The Generation X Gap - Nassau Weekly
the Messiah, Douglas Coupland, had returned to tell Generation X What Was Up with the Kids these Days.
art  generations 
july 2018
Wildfires Raging in Greece and California Prove Climate Change Is Here
Thinking home was a safe sanctuary, realizing that a fire was ripping through home, causing death and destruction in seconds. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not uncommon, as is exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and more. Surviving a fire physically is only the first step towards recovery; the lingering health and mental effects are debilitating enough to be fatal in their own right.
july 2018
Audit the algorithms that are ruling our lives | Financial Times
Another reason for the push back is that exposure of the algorithm might lead to inconvenient truths about the effectiveness and accuracy of the decision-making process. By not independently auditing your algorithms you can remain blissfully ignorant and keep plausible deniability when it comes to negative consequences.
algorithms  data  audit 
july 2018
The Environment is Not a System | a peer-reviewed journal about_
How else might we think of environments in lieu of the systems metaphor? Tsing offers the concept of assemblage and here I build on her work, understanding environments as open ended assemblages of non-humans, living and nonliving, entangled in ways of life.
ecology  cybernetics  environment  ai 
july 2018
The King Of Climate Fiction Makes The Left's Case For Geoengineering | HuffPost
As a leftist, I think there is a bad tendency among some leftists to conflate science with capitalism. They are not the same. I am against capitalism, I am for science.
sci-fi  quotes 
july 2018
Caring for Capitalism - Los Angeles Review of Books
And like Westworld, The Bleeding Edge is a contemporary portrait of how a misguided quest for innovation is eroding the forms of connection that make us human.
medicine  biotech 
july 2018
Warner suggests 20 ways to tackle problems posed by Google and Facebook - Axios
The report also suggested that, to increase visibility into competition, platforms could put a monetary value on an individual user’s data.
data  policy 
july 2018
Where Did you Go to School? – Richard Kerby – Medium
I found that 40% of venture investors have attended Stanford or Harvard. Just TWO schools!
silicon-valley  harvard  stanford  university 
july 2018
An Artist Honors Tamir Rice, One Orange Object at a Time - The New York Times
“What does it mean if you move beyond good intentions?” he asked. “It means that we’re talking then about advocacy, about accountability.”
art  blacklivesmatter 
july 2018
The Surveillance State Destroys the Lives of Poor Whites & People of Color — EHRP
During the last two decades, policing has become synonymous with surveillance: the intense scrutiny of persons in public spaces. Poverty and the symptoms of drug addiction signify criminality to the police in ways similar to race. This surveillance targets the most vulnerable people in American society: people of color and poor whites. L. experienced a form of social oppression well known to people of color, targeted because their presence is considered a threat to others, because of their appearance, race, or presence in certain public spaces. 
july 2018
For Sale: Survey Data on Millions of High School Students - The New York Times
Scholarships.com, for instance, asks students for their name, birth date, race, religion, home address and citizenship status and whether they have “impairments” like H.I.V., depression or a “relative w/Alzheimer’s.” Scholarships.com also has a subsidiary, American Student Marketing, that describes itself as the “exclusive broker” of the student data collected by Scholarships.com, offering it to marketers of student loans, credit cards and smartphones...could expose them to predatory marketing or exclude them from important opportunities.
education  data  data-brokers  privacy 
july 2018
The Black Girl Looks at Other Black Girls: On “This Will Be My Undoing” by Morgan Jerkins - Los Angeles Review of Books
this is where Jerkins misses an opportunity to examine how social media can see people build community with those who share similar views as them without knowing them, or befriending them.,,They’re declared “important” and “necessary” by critics who don’t seem to know how to engage with work from marginalized writers beyond stressing that it should exist.
media  twitter 
july 2018
How Did the Climate Apocalypse Become Old News?
self-censorship than ratings-chasing... in fear of right-wing backlash...But public apathy, and its cousin climate complacency, is as big a problem — perhaps bigger.
media  climate-change  journalism  clickbait 
july 2018
Are.na / Blog – Imagining the Internet: Explaining our Digital Transition
To the extent that we can shape the Internet, what should that shape be? We imagine a future to engineer it, yet the products of the engineering process in turn direct and expand our imagination of the possible. What will the Internet become? An automated library? An indexed set of images? Video telephone calls? An immersive game? All of these were possibilities and all have now been realized.
