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Her vocabulary, which includes My So-Called Life, Daria, Clueless, and of course Sassy, belongs to an adult cohort that came of age in the nineties. For these women, ostensibly wised-up to pop culture’s fixation on youth, a precocious adolescent made an awkward media savant. Gevinson has a right to her tastes, but the eagerness of adult women to share them was disconcerting. “I am 30 years old and still very proud to be a sticker collector,” a reader commented on a post about stickers.  “STICKERS 4 EVER WOO.”
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june 2014 by jomc
Why don't architects ever retire? - Slate Magazine
re: kallmann was 97. architects live long lives
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june 2012 by jomc
Women of a Certain Age: Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson Plot the Costume Institute's Next Show at the Met | Artinfo
"Fear of aging is sad and scary to me," Gevinson said. "I think John Waters said, first there were beatniks and then the hippies and then the punks, and right now I don't really think there's a counterculture like that. So the way to be rebellious now is —"

"To get old?" Thurman interjected.

"To get away from the fetishization of youth," Gevinson finished.

"That's brilliant," Apfel said. "There are so many, many women that go crazy about [aging] in a very bad way for their own being... It would be a very healing show... Let's sign on the dotted line."
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june 2012 by jomc
click opera - Tavi: children should be scene but not herd
[my theory after reading this that the closer in age you are (older to tavi) the more anxiety you have about not doing enough at a young age. super relived to be more than a decade older thus relieved of this anxiety]
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