'Artifact' Isn't a Game on Steam, It's Steam in a Game - Waypoint
. This is what platforms—from Uber to Facebook to Airbnb to Etsy—do, and Artifact is a game for the age of platforms. In their classic sense, platforms are infrastructures that connect two or more users for social economic exchange, and the ability for algorithms to manage this “labor” at scale with have made them the dominant economic form of our era. This, in essence, is Artifact, and to endorse it is, implicitly, to endorse the entire system it reflects.
platforms  workingon  gaming 
1 hour ago
Steve King is Right- Google Should Be More Transparent - Cyborgology
If, say, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was grilling Pichai about their racist search results while waving a copy of Safiya Umoja Noble’s Algorithms of Oppression I would be dancing in my chair. If any congressperson would hold Zuckerberg’s feet to the fire over a 2015 patent for letting banks consider your Facebook friends when applying for a loan I’d grab the pop corn. King is right that it is the government’s job to demand companies be transparent about the products that influence our lives.
3 hours ago
When the Internet Archive Forgets
the site itself was no longer in the Internet Archive, replaced by the error message: “This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”..if you deal in a certain bottom-dwelling brand of controversial content and want to avoid accountability, there are at least two different, standardized ways of erasing it from the most reliable third-party web archive on the public internet.
archives  censorship  internet-archive 
3 hours ago
Leah Miller on Twitter: "If you must have a system that automatically removes some posts/bans some users, have it only trigger on reports from people who have built up good "rep." If a user regularly flags inappropriately to harass, have a setting that de
If you must have a system that automatically removes some posts/bans some users, have it only trigger on reports from people who have built up good "rep." If a user regularly flags inappropriately to harass, have a setting that deprioritizes their reports.
3 hours ago
Uber, Lyft ... And Now Waymo: The Self-Driving Car Service Hits The Road | On Point
I said in the story that I wrote last week that it can, at times, feel as if you're riding in the back seat with a very cautious student driver, because there are moments when the car will certainly hesitate to make certain decisions, especially in more sort of complex driving scenarios, like, for instance, an unprotected left-hand turn where there's no traffic signals, or lights, or anything like that to help guide the car sensors.
driverless  cars 
2 days ago
Sarah Jamie Lewis on Twitter: "Can I just say, again, that archiving personal content, especially personal nsfw content, without an opt-in (or at the very least an opt-out) is completely unethical?… https://t.co/JbuGjO4fkY"
Can I just say, again, that archiving personal content, especially personal nsfw content, without an opt-in (or at the very least an opt-out) is completely unethical?...Taking possession of content that was never yours and deciding that it should be forever publicly accessible is bullshit.
tumblr  archives 
3 days ago
More than HumanCentered Design — Ding Magazine
“user-centred design” narrative so loved by technology companies and design schools alike, I considered a “more-than-human” centred approach. Where humans beings are not at the centre of the universe and the centre of everything. Where we consider ourselves as deeply entangled in relationships with other species and non-human entities.
users  future  ecology  environment 
4 days ago
Steven W. Thrasher on Twitter: "A term I tried to coin in this—reflecting on work @melissagira, @juliacraven, @jennydeluxe & I have been writing—is what happens when sexually marginalized communities become digitally homeless. Some are homeless IRL, t
A term I tried to coin in this—reflecting on work @melissagira, @juliacraven, @jennydeluxe & I have been writing—is what happens when sexually marginalized communities become digitally homeless. Some are homeless IRL, too & digital homelessness makes their lives even harder.
tumblr  moderation 
4 days ago
[1811.10154] Please Stop Explaining Black Box Models for High Stakes Decisions
s, but trying to explain black box models, rather than creating models that are interpretable in the first place, is likely to perpetuate bad practices and can potentially cause catastrophic harm to society
4 days ago
15 Worrying Things About the CRISPR Babies Scandal - The Atlantic
He relied on an aids association to reach out to the patients and falsely described his work as an “aids-vaccine development project.” He told delegates at the Hong Kong summit that he personally took the volunteers through the informed-consent process, along with another professor....a vulnerability at the heart of modern science. That is: Small groups of researchers can make virtually unilateral decisions about experiments that have potentially global consequences, and that everyone else only learns about after the fact.
