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YunoHost is a server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone. • YunoHost
YunoHost is a server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone run on old box or raspberry pi
hosting  linux  server  Raspberrypi 
april 2017 by johnjohnston
GNU MediaGoblin offers what you've been missing in an Internet media-sharing system — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
GNU MediaGoblin project in its fundraising effort. MediaGoblin's volunteer team is working on a next-generation social web system where users will share their experiences through photos, videos and audio, all without running proprietary software. This project is ambitious, not just because it will support multiple media types, but also because it will use a special new network system called federation, which unifies a group of separately-owned servers into a single interface for the user. This means that anyone wishing to start a MediaGoblin server will be able to do so, optionally customizing the code to their needs and offering unique options to users.
media  server  federated 
july 2014 by johnjohnston
stackp — Droopy: easy file receiving
Droopy is a mini Web server whose sole purpose is to let others upload files to your computer.
filesharing  python  server  web 
june 2014 by johnjohnston
FREE Minecraft Server Hosting on OpenShift | Planet JBoss Community
players all need to install the rhc app and do port forwarding, probably put a lot of folk off.
minecraft  server 
april 2014 by johnjohnston
I'm really interested in the possibilities of Arkos: . Easily host your own sites, cloud, etc.
cloud  raspberrypi  server  from twitter_favs
december 2013 by johnjohnston
Levinux - YouTube
Playlist about levinux
Levinux (~15 MB) is a tiny virtual Linux server that runs from USB or Dropbox with a double-click (no install) from the desktop of a Mac, Windows or Linux PC—making it the perfect learning environment, and a great way to run & keep your code safe for life!
virtual  linux  server  learning  coding  youtube  video 
june 2013 by johnjohnston
The Ultimate Guide to .htaccess Files - Nettuts+
This tutorial aims to break through this confusion by focusing on examples and thorough descriptions. Among the benefits of learning .htaccess configuration is automatic gzipping of your content, providing friendlier URLs, preventing hotlinking, improving caching, and more.
tutorial  server  htaccess  webdev 
may 2009 by johnjohnston
Home — Podcast Producer Community
"community site discussing Apple Inc.'s suite of software tools for manufacturing podcasts. Apple's Podcast Producer solution comprises both server and client software to build sophisticated media capture, processing and publishing systems"
osx  podcast  podcasting  podcastproducer  server  AppleWikiServer 
april 2009 by johnjohnston
Flash Extensions - Training and Solutions for the Flash Platform
We provide training, products and community forums for Flash and Flex. We provide training surrounding the Adobe Flash Platform (Flash and Flex). We also provide products to make development easier and fun! Below are sections to get you started. <b>Read5
actionscript  web  red5  server  tutorial 
october 2006 by johnjohnston
Open Source Flash - red5
Red5 is a server that not only streams content to the Flash plugin, but it can push calls and information to the Flash client! It can also receive video/audio/data from a flash client and either save or rebroadcast that content.
flash  opensource  php  programming  server  video  audio 
april 2006 by johnjohnston
MAMP - by webEdition
The abbreviation MAMP stands for: Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP.
With just a few mouse-clicks, you can install Apache, PHP and MySQL for Mac OS X!
mac  OSX  web  server 
march 2005 by johnjohnston

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