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Create & Innovate with Keynote
Pile of resources for keynote in classroom
classroom  keynote  Mac  iOS  ipad 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
One Tap Less | Library
A collection of apps with x-callback-url support and their documentations
ios  workflow  automation  urlscheme  productivity 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
Controlling a Raspberry Pi via SSH | Rosemary Orchard
one of the many links I am finding via This has info for controlling a pi from iOS Workflow app.
Raspberrypi  iOS  workflow 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Pyonkee - Visual Programming with iPad
>Pyonkee is a real visual-programming environment for iPad. It is based on Scratch from the MIT Media Lab.
>Projects made for Scratch are compatible with Pyonkee.
looks interesting. I *think* pyonkee is based on Scratch 1.4?
scratch  ios  classroom  Computing 
march 2018 by johnjohnston
SPARKvue on the App Store
SPARKvue 2 brings live data sharing to our popular sensor-based data collection, visualization and analysis application for STEM learning. In addition to collecting data on your own iPhone and iPad, SPARKvue now supports live sharing of sensor data with anyone else--on any other phone, tablet, Mac or Windows computer.
BETT2016  datalogging  ios  app 
january 2016 by johnjohnston
Send files to other devices over wifi in browser
january 2016 by johnjohnston
Vidyo! on the App Store
Vidyo is the ultimate solution to capturing your screen, device audio or in fact any capture input available on your device (eg. camera, mic).
iOS  screencapture 
january 2016 by johnjohnston
bossjock studio | Podcast from iOS, no PC needed.
Record a podcast while triggering intros/outros, bumpers and background music all on-the-fly
Audiobus support: Receive live audio directly to bossjock studio from other Audiobus-compatible apps and stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps!
Dynamics processing (Compression/Limiting) is applied to the mic and mix for loud, level audio
Up to 35 audio carts duck and fade behind the mic for dynamic sound and smooth transitions
Audio is Podcast ready, no need for post production
Load carts with audio from your Music Library, Dropbox, Email, Wifi or AudioPaste from other music apps
forblog  ios  app  podcasting 
august 2015 by johnjohnston
How to Add Icons to iPhone, iPad & Android to Your Website
Many sites currently add a favicon before launch that is visible in your user’s browser tabs and bookmarks, but lots of sites are still missing icons for iOS. By adding an iOS icon, anyone who decides to save your webpage to the home screen of their iPhone, iPad, or Android* will see a nice app-like icon rather than an image of your page.
webdev  mobile  android  ios 
august 2015 by johnjohnston
Hopscotch for iPad | doug --- off the record
Some good links on the pages as well.

One of the playthings that I’ve been poking about with is Hopscotch for the iPad. You’re not going to mistake this for another productivity language and that’s not its goal. The goal is to bring a programming environment for the younger, beginning programmer to the iPad. I think it does it nicely. There are some enhancements that are coming and you can read about them on the developer blog.
hopscotch  ios  coding  classroom 
may 2013 by johnjohnston
Jumping the Good Ship Android | Technoteaching
When we initially evaluated the mobile platforms early in 2012, the word was that Glow 2 was going to be built around Google Apps. It seemed to me at the time that Android / Google Apps integration would be a sensible way to go forward. Of course, as it turned out Google pulled the plug on their Glow bid at the 11th hour and we are now awaiting a solution based on MS365. It’s not a critical problem, but it was one of the advantages that Android had going for it at the time, and it’s not one it has now. However Android has become a serious contender to iOS in my opinion, and it’s certainly a viable mobile OS for the classroom. Google Play meets our needs and it’s easy enough to download and install apps. The question is, does Android and Android hardware give us the best solution?

As things stand right now, I think that the answer is no, and that after much consideration iPad / iOS is the platform which best meets the needs of our secondary learners. There are two fundamental reasons why I believe we need to change from Android tablets to iPads this year:
ios  ipad  android  121 
april 2013 by johnjohnston
Safari Developer Library
apples guide to webdev for safari useful ref
ios  safari  webdev  mobilesafari 
march 2013 by johnjohnston
Typing Special Characters on iOS
A way to type special chars in iOS. ⌘
Specialchars  ios 
march 2013 by johnjohnston
jtest | ShamblesPAD
TEXT ONLY ... no images.

It is built using the open source software Etherpad
and is provided to you for free, sponsored by Shamblesguru though it would be
brilliant if you could make a donation towards the hosting costs

No time limit has been set for any of these Pads to be deleted ... but it is advisable to copy and paste
important contents of a Pad into e.g. Word or Pages or a text editor on your own hard-drive.
Or use the export tools in the top right corner (the opposing arrows) ... BACK-IT-UP!

This version of ShamblesPAD now works correctly on iOS devices iPad, iPhone etc. (before it just would not scroll)
etherpad  collaboration  ios 
march 2013 by johnjohnston
The Action Page — The Axx
A collection of the latest news and actions regarding iOS automation.
iOS  automation 
march 2013 by johnjohnston
Refresh: The Platform
Device comparison kindle, android, iOS
iOS  classroom  iPad  mobile 
january 2013 by johnjohnston
The Power of Pythonista 1.2
Post about Python editor for iOS focuses on getting things, eg r seize images, done on iOS.
Python  iOS  pythonista 
november 2012 by johnjohnston
The iPad mini Dividing Line
Reason for sticking with bigger iPad. Creation vs consumption.
iPad  ipadmini  iOS 
november 2012 by johnjohnston
iMovie for iPad – Storyboard help sheets for trailers | Tech-Info-Maths T.I.M.
I thought that it would be useful if a trailer could be planned in advance, rather than shoot footage and hope that there was enough of the various types of scenes to fit the trailer templates. I know that we should design a trailer around our content, but it is also nice to be able to create one quickly from the templates.

These sheets will also be useful if there is limited access to iPads. The pupils can discuss their ideas and gather their footage before going on to use iMovie.
imovie  ipad  trailer  storyboard  ios  imovieresource 
november 2012 by johnjohnston
Chad Kafka - iPad in Education
Chad Kafka
Teacher & Tech Coach
 Distinguished Educator
Google Certified Teacher
intro to iOS course
classroom  iOS  ipad  from delicious
march 2012 by johnjohnston
iEngage : Lessons
Getting started with mobile devices in the classroom while exciting requires proper planning, practices and processes. To assist with this, SVUSD lead teachers created a series of lessons to use in your first few days of mobile devices teaching.
iOS  classroom  lessons  iPad  from delicious
march 2012 by johnjohnston
APPitic - 1,300+ EDUapps
APPitic is a directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) to help you transform teaching and learning. These apps have been tested in a variety of different grade levels, instructional strategies and classroom settings.
apps  ipad  education  iphone  iOS  ADE  classroom  from delicious
december 2011 by johnjohnston
Ambitious iOS Apps - Google Docs
Fraser Speirs collaborative gdoc on iOs apps that pust he boundries
ios  iphone  ipad  apps  from delicious
october 2011 by johnjohnston
Bloomin' iPad by Kathy Schrock
Below you will find links to iPad applications that target the various levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.<br />
I only included free apps that were "content-neutral" to make them usable across the curriculum. I also tried to include apps for the iPad only, but a few iPhone apps may have snuck in!
apple  ipad  apps  bloomstaxonomy  ios  classroom  from delicious
july 2011 by johnjohnston
Baker Ebook Framework
Baker is an HTML5 ebook framework to publish on the iPad using open web standards
app  html5  ipad  mobile  xcode  epub  ios 
november 2010 by johnjohnston

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