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Free Transparent PNG Images, Stickers
StickPNG is a vibrant community of creative people sharing transparent PNG images which you can download for free and use in your personal projects. Browse our categories below to find clipart with no background or curated cut out photos.
graphics  images  clipart  free 
december 2016 by johnjohnston
Three MEELLION satellite snaps now free for all • The Register
NASA and Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry have announced that all Earth imaging data from the ASTER instrument on NASA's Terra spacecraft are now free-as-in-beer.

ASTER – the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Radiation radiometer – was Japan's contribution to the instruments aboard Terra, and it's been collecting images since late 1999.
free  earth  images  space 
april 2016 by johnjohnston
Iconset:simple-icons icons - Download 134 free & premium icons on Iconfinder
simple icons black and white/trans social media nad onservices
The Simple Icons set is distributed by Dan Leech under the <a href="">Free Art License</a>. Company logos in icons are copyright of their respective owners.
icons  graphics  free 
october 2015 by johnjohnston
free  photography  space  stock 
april 2015 by johnjohnston
Commons:Free media resources/Video - Wikimedia Commons
List of videos that could be used in class, edited etc. Perhaps food for iMovie trailers
free  video  creativecommons  imovieresource 
november 2012 by johnjohnston
Free simple icons for your next project.
svg & png
icons  free  clipart 
september 2012 by johnjohnston
lotf of graphic clipart style fonts for free
Clipart  clip  graphics  webdesign  free  fonts  from delicious
december 2011 by johnjohnston
Welcome to the Cassiopeia Project
project to supply high quality science videos to edu
education  video  free  online  science  from delicious
august 2011 by johnjohnston
Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads.  The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America.  Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.Every mp3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era.  These uses vary and are determined by the rightsholders themselves 
mp3  creativecommons  music  free  from delicious
july 2011 by johnjohnston
Free Icons, PNG Files, Graphics, XP Icons, Vista Icons, Mac Icons, Linux Icons
Getty Icons is a categorized collection of icons. We have more than 3000 icons and more than 500 icon sets in our website in png, ico, icns and buddy icon format. <br />
Copyright of icons belong to original authors. Public usage license can be found with each icon set page.
images  web  free  icons  graphics  from delicious
june 2011 by johnjohnston
GetSimple CMS - No MySQL Needed, 5-Minute Setup, Plugins, Themes & Documentation
he Simplest Content Management System EverGetSimple has everything your client needs, and nothing a CMS doesn't
webdev  free  php  xml  flatfile  from delicious
june 2011 by johnjohnston
bevevans22's posterous - Home
bevevans22 is posting great  clip art every day. 
clipart  blog  free  images  image  from delicious
february 2011 by johnjohnston
tons of elegant  free black & white icon/graphics 
icons  free  graphics 
december 2010 by johnjohnston
All of the Best Free WordPress Themes You Need | Web Resources | WebAppers
We have collected the following All of the Best Free WordPress Themes You Need. You can use them on any topics or purposes free free
wordpress  theme  free  blogging 
september 2010 by johnjohnston
Presentations ETC Homepage
Free presentation resources for students & teachers!
20,000+ Backgrounds to choose from
education  free  keynote  template  theme 
april 2010 by johnjohnston
MapSkip - Places Have Stories!
MapSkip makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos.
web2.0  free  google  mashup  googlemaps  maps  geography  geotagging  photography  story  classroom  adecon09 
october 2009 by johnjohnston
My Avatar Editor
online avatar editor, with download-able AIR version (via Joe Dale's blog)
flash  free  fun  avatar  classroom  graphics  generator 
august 2009 by johnjohnston
Show Me
Games and fun for kids from UK museums, galleries, heritage and science centres
education  free  games  art  online  history  literacy  science  geography  interactive  classroom 
august 2009 by johnjohnston
Lit2Go: MP3 Stories and Poems
Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format. You can: Download the files to your Mp3 player and listen on the go,
Listen to the Mp3 files on your computer,
View the text on a webpage and read along as you listen,
Print out the stories and poems to make your own book.
podcast  audio  free  literacy  reading  ipod  literature  classroom  iTunes 
july 2009 by johnjohnston
Soungle - A simple way to search for sounds
Soungle is a free site, developed by Southern Codes, for finding all kind of sound FX and musical instruments samples on our mega online library. As different from most of similar sites, Soungle is NOT a Web search engine. It only searches in our growing monster database. Our goals are to keep it simple to use (search, preview and download) and to keep it free.
sound  search  multimedia  free  soundeffects  podcasting  audio 
july 2009 by johnjohnston
Resources - CLC Podcasting
podcasting resources, sound effects, background music etc
free  resources  audio  music  podsafe  podcasting 
june 2009 by johnjohnston
Servoy - smart technology for smart clients
"Create iPhone Apps Without Writing Code.
