top 10 websites accounted for 31% of total web traffic. In 2006 that figure grew to 40%. But by 2010 the top 10 websites commanded an astounding 75% of all traffic on the web. What does that mean for businesses, small and large, as they try to drive traffic to their sites? And how can businesses build an effective web presence in this changing landscape?
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Why Is the NFL Afraid of Technology? -
According to three top NFL executives, the league has been meeting with technology and communications companies to brainstorm how to bring the league into the 21st century. Every technological advancement you can imagine is on the table.

Coaches selecting plays from tablet computers. Quarterbacks and defensive captains wired to every player on the field and calling plays without a huddle. Digital video on the sidelines so coaches can review plays instantly. Officials carrying hand-held screens for replays. Computer chips embedded in the ball and in the shoulder pads (or mouth guards) that track every move players make and measure their speed, the impact of their hits, even their rate of fatigue.
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Protest On Wall Street Is Louder Online Than Off | Fast Company
Before anyone had formed an assembly, there was already the OccupyWallStreet web site. Volunteer Harrison Schultz, a self-described "business intelligence analyst" who is completing a PhD in sociology, worked on SEO for the site. He said, "I used business techniques to help this movement." Schultz also said he got help with this endeavor from his new boss at his day job.
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