PWABuilder - App Image Generator
Quickly and easily create app icons for various platforms in the right size and format
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8 days ago
Introduction - Pact
Pact is a contract testing tool. Contract testing is a way to ensure that services (such as an API provider and a client) can communicate with each other. Without contract testing, the only way to know that services can communicate is by using expensive and brittle integration tests.
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9 days ago
Frontend Armory
Level up your JavaScript through interactive exercises and examples.
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12 days ago
A drop-in library for adding handsfree interfaces to any website, service, and Internet of Thing. Runs on any device that supports getUserMedia()

Powered by BRFv4 and TensorFlow.js

🎨 Try It
Smile wide to start a click and make a normal face to release it. Lean in and back to adjust brush size. Try the Handsfree Drawing Starter Kit on Glitch.
machine-learning  javascript 
19 days ago
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