Wise Democracy Pattern Language
Tom Atlee's latest - and very promising - effort to communicate his decades of research and development of existing and possible holistic democratic options.
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17 days ago
Drawdown's (Paul Hawken group) top 80 things we are doing / can do to mitigate global warming
A point worth making here is that any one thing is only going to do so much to mitigate warming. It will take pursuing many if not most of these very strongly to have a shot at avoiding some of the worst futures. If you look at the items on the list all together though, you may see that all or nearly all make sense from some ways of looking at things. I believe it will all be easier and even seem more automatic as we keep shifting ourselves (our stories) to see we are part of and in partnership with the rest of the natural world. The same healing is often needed with each other and even within ourselves.
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8 weeks ago
NASA's Total Solar Eclipse 2017 page, with links and links to calendars, maps & other images, videos, interviews, history, how to best see it, education, and other resources
My ramblings: Astronomy is about places you look. Space is a place you go. (The former is changing quickly. The latter much more slowly and nonlinearly.)
astronomy  eclipse  2017  space  miniblog 
8 weeks ago
JSON Feed (similar yet different vs. RSS and Atom)
"We — Manton Reece and Brent Simmons — have noticed that JSON has become the developers’ choice for APIs, and that developers will often go out of their way to avoid XML."

"I’ve got a good feeling about this project" -- John Gruber
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may 2017
A brief history of wearable computing
From glasses (1200s) to gambling aids, the history of computing devices we wear goes way back.
computer  history 
may 2017
The cybernetics of Occupy: an anarchist perspective
From the author's blurb https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/cybernetic-revolutionaries : "In Cybernetic Revolutionaries, Eden Medina tells the history of two intersecting utopian visions, one political and one technological. The first was Chile’s experiment with peaceful socialist change under Salvador Allende; the second was the simultaneous attempt to build a computer system that would manage Chile’s economy." (Project Cybersyn)
anarchy  cybernetics  economics  latinamerica  occupy  od  socialchange 
april 2017
interplanetary_experience.png (PNG Image, 534 × 342 pixels)
Where to go on Earth to get the closest experience to what it's like on other planets in our solar system.
solarsystem  planets  astronomy 
october 2016
Planet Found in Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star | ESO
Just two decades into finding exoplanets, we know.

Proxima Centauri b
space  exoplanets 
october 2016
Ava DuVernay Doc 13th Connects Incarceration and Slavery | The Mary Sue
"slavery didn’t really end, it just evolved."

Good timing, during #prisonstrike.
documentary  prison  slavery  race  labor  amendment  prisonstrike 
october 2016
No Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #NoBakken
"What have I done? Stop me before I volunteer again!" /humor

I started this subreddit. Thank * other people were willing to moderate.

I was also in the room for the first (as far as I know) public gathering of Iowa landowners talking together to figure out what to do about the Bakken / Dakota Access Pipeline. August, 2014
october 2016
Half a house and other incremental buildings
"simple, two-story homes, each with wall that runs down the middle, splitting the house in two. One side of the house is ready to be moved into. The other side is just a frame around empty space, waiting to be built out by the occupant."
architecture  community  society  housing 
october 2016
Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American Politics, Lansing
They took power in North Dakota about 100 years ago, and made a lot of bold progressive moves (including a state bank which still exists), without starting a party. Also "spread to thirteen states and two Canadian provinces, ... and birthed new farmer-labor alliances."
politics  politicalrevolution  book 
october 2016
The Natural Step - Four steps toward healing our relationship with planet Earth [I could add some]
1 do not dig up & spread dangerous substances
2 do not create & spread dangerous substances
3 do not degrade water, land, air, etc.
4 be equal enough that people don't do 1-3 out of desperation - "[N]o structural obstacles to people’s health, influence, competence, impartiality and meaning."

I might throw in:
4. E. O. Wilson's call to simply leave half the planet to be their own wilds, with large north-south and east-west corridors so that life can migrate.

5. City Country Fingers from the pattern language of building developed by Christopher Alexander and others. "Keep interlocking fingers of farmland and urban land, even at the center of the metropolis. The urban fingers should never be more than 1 mile wide, while the farmland fingers should never be less than 1 mile wide."

And I'd add "species" to substances. Things are getting weirder.
climatechange  oblink  climatemarch  ecology  biology  biotechnology  simplicity  patterns  life  water 
september 2016
xkcd: Land Mammals
This shocked me when I first saw it. We have almost completely taken over mammal life on planet Earth.

Also see http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1338:_Land_Mammals
life  scale  people  domestication  visualization  miniblog  crisis 
september 2016
NewsDiffs - Shows changes to NYT/CNN/Politico/WP/BBC (more coming?) articles over time
"NewsDiffs archives changes in articles after publication.
Currently, we track nytimes.com, cnn.com, politico.com, washingtonpost.com, and bbc.co.uk."