technology  protocols  56k  networks  cyberspace 
july 2018
How I stopped worrying and learned to love algorithms
Our culture has produced forms of mathematical “artificial” intelligence for solving problems over thousands of years: from the early geometry of the Babylonians, through the development of calculus, through the hand calculator allowing us to perform faster arithmetic, to the modern computer and the connected society. We are getting smarter with the help of mathematical models, and models are improving because we develop them
math  algorithms 
july 2018
You Say You Want a Revolution? The Anti-Capitalist Film “Sorry to Bother You” Shows the Way
Riley critiqued an anti-Iraq War “die-in” in an interview with Build. The protest, he said, was enacted with the expressed purpose of making people “aware” of the carnage caused by the war. But “everybody knows the war is fucked up,” said Riley, “they just don’t think they can do anything about it. So there’s a different question that needs to be answered by the artists.” He added, “Art has a place, but it has to be connected to actual movements.”
art  activism 
july 2018
Scallops Hotel: sovereign nose of (y)​our arrogant face Album Review | Pitchfork
Residing in Maine, milo, who releases much of his music under the name scallops hotel, favors cryptic lowercase song titles and stream-of-consciousness lyrics full of literary and art-world references. “I feel like Arthur Miller when The Crucible drop,”
maine  new-england  music 
july 2018
Can We Make Non-Racist Face Recognition?
This dual bind—where black people are subjected to science rather than supported by it—is encapsulated in the concept of “medical apartheid,” a term coined by author Harriet Washington. Born from Washington’s robust historical analysis of medical experimentations on slaves, “medical apartheid” refers to how black people have been experimented on for the sake of scientific advances from which they don’t benefit.
surveillance  race  bias  face-detection 
july 2018
When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life
The story was re-posted on other sites, including one called BadBizReport.is where it has been viewed over 95,000 times. It quickly became the top search result for Glennon’s name on Google. Within a year, Glennon was experiencing the repercussions: Her number of listings dropped by half. She estimates that she’s lost $200,000 in business since 2015...It’s protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects websites from being sued for the things their users say...there is no delete button, not to mention the copies of the post that appeared on other sites.
fake-news  doxing  facebook  harassment  mob  230  content 
july 2018
IBM Watson Reportedly Recommended Cancer Treatments That Were 'Unsafe and Incorrect'
“This product is a piece of shit,” a doctor at Florida’s Jupiter Hospital said to IBM, according to the documents reviewed by Stat. “We bought it for marketing and with hopes that you would achieve the vision. We can’t use it for most cases.”
ibm  watson  vaporware  ai 
july 2018
Beijing’s Big Brother Tech Needs African Faces – Foreign Policy
People did not consent to the use of their biometric data in this way,” Hove said. “Unfortunately, people do not have any way of holding the government accountable as there are no laws in place or any regulatory body tasked with the protection of people’s privacy or data protection.” Zimbabwe’s 2002 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act doesn’t cover biometric data or cross-border flows of data, and, as Hove notes, “the government has rarely ever acted in the people’s interests.”
china  africa  zimbabwe  face-detection 
july 2018
The Human Cost of the Ghost Economy
It seemed I was in that middling space of over-qualified for entry-level jobs, under-qualified for the jobs I most desired, and aged out or irrelevant as a labor union organizer, where I’d gained the bulk of my work experience...Temp jobs began after the second world war, offering work at companies like Kelly Girl, a billion-dollar staffing company based in Michigan, on a short-term basis.
labor  jobs  gig-economy 
july 2018
Nobel in Economics Is Awarded to Richard Thaler - The New York Times
He showed that people will penalize unfair behavior even if they do not benefit from doing so.
This has important economic implications. It explains, for example, why an umbrella store may choose not to raise prices during a rainstorm
economics  behavior 
july 2018
Channel 4 finds Facebook not deleting images of child abuse and racism - Business Insider
A journalist from the British broadcaster Channel 4 went undercover as a Facebook moderator and found a stream of toxic content that was intentionally left on the site.
facebook  moderation 
july 2018
Bursting the bubble: in reality, most of us are exposed to a range of views online
Echo chambers and filter bubbles are — like fake news, automated troll bots and Cambridge Analytica’s personalized political advertising — concepts that shape our consciousness about social media. They are certainly useful, but they are far from universally applicable.
data  echo-chambers 
july 2018
How Facebook’s Rise Fueled Chaos and Confusion in Myanmar
Facebook also had at least two direct warnings before the 2014 riots that hate speech was exploding on the platform and could have real-world consequences.
facebook  moderation 
july 2018
Senator Ron Wyden reckons with the internet he helped shape - The Verge
I think the public has a right to control their own data. I think what is needed are clear, enforceable rules to make sure that the companies get explicit consent from their consumers to use consumers’ data. Not some kind of, “Well, it’s back there in page 75” of some kind of agreement in small print — that if you happen to have been a lawyer specializing in a degree in small print, you know something about it. Consumers have the right, in my view, to view and remove what companies have about them on their personal data, so that what belongs to them really continues to belong to them. And then, I think companies are obligated to tell users when their privacy is compromised in data breaches, and, clearly, that has not been done in the past and certainly hasn’t been done quickly.
