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Picture Prompts - The New York Times
Picture Prompts
Accessible, image-driven prompts that invite a variety of kinds of writing.
classroom  writing  prompts 
12 days ago by johnjohnston
30 creative ways to use Padlet for teachers and students - BookWidgets
This is a good list of ways that could be used with many different apps or systems. of course has me wondering if one could creTe a WordPress theme that allowed drag and drop of ‘posts’.
padlet  classroom  mindmap 
8 weeks ago by johnjohnston
Fold N Fly ✈
Database of paper aeroplanes and instructions
making  classroom  crafts 
12 weeks ago by johnjohnston
Lesson Plans
> has over 1,150 Project Ideas in all areas of science
classroom  science 
october 2018 by johnjohnston
The Free Universal Construction Kit | F.A.T.
>The Free Universal Construction Kit: a matrix of nearly 80 adapter bricks that enable complete interoperability between ten* popular children’s construction toys. By allowing any piece to join to any other, the Kit encourages totally new forms of intercourse between otherwise closed systems—enabling radically hybrid constructive play, the creation of previously impossible designs, and ultimately, more creative opportunities for kids.
This looks as if it could be very useful for schools.
construction  Lego  making  classroom 
october 2018 by johnjohnston
Our Forest Our Future - Educational resource for schools
> Our Forest, Our Future helps teachers and pupils to explore the interdependence of people and forests and the vital role forests play in sustaining our environment – in the past, the present and hopefully the future.
classroom  woodlands  forrest 
september 2018 by johnjohnston
Beginning the School Year With Conne>ctions: 2018 | User Generated Education
I begin all classes focusing on having the students make connections between each other and with me.  I want students to learn about one another in a personal way. I want to learn about my students so my instructional strategies can be more personalized and tailored to their needs and interests.
august 2018 by johnjohnston
A garden alive with art: all-natural insect sculptures – in pictures
> Inspired by the art of ikebana – a traditional style of Japanese flower arranging – Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue hand-crafts bugs using materials from his garden. He transforms his garden waste, including sticks, seeds and petals, to create his Natura Insects series. “I think about the main shape of the insect,” he says, “and try to find something to satisfy that. It’s very much like a puzzle.” As the year progresses, his creative options change. “I choose the materials according to what nature offers during that time. All four seasons offer many different materials to play with.” The series started as a morning routine over coffee to sharpen his thoughts for the day. “It was never meant to be a complex process, but rather an easygoing, morning mind-stretching exercise.”
art  classroom  playoutdoors  outdoorlearning  outdoor  inspiration  getoutdoors 
august 2018 by johnjohnston
Create & Innovate with Keynote
Pile of resources for keynote in classroom
classroom  keynote  Mac  iOS  ipad 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
The Literacy Calendar 2018-19 – Literacy with Miss P
The following table provides a map of the academic year with a range of key calendar events. It includes national days or weeks and a whole host of school competitions and events. I’ve also added some key children’s literature award dates as it’s always good to keep an eye out for new and exciting quality texts.
Literacy  classroom 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
ADE Worldwide Institute 2018: 5 Star Points From The Lone Star State. | Next Generation Learning; Today...
As far as Pages is concerned, it too has brilliant functionality with the Apple Pencil, effectively becoming a powerful sketching tool as well. The workflow means you can easily create interactive EPUB books that can be viewed in iBooks. When starting a document, scroll down to find the Books template. Once selected, you can add text, photos, image galleries, videos, shapes, tables, charts and your own drawings to your document. On iOS you can also record audio directly to your document. This effectively means we will no longer need to spend £5 on purchasing the Book Creator App.
pages  classroom  epub  audio  blogthis 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
Bio Poem
>A Bio Poem is all about you. It is a way for you to introduce yourself to others. Take some time to think about yourself – your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Then, use the template and example below to write your own Bio Poem.
poetry  classroom 
july 2018 by johnjohnston
My Naturewatch
Simple DIY wildlife cam. Very easy to set up. local web server.
camera  photography  nature  Raspberrypi  classroom  birds 
june 2018 by johnjohnston
New Findings on Tutoring: Four Shockers
> tutoring by paraprofessionals (teaching assistants) was at least as effective as tutoring by teachers
teaching assistants were more effective in reading with small groups than teachers. Due perhaps to being able concentrate on the job in hand without thinking too much about the rest of the class.
>Tutoring does not work due to individualization alone. It works due to individualization plus nurturing and attention.
Also volunteers were not as effective as assistants (move on not committed in the same way).
I'd say a big plus for classroom assistants.
classroom  classroompractise 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Results on ReadWriteThink - ReadWriteThink
poetry interactive activities, flash based, but might be useful for ideas
classroom  poetry 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Multiplication Grids
One of many interactive and the like for maths on the site. Some Secondary but a lot look useful for primary.
classroom  maths 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Start Coding with the JavaScript Blocks Editor | micro:bit
some microbit it activities for 8+ using the Microsoft blocks editor. looks like could be set of self directed activities. 30 minutes each.
microbit  Computing  classroom 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Teaching with ‘The Lost Words’ – Education With Espresso
>The Lost Words is a beautiful book created by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. It contains not poems, but spells to conjure back certain words which have been ‘lost’.