We've created a Servoy example file that you can use to create iPhone web applications with zero lines of code. "
iphone  development  apps  free  software 
may 2009 by johnjohnston
PhotoRec - CGSecurity
PhotoRec is file data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from Hard Disks and CDRom and lost pictures (thus, its 'Photo Recovery' name) from digital camera memory. PhotoRec ignores the filesystem and goes after the underlying data, so it will still work even if your media's filesystem has been severely damaged or re-formatted.
PhotoRec is free, this open source multi-platform application is distributed under GNU Public License.
--looks handy for pulling files of duff drives--
free  software  opensource  tool  unix  utility  backup 
may 2009 by johnjohnston
NEN Gallery : Home
Pictures sound and video, free for Educational use: " All the resources in this Gallery have been provided freely for Educational use only. These ARE NOT copyright free: the copyright in the resource is retained by the resource owner and any commercial use is explicitly excluded."
free  images  audio  video  photo  clipart  classroom 
may 2009 by johnjohnston
fd's Flickr Toys: Do fun stuff with your photos
make lots of useful stuf fwith flickr and other images
Web2.0  free  flickr  mashup  images  generator  photo  online 
october 2008 by johnjohnston
Splicd · Get Straight To The Point
Splicd allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues ==nice minimalist interface too--
youtube  webservice  mashup  video  free  Web2.0 
october 2008 by johnjohnston
Atmosphir - Free Video Game / Creation Tool for Mac and PC
Atmosphir is a free video game / creation tool for Mac & PC. Design mode lets you create enormous 3D platforming levels filled with fun gameplay elements like power-ups and fireballs, while Play mode lets you explore through the thousands of diverse user-created challenges being uploaded every day.
free  Software  Games  3D  gaming  game 
september 2008 by johnjohnston Where photo reference lives.
'All images are really free and they can be used in your commercial projects without permission or credit from the photogrpaher. Although selling prints, selling the images directly or claiming the photo is yours is prohibited. '
images  photo  free  clipart  graphics  copyrightfree 
august 2008 by johnjohnston
Audio Book – Rockford's Rock Opera
Eco story/podcast with lesson plans across curriculum
audio  download  education  free  literacy  primary 
july 2008 by johnjohnston
ToobPlayer 1.0.0 - Download
flash yuotube palyer needs flash 8
code  fla  Flash  flv  player  youtube  video  free 
july 2008 by johnjohnston . home
cc photos, coe for blog insertion could be good for school.
clipart  creativecommons  free  gallery  photo 
may 2008 by johnjohnston
CushyCMS - Take the work out of managing content
You define what's editable and Cushy will take care of the rest. Automagically handling text, html and images.
cms  design  free  services  Web2.0  webdev 
april 2008 by johnjohnston | Free Image Collections for Web Designers
We offer free, high quality image collections that can be use in both personal and commercial web design projects.
clipart  design  download  free  images  library  webdev 
march 2008 by johnjohnston
Open Clip Art Library Drawing Together
project aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art that can be freely used. All graphics submitted to the project should be placed into the Public Domain according to the statement by the Creative Commons.
gallery  free  download  creativecommons  graphics  clipart  images 
november 2007 by johnjohnston
a structured, searchable, writeable and editable database built by a community of contributors it has an API so you can build on top --I've a few invites--
creativecommons  database  Web2.0  api  community  reference  free 
august 2007 by johnjohnston
InXile - The Official Home of Line Rider
--very nice wee game, that looks as if it follows the rules of physics--
Flash  free  fun  game  science  Visualization 
august 2007 by johnjohnston
Freebase : Sign In
Free + Database = Freebase
film, sports, politics, music, science and everything else all connected together. Our contributors are collecting data from all over the internet to build a massive, collaboratively-edited database of cross-linked data. An API
collaboration  community  database  folksonomy  web2.0  free  creativecommons  api 
july 2007 by johnjohnston
incompetech Royalty Free Music
Pile of music of different genre, easy to access. simple licence, audio credit to download
podsafe  podcasting  creativecommons  MP3  music  free  audio 
june 2007 by johnjohnston
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