policy  congress  230  data  privacy 
july 2018
Mark Zuckerberg early management tactics and temper - Business Insider
Mark would love. He walks to Chris' computer and we demo the product to Mark. Mark thought it was shit. I know so because instead of giving product feedback, he screamed "this is shit — redo it!" threw water on Chris' computer, and walked away. All of us stood around in shock.
facebook  zuckerberg 
july 2018
Digital Switzerlands by Kristen Eichensehr :: SSRN
Digital Switzerlands encompasses two ideas: that the companies are on par with, not subordinate to, the countries that try to regulate them, and that they are in some sense neutral. This Article critically evaluates the plausibility of these claims and explores how the companies differ from other powerful private parties.
stacks  borders 
july 2018
Former Obama Officials Help Silicon Valley Pitch the Pentagon for Lucrative Defense Contracts
Work said he was “alarmed” to see the Silicon Valley company abandon the Project Maven initiative, adding that he hoped “it’s not a canary in the coal mine” that presages other technology firms distancing themselves from Defense Department contracts.
google  defense  technology  darpa  military 
july 2018
Third-person effect - Wikipedia
The Third-person effect [1] hypothesis predicts that people tend to perceive that mass media messages have a greater effect on others than on themselves, based on personal biases. The Third-person effect manifests itself through an individual’s overestimation of the effect of a mass communicated message on the generalized other, or an underestimation of the effect of a mass communicated message on themselves.
media  bias  fake-news 
july 2018
Jamie Lee Curtis shares tearful embrace with fan who says the Halloween movies literally saved his life
“The gentleman that spoke earlier? That kind of emotion is real. These are movies and we love to come to a movie and get scared, it’s exciting…but it all has to be based in a reality and something you can believe in.”
film  horror  genre 
july 2018
Centrist Democrats Want A Presidential Candidate To Take On Bernie. They Just Don’t Know Who It Is.
“If you walked out on the street of Columbus, six of 10 people could tell you what Bernie’s economic vision is.”
july 2018
Congratulations, Mr. President: Zuckerberg Secretly Called Trump After The Election
Facebook took the methods it learned from the Trump campaign to further refine a marketing model called “Test, Learn, Adapt” (TLA), which it currently uses to assess its own advertising.
facebook  advertising 
july 2018
A Global Guide to State-Sponsored Trolling
In response to revolutions and social movements launched on Twitter and Facebook, national governments initially censored content, blocked access to social media and used surveillance technology to monitor their citizens. But it turned out to be far more effective to simply inundate the platforms with a torrent of disinformation and anonymized threats—what the researchers dubbed a strategy of “information abundance” made possible by the rapid spread of social media.
july 2018
DUST - YouTube
The Best Sci-Fi Shorts in the Universe
video  towatch  sci-fi 
july 2018
onekade on Twitter: "She is working with ML researchers at MIT to train algorithms on declassified FBI surveillance records from the COINTELPRO era to guess what lies beneath the redactions on the more recent FBI documents. What a cool as heck project."
She is working with ML researchers at MIT to train algorithms on declassified FBI surveillance records from the COINTELPRO era to guess what lies beneath the redactions on the more recent FBI documents. What a cool as heck project.
machine-learning  surveillance 
july 2018
Welcome to Total Capitalism - Next Generation Media Technology
Total Capitalism is the next generation media technology, with a completely advertising based revenue model (which means no subscriptions), making it free for all readers, and giving advertisers a 100% reach. Total Capitalism offers both video and banner ads. Advertisers pay per second for all impressions available in a slot on totalcapitalism.com, which is also device agnostic. However, Total Capitalism’s unique value proposition is genuine content.
july 2018
Does Facebook Need a Constitution?
we’ve reached this particular impasse because we took a very wrong turn somewhere, and in ceding much of the open internet to companies that sell attention to advertisers, have also ceded even the possibility of a healthy civil discourse. This view is almost certainly correct.)
july 2018
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Recode Decode: Full transcript - Recode
What we will do is we’ll say, “Okay, you have your page, and if you’re not trying to organize harm against someone, or attacking someone, then you can put up that content on your page, even if people might disagree with it or find it offensive.” But that doesn’t mean that we have a responsibility to make it widely distributed in News Feed. I think we, actually, to the contrary-
facebook  zuckerberg 
july 2018
Should you send Facebook all your nude photos? | Technology | The Guardian
With brand names such as PhotoDNA, the technologies create a digital fingerprint or “hash” of an image or video, which can then be compared to future uploads to find matches and remove them automatically. It is good enough that it doesn’t get fooled by simple alterations such as colour tweaks, watermarks or crops, and it has already successfully been put to use in tackling terrorist propaganda and child abuse imagery posted online.