>The first thing worth noting about this spell book is how alluring it is. I felt enticed into immersing myself in the spells and illustrations immediately. You could quite easily lose yourself for days by: soaking in every inch of detail, finding the hidden meanings of the spells and decoding the kennings.
writing  classroom  poertry 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Plotting live microbit sensor data in Mu | Blog My Wiki!
>I decided this would be even neater if you could untether a microbit, so here’s a project where I send accelerometer data as a string wirelessly from one microbit to another plugged into a computer running Mu. It could be great for physics experiments.
microbit  classroom  data 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Parts-of-speech.Info - POS tagging online
> Enter a complete sentence (no single words!) and click at "POS-tag!". The tagging works better when grammar and orthography are correct.

Looks useful. I've seen a lot about the immersive reader in Word, but it is lacking in the iOS version of word (although present in OneNote). I like the simplicity of this and the warning:
>Computers make mistakes too!
partsofspeech  classroom  webtool 
april 2018 by johnjohnston
Pyonkee - Visual Programming with iPad
>Pyonkee is a real visual-programming environment for iPad. It is based on Scratch from the MIT Media Lab.
>Projects made for Scratch are compatible with Pyonkee.
looks interesting. I *think* pyonkee is based on Scratch 1.4?
scratch  ios  classroom  Computing 
march 2018 by johnjohnston
‘People think the deer are lovely. Then they learn more about it’: the deer cull dilemma | News | The Guardian
The true scale of the problem is hard to gauge, but our best guess is that there might now be as many as 1.5m deer in the UK, at least half of them in Scotland; more than at any time since the last ice age.
>Might be good info for class discussion/debate/writing
deer  cull  persuasive  writing  classroom 
february 2018 by johnjohnston
Comic Sans: the myths, the lies and the truth about fonts
>The big question of this article, then, has a clear answer: Comic Sans use should not be justified by claims of increased readability or benefits to dyslexic students or indeed for handwriting, but if you just like it, and your pupils like it, there is no good reason you should not use it. Or not use most other fonts for that matter. Font choice, it seems, is the least of your worries.
classroom  fonts  dyslexia 
january 2018 by johnjohnston
Top 9 Linux and Raspberry Pi education stories in 2017 |
>We rounded up our most popular 2017 articles that showcase how education is leveraging the Raspberry Pi and Linux.
Raspberrypi  classroom  linux 
december 2017 by johnjohnston
Networking with the micro:bit
>This book presents a series of activities to teach the basics of computer networks. While you will not learn all aspects of computer networking, we hope that it will serve as a good starting point.To network micro:bits, we use custom micro:bit radio to radio communication. When one hears the word radio, what comes to mind is the radio that blasts out tunes from your favourite radio broadcasting channel. But, a radio, or a radio transceiver (transmitter/receiver), is used in communications to generate and receive radio waves that contain information such as audio, video or digital data. And all micro:bits have built-in radios1.
computing  Grabbag  microbit  classroom 
december 2017 by johnjohnston
The Toy Shovel
> This is my over-simplified parable on using social media platforms in education
socialmedia  classroom 
december 2017 by johnjohnston
Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online | Cult of Pedagogy
Might be a nice guide to copyright?