biotech  ethics  crispr  aids  health  classism  science 
7 days ago
I warned you about Sheryl Sandberg - SFChronicle.com
I was running Valleywag, a Silicon Valley gossip publication, which uncovered all kinds of mischief at her employer. Her reaction, according to sources who spoke to us: She promised to “shoot the guy who writes Valleywag.”
facebook  google  sheryl-sandberg 
10 days ago
Google Shut Out Privacy and Security Teams From Secret China Project
executives then shut out members of the company’s security and privacy team from key meetings about the search engine, the four people said, and tried to sideline a privacy review of the plan that sought to address potential human rights abuses.
google  china 
13 days ago
The Insect Apocalypse Is Here - The New York Times
“Nature’s resilient, but we’re pushing her to such extremes that eventually it will cause a collapse of the system.”
nature  environment 
14 days ago
The Crispr baby news was carefully orchestrated PR—until it all went wrong — Quartz
“The penalty to [He] as an academic, scientist, and entrepreneur in bioscience of doing something that’s made up is very high,” says Regalado. If He has committed fraud, he could be outcast from the scientific community from just like Hwang Woo-suk, the Korean scientist who was widely considered an innovator in his field of stem-cell research until other scientists exposed him for fabricating experiments
crispr  gene-editing  china  biotech 
14 days ago
Thanks by W. S. Merwin - Poems | Academy of American Poets
over telephones we are saying thank you
in doorways and in the backs of cars and in elevators
remembering wars and the police at the door
and the beatings on stairs we are saying thank you
poems  poetry 
15 days ago
Fake books sold on Amazon could be used for money laundering | Books | The Guardian
Books of gibberish are listed on Amazon.com for thousands of dollars, with one author claiming his name was used to send almost $24,000 to a fraudulent seller
amazon  money-laundering  fake 
15 days ago
Prime Now tips. : AmazonFlexDrivers
Amazon does not technically steal tips, but the end result is the same as if they did. They call it variable base pay.
amazon  gig-economy 
16 days ago
Are.na / Blog – The Global Village Coffeehouse Aesthetic
network of related aesthetics that emerged in the late 1980s and peaked in the mid 1990s, fading out of the collective consciousness sometime in the early 2000s.
16 days ago
What Amazon’s Black Friday shift is like for workers - Vox
It’s easy for Amazon to hire us because they know vets are willing to shut up and cooperate. In my opinion, Amazon is preying on the work-life balance issue that the military has, and feeds off the rigid order the Army teaches.
amazon  military  silicon-valley 
20 days ago
[Essay] The Gatekeepers by Mychal Denzel Smith | Harper's Magazine
“Black intellectuals,” Reed wrote, “need to address both black and white audiences, and those different acts of communication proceed from objectives that are distinct and often incompatible.”
gatekeeping  race  media 
22 days ago
"Screenwriting Is Really a Bastardized Form": The Writer Roundtable | Hollywood Reporter
SCHRADER I tell young writers, "Don't confuse screenwriting with writing. Screenwriting is part of the oral tradition, it's not part of the literary tradition.
writing  screenwriting  advice 
22 days ago
A Google intern's BigGAN AI makes super realistic images
“truncation trick” to create even more realistic images. This lowers the random numbers that the generator uses to create its images, essentially telling it to focus on getting really good at one type of image–like that of a cocker spaniel staring right at you–rather than generating a bunch of other types of images of cocker spaniels....“The bad news is that it used roughly enough energy to power Cleveland for the afternoon.”
biggan  gan  ai  machine-learning  images  google  DeepMind  data  energy 
23 days ago
Ford CEO frankly admits that the car of the future is a surveillance device that you pay to spy on you / Boing Boing
The issue in the vehicle, see, is: We already know and have data on our customers. By the way, we protect this securely; they trust us,” Hackett said. “We know what people make. How do we know that? It’s because they borrow money from us. And when you ask somebody what they make, we know where they work, you know. We know if they’re married. We know how long they’ve lived in their house because these are all on the credit applications. We’ve never ever been challenged on how we use that. And that’s the leverage we got here with the data.”
