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Digital Polarization on Pinterest - YouTube
Mike Caulfield shows how the items that are suggested change as you show interest in Pinterest pins. I think I’ll stick to pinboard.
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december 2017 by johnjohnston
Something is wrong on the internet
> one of the traditional roles of branded content is that it is a trusted source. Whether it’s Peppa Pig on children’s TV or a Disney movie, whatever one’s feelings about the industrial model of entertainment production, they are carefully produced and monitored so that kids are essentially safe watching them, and can be trusted as such. This no longer applies when brand and content are disassociated by the platform, and so known and trusted content provides a seamless gateway to unverified and potentially harmful content.
There seems to be a myriad of weird videos automatically or semi-automatically created videos earning money
Children  internet  youtube 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
YouTube Player API Reference for iframe Embeds  |  YouTube IFrame Player API  |  Google Developers
The IFrame player API lets you embed a YouTube video player on your website and control the player using JavaScript. Unlike the Flash and JavaScript player APIs, which both involve embedding a Flash object on your web page, the IFrame API posts content to an <iframe> tag on your page. This approach provides more flexibility than the previously available APIs since it allows YouTube to serve an HTML5 player rather than a Flash player for mobile devices that do not support Flash.
youtube  api 
march 2016 by johnjohnston
ccSubs: Download Subtitles & Closed Captions for Videos & Movies
site for getting subtitle/captions, just paste a youtube url in the search
subtitles  youtube 
november 2015 by johnjohnston
Jiffy: The GIF Creating Plugin - Chrome Web Store
Jiffy is an extension that turns parts of YouTube videos into GIF images that you can then share with your friends, post on social media, whatever you want
youtube  gifs  animatedgifs  google  googlechrome  animatedgif 
october 2014 by johnjohnston
Levinux - YouTube
Playlist about levinux
Levinux (~15 MB) is a tiny virtual Linux server that runs from USB or Dropbox with a double-click (no install) from the desktop of a Mac, Windows or Linux PC—making it the perfect learning environment, and a great way to run & keep your code safe for life!
virtual  linux  server  learning  coding  youtube  video 
june 2013 by johnjohnston
get-flash-videos - A command line program to download flash videos - Google Project Hosting
Download videos from various Flash-based video hosting sites, without having to use the Flash player. Handy for saving videos for watching offline, and means you don't have to keep upgrading Flash for sites that insist on a newer version of the player.
Video  download  flash  youtube 
march 2013 by johnjohnston
YouTube - Editing to the Beat in iMovie '09
This tutorial shows you how to use the beat markers in iMovie '09 to create a slide show.
imovie  imovie09  youtube 
september 2010 by johnjohnston
Evom - Convert and Download Videos to iTunes
Convert your movies and download flash videos from the internet. Download internet videos (YouTube™ and more) to iTunes and iPod.
apple  application  conversion  convert  flash  video  youtube  osx  freeware 
september 2010 by johnjohnston
YouTube - Noteboek
wonderful animation of a notebook (computer) inside a notebook (paper)
video  animation  fun  youtube  movie 
july 2009 by johnjohnston
Educational Videos for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English
cataloging the best free online educational videos from across the Internet at one place. We watch and review each and every video to ensure they are safe and appropriate for K-12 kids. We also check the accuracy of the content and catalog it under the relevant categories and topics.
--some youtube content which I guess will be blocked--
education  video  children  classroom  youtube 
june 2009 by johnjohnston
YouTube - オオカミとブタ。Stop motion with wolf and pig.
"At first I photographed stop motion animation. And I displayed the photographs in my room and photographed it again. I used 1,300 printed pictures. Enjoy a connection with the world of the room and the world in the photograph. Thanks for watching.Some musicians add music on my video and reupload it. Thank you very much." --Wonderful stop motion animation--
video  photo  animation  youtube  stopmotion  fun 
april 2009 by johnjohnston
converts video for iPod appleTV etc
video  OSX  tools  youtube  convert  media  ipod  movies  shareware  conversion 
october 2008 by johnjohnston
Splicd · Get Straight To The Point
Splicd allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues ==nice minimalist interface too--
youtube  webservice  mashup  video  free  Web2.0 
october 2008 by johnjohnston
ToobPlayer 1.0.0 - Download
flash yuotube palyer needs flash 8
code  fla  Flash  flv  player  youtube  video  free 
july 2008 by johnjohnston
YouTube - A Fair(y) Use Tale
explaination of copyright and fair use via disney clips
youtube  video  copyright  mashup  fun  teaching 
april 2008 by johnjohnston
YouTube - The Lament For A Lost Dinner Ticket
--Thanks to Ewan's Mammy for reminding me of this poem, nice youtube version--
poetry  scots  children  video  youtube 
september 2007 by johnjohnston
--UK kids blog for his (?) art work, links to ofkilter youtube claymation animations, the fighting blobs one is pretty gruesome and funny.--
blog  children  youtube 
august 2007 by johnjohnston
YouTube - Scratch Intro Facilitorial
Youtube video to introduce Scratch, children would really love this, lots ofthe the video looks as if it has been made with Scratch.
scratch  children  classroom  programming  youtube  video 
august 2007 by johnjohnston
Misty in Roots John Peel Session
1983 (I'm not much of a music lover but I loved the 'live at the counter eurovision 1979' album)
reggae  mistyinroots  youtube 
august 2007 by johnjohnston Creating MyTube with Flex and PHP
How can you use technologies such as PHP, Flash, and Adobe Flex™ to build your own video sharing site? Turns out, it's a lot easier than you think.
Flash  flex  mysql  Video  youtube  php  tutorial 
july 2007 by johnjohnston

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