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“Slowmation” (abbreviated from ‘Slow Motion Animation’) is a new yet simplified form of stop-motion animation that engages university and school students in using technology to create their own animations of science concepts. These learner-generated digital animations can be enhanced with narration, labels and real-life photos.
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may 2009 by johnjohnston
SAM Animation Home Page
"SAM Animation is a software platform that allows the user to make stop-action movies using a USB or fire-wire real-time (i.e. web camera or webcam) and whatever props the user desires. The software is both Mac and PC compatible and free to all users willing to register with SAM originally stood for "Stop-action Movies", but we now refer it exclusively as SAM Animation. " --looks like a good tool has green screen facility.--
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may 2009 by johnjohnston
Array 1.3
Array is an easy to use animation program. If you know the children's toy Lite Brite, where you poke colored pegs through a back lit screen, Array is the same idea using multiple screens to create animation.
The simple interface makes it easy for anyone to create at least simple animation. You can export your creation as a Flash file.
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march 2009 by johnjohnston

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