cars  driverless  data  surveillance 
23 days ago
Did you mean, "male lawyer"? On language translators and gender bias | Privacy SOS
“Dear Doctor” translated to “Querido Doctor,” masculine. “Hairdresser” translated to “peluquero” because, of course, only men are hairdressers. Housekeeper translated to “ama de casa,” which basically means “housewife.”
ai  gender  google  bias  language  translation 
24 days ago
Busy Philipps Talks ‘Trauma’ of Her ‘Blades of Glory’ Credit
As she anticipated, Craig fully attributed the idea of Blades of Glory to his brother Jeff, completely eliminating Philipps’ contributions. “That’s not what happened. I read that and I lost my shit,” she continued. “I sent him some very intense text messages and we had an exchange and he profusely apologized and he got Nerdist to change it.
25 days ago
Google Wants to Kill the URL | WIRED
the team is mulling its most controversial initiative yet: fundamentally rethinking URLs across the web.
25 days ago
Revisiting Mike Davis' case for letting Malibu burn
created not for “love of the great outdoors or frontier rusticity,” but rather as “thickets of privacy” against L.A.’s working classes and people of color.
california  wildfires  housing  development 
28 days ago
Privacy advocates sound the alarm after Google grabs DeepMind UK health app - The Verge
“At this stage our contracts have not moved to Google and nothing has changed in terms of where the data we process is stored. Nothing changes until Trusts consent and undertake any necessary engagement, including with patients.”
privacy  health  google  ai 
28 days ago
Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis - The New York Times
zuck: 60 percent of the voting shares

//“We’re not going to traffic in your personal life,” Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in an MSNBC interview. “Privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty.” (Mr. Cook’s criticisms infuriated Mr. Zuckerberg, who later ordered his management team to use only Android phones, since the operating system has far more users than Apple’s.)//
facebook  sesta 
28 days ago
Paradise Town Council meets, shattered by fire’s devastation but doing its duty - SFChronicle.com
Chico City Hall, where a white sticker was smoothed onto a first-floor office door that read: “Paradise Town Hall.”
california  community  government  wildfires 
28 days ago
Cooperation or Resistance?: The Role of Tech Companies in Government Surveillance - Harvard Law Review
Facebook received 32,716 requests for information from U.S. law enforcement between January 2017 and June 2017.1×
1. Government Requests: United States, January 2017–June 2017, Facebook: Transparency Rep., https://transparency.facebook.com/country/United%20States/2017-H1/ [https://perma.cc/LMH4-XB5N].
Show More
These requests covered 52,280 user accounts and included 19,393 search warrants and 7632 subpoenas.2×
2. Id.
In the same time period, Google received 16,823 requests regarding 33,709 accounts
surveillance  law  privacy  platforms 
28 days ago
At Netflix, Who Wins When It’s Hollywood vs. the Algorithm? - WSJ
"Some shows at risk of being canceled due to poor performance have gotten a reprieve because Netflix doesn’t want to damage relationships with key producers or actors." A useful deep dive into Netflix's internal debates over analytics vs. cred.
netflix  streaming  hollywood 
29 days ago
How David Mackenzie Salvaged Outlaw King After a Disastrous Premiere | IndieWire
“Outlaw King” that Netflix subscribers will get to see this Friday — the only “Outlaw King” the public will ever know — is a vivid reminder that good movies are often hiding inside bad ones
film  editing 
4 weeks ago
Opinion | The Newest Jim Crow - The New York Times
what’s taking the place of cash bail may prove even worse in the long run. In California, a presumption of detention will effectively replace eligibility for immediate release when the new law takes effect in October 2019. And increasingly, computer algorithms are helping to determine who should be caged and who should be set “free.”..mass incarceration itself was unimaginable just 40 years ago and that it was born partly out of well-intentioned reforms — chief among them mandatory sentencing laws that liberal proponents predicted would reduce racial disparities
prison  incarceration  algorithms  racism 
4 weeks ago
Buses, carpools stay idle in Dodge City as vote-suppression fears fail to materialize
“The national story doesn’t really appear to be the real story on the ground," said Edgar Pando, a Dodge City attorney who provides legal aid to low- and middle-income Kansans. "People sort of extrapolated a meaning that wasn’t there, outside looking in, and that seems to be the general consensus.”

