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Corey Pein ‘Live Work Work Work Die’ Excerpt on Web Fraud
I understood this lesson as an extension of that old saying about teaching a man to fish instead of just giving him a fish. Now the idea was: You made him pay for fishing lessons, offering student loans if necessary, and failed to mention that you had already depleted the pool. This was a smart business
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Pheromones, body care products, and sexual attraction: Don't believe the hype. - By Randi Hutter Epstein - Slate Magazine
"The whole pheromone thing got picked up by the mass media," says Richard Doty, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Smell and Taste Research Center and author of The Great Pheromone Myth. It feeds into our need to believe, he said, that there "is all this subliminal stuff going on that is affecting us—who we mate with, who we want to be with. It's this mythical perspective." And marketers, like women's magazines, are only too happy to exploit that myth.
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Yelp Extortion Allegations Stack Up | News | East Bay Express
Secondly, Stoppelman criticized my use of anonymous sources, calling it "fraught with hazards and ... strongly discouraged by most editors." Yet Yelp is a review site based entirely on anonymous sources. Stoppelman claims Yelp's reviews are reasonably trustworthy because of the web site's review filter, and because reviews may be suppressed if they're not written by frequent Yelpers. However, only the first name and last initial of the reviewer is posted, in some cases just initials, and in some cases fake names with no photos. Frequently posting anonymously does not make one any less anonymous.
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MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange : Need Examples of Target Marketing Failures
PT Cruiser by Chrysler was originally targeting younger men.. It ended up being a Boomer age and older men's car of choice and younger guys didn't take the bait. I heard another car example for women where they named it the Probe , but the name made women think about internal exams more than cars.... (see also nova...ther spanish car names)
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Vogue Sees Web Lessons in Obama’s Campaign - Digits - WSJ
Over the course of several meetings, Mr. Rospars and his colleagues took Vogue executives through presentations on how the firm cultivated and organized prospective Obama supporters.

Blue State Digital used what it calls a “relationship ladder,” which broke down voters into increasingly targeted groups based on the depth of their involvement, from the 13 million people on the campaign’s email list up to the 200,000 people who hosted events.

Vogue’s relationship ladder begins with what it calls its “distributed audience,” which includes anyone who interacts with Vogue at any level, from reading an article about the magazine to buying a dress that appeared in it. Beyond them, Vogue hopes to identify people who pass along information about the brand and, ultimately, people willing to pay for access to certain material on
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