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The Dangerous Misconceptions About the Opioid Epidemic and How We Respond
social justice advocates who might otherwise be organizing to end an epidemic that is devastating an entire generation see instead only hypocrisy from the system, and they move on.

That makes the drug war, which continues to be waged with ferocity, invisible to many who oppose its application elsewhere.
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march 2018 by jomc
The Family That Built an Empire of Pain | The New Yorker
As both a doctor and an adman, Arthur displayed a Don Draper-style intuition for the alchemy of marketing. He recognized that selling new drugs requires a seduction of not just the patient but the doctor who writes the prescription.
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october 2017 by jomc
Beyond Zero and One: Machines, Psychedelics, and Consciousness by Andrew Smart review – inside the minds of computers | Books | The Guardian
One problem with superintelligent conscious machines, however – as SF writers down the ages and some modern philosophers agree – is that they might very well choose to destroy all humans. How to stop the godlike robots wiping us out? The best way, Smart suggests, might be to give them a dose of digital LSD to force open their doors of perception.
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january 2016 by jomc

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