As of early afternoon, only about 10 or 15 voters mistakenly showed up to the old Civic Center polling station in Dodge City, where get-out-the-vote organizers loitered in an empty parking lot, bashfully waiting for someone to help...The problem wasn’t a lack of buses. The problem is that the area’s Latino population has been “disenfranchised,”
midwest  voting  politics  elections 
5 weeks ago
Dystopias Now • Commune KIM STANLEY ROBINSON
I’ve been saying that science fiction works by a kind of double action, like the glasses people wear when watching 3D movies. One lens of science fiction’s aesthetic machinery portrays some future that might actually come to pass; it’s a kind of proleptic realism. The other lens presents a metaphorical vision of our current moment, like a symbol in a poem. Together the two views combine and pop into a vision of History, extending magically into the future.
dystopia  criticism  sci-fi 
5 weeks ago
LinkedIn co-founder says tech companies shouldn't be afraid of chaotic growth - CNN
Hoffman, who co-founded LinkedIn and was one of Facebook's first investors, details in his new book "Blitzscaling" how companies must continue to grow at chaotic speeds and take on risks to not only survive but evolve into modern, massive companies like Airbnb, Facebook and Uber.
linkedin  silicon-valley 
5 weeks ago
The CIA's communications suffered a catastrophic compromise
According to the former intelligence official, once the Iranian double agent showed Iranian intelligence the website used to communicate with his or her CIA handlers, they began to scour the internet for websites with similar digital signifiers or components — eventually hitting on the right string of advanced search terms to locate other secret CIA websites.
google  security  infosec  cia 
5 weeks ago
What happened to all the women in science fiction? - Chicago Tribune
Yaszek said Campbell and his circle of writers and proponents helped erect the glass ceiling that science fiction still wrestles with today. She said stories and ideas in his magazine were “stylistically sophisticated” — she doesn’t discount his hand in the development of a more thoughtful, literary approach to sci-fi — but in the end, Campbell constructs an anti-feminist cadre that turns off more female writers than it hires, discouraging many from the business. Later, when old issues become harder to find — this was pre-internet, remember — the best-known authors became the writers who appear in anthologies, often edited by those same editors who would exclude women.
sci-fi  fiction  gender 
5 weeks ago
How Facebook Failed To Build A Better Alexa (Or Siri)
The omission points to Facebook’s broader difficulties in turning innovative technology into products
alexa  facebook  voice  ai 
6 weeks ago
How Congress could rein in Google and Facebook - The Verge
Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) put out a white paper listing several suggestions for regulating tech, including one that would consider platforms as “information fiduciaries.” Basically, this would reclassify providers as bodies similar to those belonging to medicine, law, and finance, requiring social media platforms like Facebook to not act against the interests of its users.
internet  ethics  regulation  gdpr  facebook  congress  data 
6 weeks ago
Tales from the gig economy: Real people, real stories | HeraldScotland
What Alan experienced is something campaigners call bogus self-employment – a growing phenomenon in the UK where employers bring someone on as self-employed but treat them as if they were a member of staff. That means they get none of the perks of being staff – they have to pay their own tax and national insurance, and they don’t get sick pay or holiday pay – but all of the drawbacks. “When the bosses said jump, we had to say ‘how high?’,”Alan said
6 weeks ago
Apple’s Radical Approach to News: Humans Over Machines - The New York Times
They largely chose from a list of contenders compiled that morning by three editors in New York who pored over the home pages and mobile alerts of national news sites, as well as dozens of pitches from publications.
apple  news  media 
7 weeks ago
Larry Krasner’s Campaign to End Mass Incarceration | The New Yorker
“They are being forced to look back on their entire careers and say to themselves, Did I get it all wrong as a prosecutor? Have I gotten it all wrong as a judge? All these years coming down with twenty-five years when it should’ve been ten? And ten when it could’ve been two?” ...each time a prosecutor wanted to send somebody to prison, he had to calculate the cost of that imprisonment (an estimated forty-two thousand dollars per inmate per year), state it aloud in court, and explain the “unique benefits” of the punishment.
philadelphia  law  crime  justice  prisons 
7 weeks ago
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