Wonder if they've thought of working with archive.org to add more sites?

Classic examples: NYT tilts modestly pro-Bernie article negative, after everyone has started linking to it - http://newsdiffs.org/article-history/www.nytimes.com/2016/03/15/us/politics/bernie-sanders-amendments.html

First Clinton-Trump event gets 100% rewrite - http://newsdiffs.org/diff/1245445/1245474/www.nytimes.com/2016/09/08/us/politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-national-security.html
journalism  news  transparency  media  miniblog 
september 2016
Wildlife-friendly farming increases crop yield: evidence for ecological intensification | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences
A wave in the tide coming in of science supporting complex ecosystems adding to rather than detracting from "production."
ecology  agriculture 
may 2016
Majoring in Food: Colleges Offering More Courses, Degrees | Civil Eats
More than 70 community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities now have specific degree programs for sustainable agriculture or food systems
food  education  sustainability  ecology  permaculture 
april 2016
How to use a modem | MetaFilter
Tons of interesting links, including past MetaFilter posts.
network  history  nostalgia  hardware  phone  technology 
march 2016
Holidays and Lots of Other Fun from Brownielocks & The 3 Bears.
Best free online calendar of this type that I know of. Don't know how it compares to Chase's.

Printable version: http://www.brownielocks.com/b3bcalendar.html
calendar  annual  oblink  reference 
march 2016
Eat the Seasons
What's in season in North America? (link for UK as well) Not sure how good it is for Canada/Mexico.
food  annual  usa  canada  mexico 
february 2016
American News Service archive
All of the stories made available through the American News Service, 1995-2000. Also see http://smallplanet.org/resources/american-news-service (Around 1992-93 I volunteered at the non-profit that later spawned this.)
news  journalism  list  activism  grassroots  politicalrevolution 
january 2016
Independent lists of state applications for an Article V Constitutional Convention
Many are subject-specific, but apparently the Supreme Court has ruled that applications cannot restrict what subjects a Convention discusses, or proposes amendments about. Other reasons why the already existing applications might not lead to a convention are addressed in the preface to the lists.
usa  reform  legislation  rights 
january 2016
U.S. House of Representatives' list of state applications for an Article V Constitutional Convention
As I bookmark this, they are only listing applications received from 2012 on. There are well over 300 such applications from earlier years that have yet to be added, from 49 states. Many are subject-specific, but apparently the Supreme Court has ruled that applications cannot restrict what subjects a Convention discusses, or proposes amendments about.
usa  reform  legislation  rights 
january 2016
IGM Economic Experts Panel | IGM Forum
Polls of economists on many economic policy questions (e.g., $15 minimum wage)
december 2015
Q&A: Explaining ‘Audit the Fed’ - Real Time Economics - WSJ
Details the additional transparency wanted by many on the right and left. Searched and found it when I saw a Reddit thread in /r/badeconomy claiming that the Fed is already transparent enough.
december 2015
Classic early wiki-like (in the interlinkability. There are multiple entries for each page/node though instead of letting you edit others' nodes though). Still an active community.
community  wiki  writing  reference 
november 2015
BIEN | Basic Income Earth Network
The idea of a basic income is to provide everyone who needs it with an amount of money each month which is enough to live on - rent, food, health, other basics. Sort of the next step after raising minimum wage or even tying it to inflation. Costs up front, but eliminates a ton of bureaucracy. And with a functional economy and services available to support people who can work to do so, probably saves in the long run. Also just a human thing to do for each other. (Just found out about this organization, been around since 1986, cool.)
economics  bureaucracy  activism  humanrights  politicalrevolution 
november 2015
Reddit - One Word Each
Collaboratively-generated continuations of sentence fragments, questions, etc. that you offer.
reddit  fun  language  collaboration 
october 2015
Earth Impact Effects Program
"[An] easy-to-use, interactive web site for estimating the regional environmental consequences of an impact on Earth. This program will estimate the ejecta distribution, ground shaking, atmospheric blast wave, and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of the crater produced."
astronomy  fun 
october 2015
Loveland Chamber of Commerce - Valentine Program
will remail your Valentine's Day card from Loveland.
valentine  snailmail 
august 2015
Wiki | Commons Abundance Network
"Here, we gather knowledge and data on Needs, Organizational forms, Resources for Abundance of Commons in their various forms."
wiki  commons  patterns 
march 2015
Beyond Extreme Energy | People taking action to retire fossil fuels.
The coalition we joined with to blockade - for a week - the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the end of 2014's Great March for Climate Action. It has continued and grown since that action.
climatemarch  climatechange 
february 2015
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