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REST API Link Manager |
Allow Links from the Link Manager to be manipulated and retrieved using the REST API.

This plugin makes the following endpoints available:

/wp-json/wp/v2/links – List details for all links, or create a new link.
/wp-json/wp/v2/links/<id> – List details for a particular link ID, update a link, or delete a link.
WordPress  plugin  links  opml  RESTAPI 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
Ultimate Category Excluder |
>Ultimate Category Excluder, abbreviated as UCE, is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, feeds, and searches. Just select which categories you want to be excluded, and UCE does all the work for you!
WordPress  categories  plugin 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
HowTo: WordPress Plugin Supplied Templates for Custom Post Types | An Action A Day
HowTo: WordPress Plugin Supplied Templates for Custom Post Types
While prototyping a WordPress plugin I’m writing, I experimented with supplying default templates to display pages related to a custom post type. This is accomplished using the template_redirect action API. If the following technique is not used, any special templates a plugin provides would need to be copied to the active theme, making plugin installation more complex than necessary.
howto  tutorial  wordpress  development  plugin  pagetemplate 
november 2016 by johnjohnston
How to write a WordPress plugin – Francis Yaconiello – Application Programmer
How to write a WordPress plugin

I’ve noticed that a bunch of the how-to-write-a-plugin articles out there focus on demonstrating the minimum amount of code needed to get a plugin going. Not many focus on good plugin structure or convention. This tutorial explains how to create a class based WordPress plugin that makes sense.
plugin  tutorial  wordpress 
august 2016 by johnjohnston
Add Multimedia to Your Website with One Click –
Enhance your blog posts and articles with interactive videos, images, Wikipedia, maps and more from 50+ sources without making readers leave the page.
media  plugin  wordpress  mashup  blogging  web2.0  aggregator  widget 
november 2009 by johnjohnston
Cooliris Developers
how to get cooliris onto your site flickr api stuff
web  webdesign  api  gallery  plugin 
october 2008 by johnjohnston
WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin - Download Squad
plugin that can automatically upgrade your WordPress blog
wordpress  plugin  blog  blogging 
april 2008 by johnjohnston
WPMU Sitewide Feed at IT Damager
This plugin generates three RSS 2.0 feeds comprising of posts, comments, and pages across all blogs on your WPMU powered site.
wordpress  RSS  wpmu  plugin 
august 2007 by johnjohnston

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