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At Netflix, Who Wins When It’s Hollywood vs. the Algorithm? - WSJ
"Some shows at risk of being canceled due to poor performance have gotten a reprieve because Netflix doesn’t want to damage relationships with key producers or actors." A useful deep dive into Netflix's internal debates over analytics vs. cred.
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The Netflix Binge Factory
“I don’t want any of our shows to define our brand, and I don’t want our brand to define any shows,” he tells me, sitting in his office, where not one but three posters for The Godfather hang. “There’s no such thing as a ‘Netflix show.’ That as a mind-set gets people narrowed. Our brand is personalization.”...“You have to be very cautious not to get caught in the math, because you’ll end up making the same thing over and over again,” Sarandos says. “And the data just tells you what happened in the past. It doesn’t tell you anything that will happen in the future.”
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june 2018 by jomc
Rise of the Netflix Hackers | WIRED
ut even that contest has led to a hack. Last November, two researchers from the University of Texas released a paper (.pdf) demonstrating that users represented in the dataset could be easily unmasked, if they've also posted movie ratings to a public site, like IMDb. The ratings of less-popular films, coupled with the dates they're rated, form a kind of movie-preference fingerprint that can be used to make matches, the researchers concluded.
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april 2018 by jomc
RUMOR: Netflix PR is Propping Up Original Series 'Ozark' on Social Media
But if Netflix has truly been able to use non-branded accounts to push a critical flop into a commercial success, other television might start paying closer attention.
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august 2017 by jomc
Can Netflix Survive in the New World It Created? - The New York Times
(lots on company culture)

This year Netflix will spend $5 billion, nearly three times what HBO spends, on content, which includes what it licenses, shows like AMC’s “Better Call Saul,” and original series like “House of Cards.” Its dozens of original shows (more than 600 hours of original programming are planned for this year) often receive as much critical acclaim and popular buzz as anything available on cable. Having invented the binge-streaming phenomenon when it became the first company to put a show’s entire season online at once, it then secured a place in the popular culture: “Netflix and chill.”..
If subscriber growth were to stall, for instance, then Wall Street would stop treating it as a growth stock, and its price would start falling. Slower growth would also increase the cost of taking on more debt to pay for its shows. The company would be forced to either raise subscription prices even higher or cut back on those content costs or do both, which could slow subscriber growth even further.
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june 2016 by jomc
Why Netflix Never Implemented The Algorithm That Won The Netflix $1 Million Challenge | Techdirt
It wasn't just that the improvement was marginal, but that Netflix's business had shifted and the way customers used its product, and the kinds of recommendations the company had done, had shifted too. Suddenly, the prize winning solution just wasn't that useful -- in part because many people were streaming videos rather than renting DVDs
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april 2012 by jomc
One-star Ratings on Amazon for Book Without Kindle Version | Publishing Perspectives
need for content vs. delivery reviews. one star reviews nothing about the actual books. see also netflix etc
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december 2010 by jomc
Anonymized //
just weeks after the contest began, two University of Texas researchers -- Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov -- identified several NetFlix users by comparing their "anonymous" reviews in the Netflix data to ones posted on the Internet Movie Database website. Revelations included identifying their political leanings and sexual orientation.
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december 2009 by jomc

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