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Pyonkee - Visual Programming with iPad
>Pyonkee is a real visual-programming environment for iPad. It is based on Scratch from the MIT Media Lab.
>Projects made for Scratch are compatible with Pyonkee.
looks interesting. I *think* pyonkee is based on Scratch 1.4?
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march 2018 by johnjohnston
Physical Computing With Scratch | Raspberry Pi Projects
>The version of Scratch included with the Raspberry Pi has a number of unique features; one of the most useful is its ability to communicate with the GPIO pins (General Purpose Input Output). These pins allow you to connect your Raspberry Pi to a range of devices, from lights and motors to buttons and sensors. The original Raspberry Pi had a 26-pin header and newer models (B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, etc) have a 40-pin header, but this workshop will work with any model.

I’ve generally failed with any raspberry pi stuff that involves extra hardware beyond a camera this might help.
scratch  classroom  Raspberrypi 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Simple Scratch intruder alarm « Blog My Wiki!
> uses any old Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and some parts you’d find in a CamJam EduKit or similar: an LED, a resistor, a push-button switch, a buzzer and a Passive Infra Red (PIR) movement sensor wired up

Looks like it might be a nice we project for school.
scratch  classroom  Raspberrypi 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Coding using Scratch and Kodu | STEM
A selection of activities which support the teaching of coding using Scratch and Kodu at primary level.
scratch  kodu  coding  codingforkids 
january 2016 by johnjohnston
Scratch Wiki - Scratch Wiki
The Scratch Wiki is a free, collaboratively-written wiki that provides information about the Scratch programming language and its website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. The wiki is supported by the Scratch Team, but is primarily written by Scratchers. The Scratch Wiki is a popular source of information for scripts and tutorials, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it as their primary source of information.
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may 2013 by johnjohnston
SNAP! (Build Your Own Blocks)
> scratch like html5 interface works on iPad.
> You get a broadly inviting programming language for kids and adults that’s also a platform for serious study of computer science
children  code  language  programming  scratch 
april 2013 by johnjohnston
Questioning Coding | Oliver Quinlan
A lot of the children I was working with were quite familiar with Scratch, when I saw them present on what they had been doing I realised that some of them were far more familiar with it than I was. They started with the default project in Scratch, which consists of a cartoon cat stood in the middle of the screen. I asked them if they could make the cat run around, and they did so quite easily. Next I asked if they could create a dog character, which they also did quite easily, and here it got interesting…
april 2013 by johnjohnston
Literacy from Scratch
Literacy from Scratch” is a response to the United Kingdom (UK) government’s initiative to develop computer programming skills in both the Primary phase of education (pupils aged 5 to 11) and the Secondary phase (aged 11 to 18).

Explore the website to find out how postgraduate students from London and Prague and schools in the UK and the Czech Republic have risen to this challenge.

The site also contains a variety of pupil work using IT in cross-curricular sessions in the UK and other countries, including Stories for Children, and the STAR (Science Through Arts) project.
april 2013 by johnjohnston
A project to introduce students to computational thinking through interactive problem solving activities in Scratch
march 2013 by johnjohnston
scratchstuff - home
This Wiki was created to support teachers during a 2 hour SCRATCH workshop includes links to paper and video tuts
scratch  classroom  ict  tutorial  tutorials  worksheets 
march 2013 by johnjohnston
The Royal Society of Edinburgh | An Introduction to Computing Science
The resource introduces learners to Computing Science via MIT’s ‘Scratch’ programming environment. Since its launch, Scratch has received widespread acclaim as an ideal environment through which to introduce learners to computer programming and computational thinking.
As well as lessons, exercises and sample answers, this resource contains suggested supplementary activities and inter-disciplinary learning opportunities.
scratch  classroom 
december 2012 by johnjohnston
Scratch mindmap
links to Scratch Projects has good worksheets
scratch  classroom  tutorials  worksheets  from iphone
october 2012 by johnjohnston
Betchablog - Scratch
Teaching kids to think using Scratch Cards and resource
education  animation  howto  scratch  from delicious
may 2011 by johnjohnston
ScratchEd Resources -Beginner
lotos of printable resources for getting started
scratch  classroom  projects  game  gamemaking 
april 2010 by johnjohnston
How to Create a Pong Game in Scratch
presentation (google docs) on step by step guide to making a pong game in Scratch
scratch  classroom  creativity  games 
august 2009 by johnjohnston
Samorost, Twitter & Scratch – Part 2 - The FordLog
part 2 writing stimulated by Samorost and published in scratch projects, inspiring post from Peter Ford
Samorost  twitter  scratch  blogpost  classroom  writing  literacy 
june 2009 by johnjohnston
Samorost, Twitter and Scratch – Part 1 - The FordLog
"Creative writing stimulated by the Samorost 2 online game, edited in the Twitterverse, with an introduction to Scratch programming thrown in for good measure, proved a fun and rewarding combination. The activities were carried out with Year Five and Six pupils"
Samorost  twitter  scratch  blogpost  classroom  writing  literacy 
june 2009 by johnjohnston
Scratch Board on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A scratchboard, this can be used to data harvest when using scratch. You can get sound volume, light, resistance and there is a slider. Photo has notes.
scratchboard  scratch  children  classroom  programming 
august 2007 by johnjohnston
YouTube - Scratch Intro Facilitorial
Youtube video to introduce Scratch, children would really love this, lots ofthe the video looks as if it has been made with Scratch.
scratch  children  classroom  programming  youtube  video 
august 2007 by johnjohnston
OLPC News: Learning Squeak from Scratch
Blog about scratch, some interesting discussion about weather it is 'real' programming or not in the comments. Looks like most people think it is.
scratch  learning  programming 
july 2007 by johnjohnston

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