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Where are all my fonts?!?!? – Librarian Design Share
Take a break from your Friday procrastiworking to join me as I lament the loss of my entire custom font library! Last week my work computer was reformatted, updated to Yosemite OS, and endowed with the entire Adobe Creative Suite (thank you, Jon in IT). (via Pocket)
february 2016 by johnxlibris
The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing
Choosing one typeface isn’t so hard, but how do you choose a pair, or maybe three? Whether you know it or not, different font combinations create different styles for your designs. (via Pocket)
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january 2016 by johnxlibris
So You Need A Typface
Flow chart that helps you select a font for a specific project
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april 2010 by johnxlibris

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