The Only Good Thing About Winter Is This Story Written in Snow
>now entering her fourth winter of carefully embossing serif letters into light snowfall. Before this weekend, the most recent sentence, composed entirely during a snowfall in March, 2017, cut off in the middle:
language  poetry  snow  instagram  art 
25 days ago
Going Fishing, an amazingly fluid stop motion animated film
> Animator and sculptor Guldies has combined his passions and made this short stop motion animated film out of 2500 still photos. The result is remarkably fluid, particularly in the scenes with the human hand.
27 days ago - Light Pollution Map
Quite an amazing map. I think I can get fairly dark in about an hours drive from home. Some people are not so lucky.
astronomy  light  map  maps  sky 
27 days ago
Designing Emotion: How Facebook Affordances Give Us The Blues - Cyborgology
>Facebook’s design features work in several ways to reinforce status quo ideas and popular people while maintaining an ancillary status for those on the margins. Given findings about the psychological effects of production versus consumption, these features then have behavioral consequences and in turn, emotional ones. I
design  webdesign  Facebook 
29 days ago
Comic Sans: the myths, the lies and the truth about fonts
>The big question of this article, then, has a clear answer: Comic Sans use should not be justified by claims of increased readability or benefits to dyslexic students or indeed for handwriting, but if you just like it, and your pupils like it, there is no good reason you should not use it. Or not use most other fonts for that matter. Font choice, it seems, is the least of your worries.
classroom  fonts  dyslexia 
4 weeks ago
Annotating Web Audio – Jon Udell
>It’s a beautiful example of small pieces loosely joined. My clipping tool is just one way to form URLs that point to audio and video segments. I hope others will improve on it. But any clipping tool that produces unique URLs can work with Hypothesis and, of course, with any other annotation or curation tool that targets URLs.
I didn't know that browsers support playback of assessment of audio!
web  audio  mp3  playback 
6 weeks ago
We are a loosely-knit, tightly-honed group of educators dedicated to working together to address our common dream of providing open and ethical online tools to educators.
8 weeks ago
Top 9 Linux and Raspberry Pi education stories in 2017 |
>We rounded up our most popular 2017 articles that showcase how education is leveraging the Raspberry Pi and Linux.
Raspberrypi  classroom  linux 
8 weeks ago
Digital Polarization on Pinterest - YouTube
Mike Caulfield shows how the items that are suggested change as you show interest in Pinterest pins. I think I’ll stick to pinboard.
IFTTT  YouTube 
8 weeks ago
The zone of proximal depravity – The Ed Techie
>But what the algorithmic feed does is effectively collapse this protective layer, so our previous signals, defensive mechanisms and means of establishing distance are no longer effective.
8 weeks ago
Networking with the micro:bit
>This book presents a series of activities to teach the basics of computer networks. While you will not learn all aspects of computer networking, we hope that it will serve as a good starting point.To network micro:bits, we use custom micro:bit radio to radio communication. When one hears the word radio, what comes to mind is the radio that blasts out tunes from your favourite radio broadcasting channel. But, a radio, or a radio transceiver (transmitter/receiver), is used in communications to generate and receive radio waves that contain information such as audio, video or digital data. And all micro:bits have built-in radios1.
computing  Grabbag  microbit  classroom 
10 weeks ago
If You See Something, Save Something – 6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine | Internet Archive Blogs
>In recent days many people have shown interest in making sure the Wayback Machine has copies of the web pages they care about most. These saved pages can be cited, shared, linked to – and they will continue to exist even after the original page changes or is removed from the web.
internet  web  archive 
11 weeks ago
The Toy Shovel
> This is my over-simplified parable on using social media platforms in education
socialmedia  classroom 
11 weeks ago
ptwobrussell/Mining-the-Social-Web-2nd-Edition: The official online compendium for Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition (O'Reilly, 2013)
> This toolbox provides the ability to explore and run all of the source code in a hassle-free manner. All that you have to do is [follow a few simple steps]( A - Virtual Machine Experience.html) to get the virtual machine installed, and you'll be running the example code in as little as 20-30 minutes. (And by the way, most of that time is waiting for files to download.)
python  data  juypter  maybesomeday 
12 weeks ago
Gutenberg 1.8 Adds Greater Extensibility for Plugin Developers – WordPress Tavern
> The release also improves meta box compatibility with a fallback to the classic editor if Gutenberg detects that the meta box is unsupported. Plugin authors can now explicitly declare Gutenberg incompatibility when registering meta boxes, which will trigger a warning to the end user that explains which meta boxes have caused the fallback to the classic editor.
> It introduces block templates, which developers can use when registering a new custom post type. The block templates define a set of pre-configured blocks that will initialize when a user creates a new post.
WordPress  GlowBlogs 
12 weeks ago
Gutenberg — WordPress Plugins
Preview of upcoming editor
> The goal of the block editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable.
>The new post and page building experience will make writing rich posts effortless, making it easy to do what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.
WordPress  GlowBlogs 
november 2017
Setting up your classroom!
ideas from a tech blog, not techie
november 2017
Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online | Cult of Pedagogy
Might be a nice guide to copyright?

