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Creativity and digital technology
> Gardner and Davis suggested that the pre-packaged resources (no matter how vast) made available to young people through the Internet is limiting exercise of the imagination because (as Marvel has shown again and again) it is easier to repackage an existing idea than come up with a new one
So the digital is a less creative arena?
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november 2017 by johnjohnston
Digital creativity in Scotland | Nesta
RT @digitalkatie: Digital creativity in Scotland | Nesta via @sharethis
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february 2014 by johnjohnston
BBC - Digital Revolution (Working Title) - digital revolution: non-branded BBC rushes for download and reuse by the public
an ongoing, growing collection of rushes sequences from our production, to watch, share, download, edit under the terms of a unique BBC permissive licence...
Over the coming weeks we will be uploading more rushes sequences from the our filming. Discover the stories that are unfolding within the production, watch the experts, take this material and create your own content and comment based on the digital revolution.
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december 2009 by johnjohnston

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