>OPTION 1: MAKE YOUR OWN If students create their own images, then they own the copyright and can use them without having to pay any money or get permission (unless the photos are of someone else…but we’ll get to that).
I like option 1
copyright  digitalliteracy  images  classroom 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
BBC - KS3 Bitesize History - The First World War : Revision
A bit too much detail for my primary pupils, but should be handy for me.
conflict  classroom  Ww1 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
E-safey knowledge organiser.docx
I am starting to notice some of these knowledge organisers popping up.
classroom  organiser  InternetSafety 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
WWI Uncut - YouTube - YouTube
WWI Uncut BBC series, short programmes. Medical one looks a bit to gory for my younger pupils.
ww1  history  classroom  bbc 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
Home - Minetest
> A free, open source voxel game engine and game. Fully extendable. You are in control.
I installed that on a few PCs in school. Testing it in a lunchtime club. Looks like a free minecraft. Lots of possibilities. I have it running on one pc as a server and the class can connect from different PCs (mac & Windows possible linux too).
minecraft  games  classroom 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
The Case Against Automated Student Data Dashboards | EdSurge News
>We tried to inspire reflection, but it often happened separate from learning. At the end of the semester, we’d ask students about their strengths and weaknesses, and what they could do differently next semester. They would write down a few ideas, but were never asked to come back to them. It became an activity that yielded little impact.
data  eportfolios  classroom  learning 
november 2017 by johnjohnston
Online training - Raspberry Pi
We recently launched a new way for people to learn about computing with the Raspberry Pi Foundation: free online training courses, available to anyone, anywhere in the world!
Raspberrypi  classroom  cpd 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Physical Computing With Scratch | Raspberry Pi Projects
>The version of Scratch included with the Raspberry Pi has a number of unique features; one of the most useful is its ability to communicate with the GPIO pins (General Purpose Input Output). These pins allow you to connect your Raspberry Pi to a range of devices, from lights and motors to buttons and sensors. The original Raspberry Pi had a 26-pin header and newer models (B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, etc) have a 40-pin header, but this workshop will work with any model.

I’ve generally failed with any raspberry pi stuff that involves extra hardware beyond a camera this might help.
scratch  classroom  Raspberrypi 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Simple Scratch intruder alarm « Blog My Wiki!
> uses any old Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and some parts you’d find in a CamJam EduKit or similar: an LED, a resistor, a push-button switch, a buzzer and a Passive Infra Red (PIR) movement sensor wired up

Looks like it might be a nice we project for school.
scratch  classroom  Raspberrypi 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Clips – Google Drive
lesson plan t ouse clips to produced short, 30 sec, movie about a country.
classroom  clips  geography 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Spreadsheets – Google Drive
Resources for teaching spreadsheets. Year 5 (England)
spreadsheets  spreadsheet  Primary  ict  classroom 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
10 Ways to Use Poetry in Your Classroom | Reading Rockets
> From activating prior knowledge to exploring language to capturing character, discover ten ways to integrate poetry into your language, reading, and writing lessons.
poetry  classroom 
october 2017 by johnjohnston
Squishy Circuits | The Tinkering Studio
Use homemade conductive and resistant play-doh to build electronic sculptures that light up, move, and make sounds. Anyone who has ever tasted play-doh knows that it’s a salty substance. The salt allows electricity to flow through the dough. With the addition of a homemade dough that substitutes sugar for salt, the dough becomes resistive instead, and complex circuits can be created to power all kinds of objects. We use battery packs, LED lights, hobby motors, and buzzers to explore electricity in a fun, hands-on
timkering  electricity  fun  classroom 
march 2017 by johnjohnston
A lawyer rewrote Instagram's terms of service for kids. Now you can understand all of the private data you and your teen are giving up to social media — Quartz
– […] we may keep, use and share your personal information with companies connected with Instagram. This information includes your name, email address, school, where you live, pictures, phone number, your likes and dislikes, where you go, who your friends are, how often you use Instagram, and any other personal information we find such as your birthday or who you are chatting with, including in private messages (DMs).
privacy  security  instagram  children  classroom 
january 2017 by johnjohnston
Meet the kids who think for themselves - BBC News
Meet the kids who think for themselves Share
A new learning technique is driving results up in UK schools.
classroom  metacognition  philosophy 
december 2016 by johnjohnston
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