>OPTION 1: MAKE YOUR OWN If students create their own images, then they own the copyright and can use them without having to pay any money or get permission (unless the photos are of someone else…but we’ll get to that).
I like option 1
copyright  digitalliteracy  images  classroom 
november 2017
BBC - KS3 Bitesize History - The First World War : Revision
A bit too much detail for my primary pupils, but should be handy for me.
conflict  classroom  Ww1 
november 2017
E-safey knowledge organiser.docx
I am starting to notice some of these knowledge organisers popping up.
classroom  organiser  InternetSafety 
november 2017
WWI Uncut - YouTube - YouTube
WWI Uncut BBC series, short programmes. Medical one looks a bit to gory for my younger pupils.
ww1  history  classroom  bbc 
november 2017
World War 2 timeline by lindaayers - Teaching Resources - Tes
>This can be used either as a teaching aid to help with the chronology, or printed off and laminated as a display. I have it hanging on a washing line from my ceiling and the children refer to it quite regularly. Hope it's useful.
tes  ww2 
november 2017
Home - Minetest
> A free, open source voxel game engine and game. Fully extendable. You are in control.
I installed that on a few PCs in school. Testing it in a lunchtime club. Looks like a free minecraft. Lots of possibilities. I have it running on one pc as a server and the class can connect from different PCs (mac & Windows possible linux too).
minecraft  games  classroom 
november 2017
S3 for Poets
> S3 stands for Simple Storage Service.
It's a service provided by Amazon that provides storage and it's simple. If you look at it the right way. And it's Tuesday. And there's a full moon. :-)
>Simple is in the eye of the beholder. And to a programmer, like me, S3 is simple. But we forget sometimes that what seems simple to us might not seem so simple to a literate person who isn't a programmer. For example, a poet.
>But poets need to store stuff too, and Amazon provides a great service, so let's dive in and crash through the obstacles and get to the other side, where storage is simple. Dave Winer, New York August 2012
Aws  s3  web 
november 2017
Let’s Enhance
> Neural network hallucinates missing details to make image look natural.
neuralnetwork  photoediting 
november 2017
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
>Behind the Facebook profile you’ve built for yourself is another one, a shadow profile, built from the inboxes and smartphones of other Facebook users. Contact information you’ve never given the network gets associated with your account, making it easier for Facebook to more completely map your social connections.
Not sure if this is incredibly creepy, just the way things are heading or both.
Facebook  privacy 
november 2017
That IoT Thing: Bitty Data Logger 3.0
Bitty Data Logger is an application which can capture and chart data from a BBC micro:bit's internal accelerometer, magnetometer and temperature sensors. It's available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and for Chromebook as well. Data is, of course, transmitted from the micro:bit to your smartphone over Bluetooth so you can be some distance away from the micro:bit and.... whatever you have connected to it.
microbit  datalogging 
november 2017
Something is wrong on the internet
> one of the traditional roles of branded content is that it is a trusted source. Whether it’s Peppa Pig on children’s TV or a Disney movie, whatever one’s feelings about the industrial model of entertainment production, they are carefully produced and monitored so that kids are essentially safe watching them, and can be trusted as such. This no longer applies when brand and content are disassociated by the platform, and so known and trusted content provides a seamless gateway to unverified and potentially harmful content.
There seems to be a myriad of weird videos automatically or semi-automatically created videos earning money
Children  internet  youtube 
november 2017
Disallow & Close Comments on WordPress Media Attachment Page - Tech Journey
function disable_media_comments( $post_id ) {
if( get_post_type( $post_id ) == 'attachment' ) {
wp_die("Comment not allowed.");
return $open;
add_action( 'pre_comment_on_post', 'disable_media_comments' );
spam  function.php  WordPress 
november 2017
Analyze | Webbkoll -
>This tool helps you check what data-protecting measures a site has taken to help you exercise control over your privacy. Read more.
privacy  openweb  tracking  web 
november 2017
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web -
>We're quietly replacing an open web that connects and empowers with one that restricts and commoditizes people. We need to stop it.

Lots of information and links clearly spelt out. Tempted to quote all of it, but here is one more.

