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Information literacy strategies and student agency: Connecting the dots with “dissection” activities | ACRLog
I’ve mentioned before (like here, here, and here, for example) that I’ve been trying to get students to think metacognitively about the strategy of their work. Such a lens helps students turn a concrete experience into a framework of best practices for their future application. (via Pocket)
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march 2016 by johnxlibris
New media are not supportive of critical thinking and conscious selection of information. Literacies of our age stress critical thinking and take many forms. Despite differences and similarities among information literacy, media literacy and digital literacy, all of them have to differentiate between amateur and professional contents produced in new media. Similarly to the traditional division of labor among libraries, the needs behind amateurism and professionalism have to be satisfied differently.
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january 2011 by johnxlibris
Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching
Written by a group of subject librarians at Cardiff University to support their colleagues in Information Services as they developed their information literacy teaching
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may 2010 by johnxlibris
Project Information Literacy
Project Information Literacy is a national study about early adults and their information-seeking behaviors, competencies, and the challenges they face when conducting research in the digital age.
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