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A Counterintuitive Way to Increase Diversity in Tech
I 100% endorse from @rachelnabors

Improving tech diversity was a huge motivator for my ret…
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march 2018 by joho
Building a Well System – Track Changes
Bottom 2/3 of goes for senior managers too. "Irony doesn't scale" is the big one I need to properly learn
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october 2017 by joho
What I Hear When You Tell Me Your Company Doesn’t Do Meetings
(used that new medium 👏 bullshit for the first time for this post, annoying but worth it)
management  culture 
august 2017 by joho
Applying the Universal Scalability Law to organisations | the morning paper
is a great way to think about structuring your teams and decision making processes to scale
culture  management 
august 2017 by joho

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