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Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down | Vanity Fair
Carreyrou was simply emboldened. “It’s O.K. if you’ve got a smartphone app or a social network, and you go live with it before it’s ready; people aren’t going to die,” he told me. “But with medicine, it’s different.”
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september 2016 by jomc
Twitter / house: Whole strategy around tracking ...
Whole strategy around tracking personal tragedies in his network through Twitter and FB. Pretty dark stuff. Watch out for predators, folks.
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june 2014 by jomc
Twitter / house: SV recruiter advising small-time ...
SV recruiter advising small-time CEO behind me. "Target programmers down on their luck. Divorce, disability, death in the family..."
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june 2014 by jomc
Alex Payne — What Is and Is Not A Technology Company
This definition also doesn’t suggest that only “enterprise” technology companies are “real” technology companies. There are plenty of companies that make money by selling technology to consumers. But there are also a lot of businesses selling actual things to consumers who get lumped in with technology businesses simply because they sell products via the web. That might have been an important distinction in 1995, but no longer.
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may 2012 by jomc
Reddit founder eyes start-up funding -
Surprisingly, in a world where oversharing has become commonplace, he cites, a sort of Missed Connections for the college set, where users flirt and chat incognito in the hope of meeting in real life.

"People still appreciate moments of anonymity," he says. "And this is virally growing through all the college campuses. Once [a site like this] becomes popular and integral to a person's life, that's when it can make money."
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april 2011 by jomc
How Tech Start-ups Like Foursquare and Meetup Are Trying to Overthrow Old Media and Build a Better New York -- New York Magazine
Chris Dixon, the 38-year-old co-founder (with Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake) of, recently blogged, “Whenever I see a brilliant kid decide to join Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, or Google, I think to myself: a start-up just died, and as a result our world is a little less wealthy, innovative, and interesting.”
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april 2010 by jomc
Multicultural Critical Theory. At Business School? -
“The ‘Eureka’ moment was when I could draw a data point between a hotshot, investment bank-oriented star lawyer and an elementary school principal,” Mr. Martin recalls. “I thought: ‘Holy smokes. In completely different situations, these people are thinking in very similar ways, and there may be something special about this pattern of thinking.’ ”

That insight led Mr. Martin to begin advocating what was then a radical idea in business education: that students needed to learn how to think critically and creatively every bit as much as they needed to learn finance or accounting.
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january 2010 by jomc

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