> Pay for services and content that you like, if you are able. If you like reading The Guardian, for example, consider subscribing. If your favourite YouTube channel is on Patreon, consider pledging a small amount per video. If you like services like that charge in return for a useful service, buy it. There's mutual respect when both the user and the service provider know what basic service they are buying/selling.
open  Facebook  openweb 
november 2017
Creativity and digital technology
> Gardner and Davis suggested that the pre-packaged resources (no matter how vast) made available to young people through the Internet is limiting exercise of the imagination because (as Marvel has shown again and again) it is easier to repackage an existing idea than come up with a new one
So the digital is a less creative arena?
creativity  digital 
november 2017
The Case Against Automated Student Data Dashboards | EdSurge News
>We tried to inspire reflection, but it often happened separate from learning. At the end of the semester, we’d ask students about their strengths and weaknesses, and what they could do differently next semester. They would write down a few ideas, but were never asked to come back to them. It became an activity that yielded little impact.
data  eportfolios  classroom  learning 
november 2017
Teachable Machine
silly practical machine learning. Would be a good demo.
google  machinelearning  ai 
october 2017
Good Teachers Talk: Better Teachers Listen | Class Teaching
The post is more interesting, to me, than the title.

> One way of achieving this identify shift is to come unprepared to a lesson! For example, working on a poem in English that neither the pupils nor the teacher have read before. In doing so, pupils begin to see that their identities can fluctuate from learner to contributor, thus giving them the confidence to enact this discourse themselves in the classroom and beyond.

Which speaks to vocalising your process. I do that (I hope) in writing, but not so much in reading.
october 2017
School walls are oozing with unhelpful growth mindset cheese…. | teacherhead
> Get these slogans blown up and laminated and plaster your corridors and walls in them… Bingo! Go Growth Mindset
Live it. Don’t laminate it. Stick that on a poster.
growthmindset  teaching 
october 2017
Developing a Proper Growth Mindset - The Educator Blog
> False Growth Mindset
After the recent pushback on Growth Mindset this post suggests that there can be real Growth Mindset and "Many of the best teachers are already there"
growthmindset  teaching 
october 2017
Online training - Raspberry Pi
We recently launched a new way for people to learn about computing with the Raspberry Pi Foundation: free online training courses, available to anyone, anywhere in the world!
Raspberrypi  classroom  cpd 
october 2017
How to Live Without Google
Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites. This means they are not only tracking what you search for, they're also tracking which websites you visit, and using all your data for ads that follow you around the internet.
privacy  google 
october 2017
Physical Computing With Scratch | Raspberry Pi Projects
>The version of Scratch included with the Raspberry Pi has a number of unique features; one of the most useful is its ability to communicate with the GPIO pins (General Purpose Input Output). These pins allow you to connect your Raspberry Pi to a range of devices, from lights and motors to buttons and sensors. The original Raspberry Pi had a 26-pin header and newer models (B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, etc) have a 40-pin header, but this workshop will work with any model.

I’ve generally failed with any raspberry pi stuff that involves extra hardware beyond a camera this might help.
scratch  classroom  Raspberrypi 
october 2017
Simple Scratch intruder alarm « Blog My Wiki!
> uses any old Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and some parts you’d find in a CamJam EduKit or similar: an LED, a resistor, a push-button switch, a buzzer and a Passive Infra Red (PIR) movement sensor wired up

Looks like it might be a nice we project for school.
scratch  classroom  Raspberrypi 
october 2017
Fragmentum – A microcast from Adam Procter
A new microcast. Glad to see a education one appearing.
october 2017
Clips – Google Drive
lesson plan t ouse clips to produced short, 30 sec, movie about a country.
classroom  clips  geography 
october 2017
Spreadsheets – Google Drive
Resources for teaching spreadsheets. Year 5 (England)
spreadsheets  spreadsheet  Primary  ict  classroom 
october 2017
Bringing digital citizenship into the school curriculum
>This is why we are releasing a free online training course that helps educators equip their students with the foundational skills they need to create a safe and positive experience online. By reading, watching videos, and doing different activities in the Digital Citizenship and Safety Course, they can learn how to integrate digital citizenship and safety activities into their school curriculum.
digitalliteracy  google 
october 2017
10 Ways to Use Poetry in Your Classroom | Reading Rockets
> From activating prior knowledge to exploring language to capturing character, discover ten ways to integrate poetry into your language, reading, and writing lessons.
poetry  classroom 
october 2017
Facebook’s Ad Scandal Isn’t a ‘Fail,’ It’s a Feature - The New York Times
People who use the platform to keep in touch with loved ones may forget that the site makes its money by serving as a conduit for whatever messages people with money want to push at us. You’ll rarely hear the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, mention that when he offers lofty statements about how his company makes the world more open and connected and brings us closer together.
september 2017
osx - Use sips command on mac to trim bottom of image - Stack Overflow
sips is a strange program – wasted an hour as well trying to trick it into cropping non-central part of an image and ye, it's not possible
sips  terminal  commandline  imageediting 
september 2017
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