facebook  moderation  revenge-porn 
july 2018
A Stabbing On Samish Island: The Radicalization Of Lane Davis
it seemed that what was left of that extremist/troll boundary had started to collapse. I wanted to know how the people who lived on its edges were adjusting...his life leading up to the killing — isolated, dependent, resentful, and ruled by the perverse incentives of internet content production ..Nora took all of Lane’s writing down from the Ralph Retort; she and Ethan said they didn’t want to sell ads against any of it
crime  alt-right  trolls  microcelebrity  conspiracy 
july 2018
Artificial Intelligence: Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent — Quartz
Google Translate is not crafted by something that has understanding. The holes in its understanding come out in all sorts of unexpected places. There was a sentence in a German text that said in English, “The maid brought in the soup.” When I looked at the sentence more carefully, Google Translate said, “The maid entered the soup.” It got “maid” correct, but the image and action that was going on there was absolutely unrelated to anything that would really happen in the real world.
ai  translation  meaning  intelligence 
july 2018
Michael Ondaatje's Golden Man Booker Speech is Really Great | Literary Hub
I wish in fact that those of us on this Man Booker list had been invited to propose and speak about what we felt were the overlooked classics—in order to enlarge what ought to be read, as opposed to relying on the usual suspects.
books  literature 
july 2018
Sapping Attention: Google Books and the open web.
part of what's going here may be that the same algorithm is used for books as in Google's image search. If you do an image search for these phrases, it pops up images from the Wikipedia article and the Amazon page (and, now, this very blog post). Google appears to treat books both as collections of text to be searched, *and* as entities that exist on the web described through the text of web pages.
google  search 
july 2018
How Wikipedia Chose the Image for the ‘Human’ Entry | WIRED
Which is why the editors of the “human” entry on Wikipedia were having such a hard time in 2003. The crowdsourced encyclopedia, in theory, offers a solution to the problem of representation; no single writer has control over the way in which a subject is presented. But still: They had to choose a single image to lead the entry.
july 2018
Google DeepMind and healthcare in an age of algorithms | SpringerLink
DeepMind Technologies Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Google conglomerate, Alphabet Inc. In 2016, DeepMind announced its first major health project: a collaboration with the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust,
google  data  healthcare 
july 2018
Technology | Academics | Policy - Professors Evan Selinger and Woodrow Hartzog Disclose the Privacy Risks of Facial Recognition
Imagine a technology that is potently, uniquely dangerous — something so inherently toxic that it deserves to be completely rejected, banned, and stigmatized. Something so pernicious that regulation cannot adequately protect citizens from its effects.

That technology is already here. It is facial recognition technology, and its dangers are so great that it must be rejected entirely.
face-detection  surveillance  ethics 
july 2018
This Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants to Give Us All Robot Bodies - Motherboard
The Beam was designed as a video conferencing tool, allowing instant, face-to-face communication—kind of like FaceTime or Skype, except you can drive the screen on legs around the room remotely, with a keyboard. It could one day become much more. Those with disabilities can have access to a rudimentary body that allows them to go where they otherwise can't. (Edward Snowden has famously used one in his public appearances.)
july 2018
Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras - The New York Times
For technology to be effective, it doesn’t always have to work. Take China’s facial-recognition glasses....The system remains more of a digital patchwork than an all-seeing technological network. Many files still aren’t digitized, and others are on mismatched spreadsheets that can’t be easily reconciled. Systems that police hope will someday be powered by A.I. are currently run by teams of people sorting through photos and data the old-fashioned way...He described the approach as a panopticon, the idea that people will follow the rules precisely because they don’t know whether they are being watched.
china  surveillance  panopticon  face-detection  mechanical-turk 
july 2018
Scooters littering US city streets shout at people: 'Unlock me or I'll call the police' | Technology | The Guardian
So one has to wonder what a Silicon Valley startup was thinking when it programmed its electric scooters to yell at people: “Unlock me to ride me, or I’ll call the police.”
voice  scooters  silicon-valley 
july 2018
Trump’s Nativism Is Transforming the Physical Landscape - The Atlantic
The original theory of national parks and monuments was that they would exemplify the spirit of the country. They were the American cathedrals. But instead they attract fights over collective identity...the land exemplifies the country: It is the site of fights over whose country is being taken away, who is the patriot and who is the usurper or trespasser.
climate-change  environment  politics  nature  parks  coal 
july 2018
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