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Beyond Current Horizons : 6 Future scenarios | Technology, children, schools and families
These scenarios have been developed with leading social scientists to provide insights into the different possibilities that might face education in the future. They are not predictions. Instead, they are stories of three different possible futures, imagining how the world could look after 2025, in order to challenge assumptions and stimulate thinking about the present.
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july 2011 by johnjohnston
Guardian launches Open Platform service to make online content available free |
The Guardian today launched Open Platform, a service that will allow partners to reuse content and data for free and weave it "into the fabric of the internet".

Open Platform launched with two separate content-sharing services, which will allow users to build their own applications in return for carrying Guardian advertising.
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march 2009 by johnjohnston
edutagger - K-12 Social Bookmarking / Popular
edutagger is a social bookmarking service for K-12 learners and educators, allowing you to store your web links online and share them with others, all within an educational context.
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september 2008 by johnjohnston
Five Ways to Use Social Media to Reach People Who Don't Use Social Media - ReadWriteWeb
Are you the only person at work who likes to read blogs? Is it your job to sell things to people who would probably throw you out of their offices if you said the word "twitter?" Are you trying to reach audiences who've never visited a social networking website because they've heard those sites are used by no one but virus peddlers, sex fiends and 14 year old losers?
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september 2008 by johnjohnston
Home - World Simulation
The World Simulation is a massive experiment in teaching Introduction to Cultural Anthropology launched in Fall 2004 by Michael Wesch and 400 students at Kansas State University.
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july 2008 by johnjohnston
The City Learning Centre, Oldham
his case study explores the use of a free social networking tool used with year 7 pupils at Kaskenmoor High School. Initially the project came about as a result of the school struggling to get momentum using video conferencing with a partner school in Cai
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july 2008 by johnjohnston
Ning | Home: Front Page
Ning is a free online service - or Playground - for you to build and run your own social applications. Social apps let anyone match, transact, and communicate with other people.
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november 2005 by johnjohnston

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