Free Music Archive: Big Changes Ahead for FMA
"We regret to inform you that due to a funding shortage, the FMA will be closing down later this month. The future of the archive is uncertain, but we have done everything we can to ensure that our files will not disappear from the web forever. The full audio collection will be backed up and available at https://archive.org/details/freemusicarchive (some of the collection is already there; feel free to go browse).

We are also partnering with Archive-It to preserve a current copy of the site's public pages in the Wayback Machine. FMA audio will also be added to the Creative Commons project CC Search, a search engine for the Commons, later in 2019."
music  freeculture  reference  mp3  free 
8 days ago
Fold N Fly ✈
Database of paper airplanes
origami  fun 
15 days ago
Welcome to iCalShare
"Search thousands of holiday & sports calendars"
calendar  events  reference  icalendar 
4 weeks ago
Seems like the current best for EtherPad-like abilities?
collaboration  software  oblink 
7 weeks ago
OPML 2.0
Current Outline Processor Markup Language spec - most commonly used format for storing/exchanging collections of RSS feeds.
specifications  rss  opml 
7 weeks ago
Outliners.Com: Welcome to Outliners.com!
Dave Winer (single biggest proponent of the form) background on them
software  opml 
7 weeks ago
EIA Energy Kids - Forms of Energy
Potential - chemical, mechanical, nuclear
Kinetic - radiant, thermal, motion, sound, electricity

magnetic? ionization? gravitation?(=potential?)
energy  science 
8 weeks ago
Contribute | Standard Ebooks
Standard Ebooks' guides and tools for building beautiful ebooks (and how to plug in with them)
howto  books  freeculture  typography 
12 weeks ago
Group Works | A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings
Product of a large network of group process people, attempting to articulate these patterns in a way that would relate to but not be attached to any one particular process or school of thought.

The patterns were originally developed in a Wagn (before we even knew we were going to make a deck of cards), now hosted on a Drupal site.
groups  facilitation  groupworks  freeculture  me  wagn  drupal  organization  socialchange  consensus  buildingactivities  processarts 
august 2018
RSS feeds - The New York Times
Updated January 5, 2018 - also says it's an archived page
rss  feed 
july 2018
Body’s bacteria don’t outnumber human cells so much after all | Science News
Only slightly (~~1.3 to 1, but it will probably change as they learn more, right?). IIRC, the vast majority of the non-human cells are in the gut, the rest in a few places on skin? Article notes the vast majority of the human cells are nuclei-less red blood cells, fwiw. No idea what a typical load of virus might be.
july 2018
Wise democracy’s most fundamental principle – Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge
"Every pattern in the Wise Democracy Pattern Language is a window into this prime directive and provides guidance on how to pursue it."

we seek to evoke and engage
the wisdom and resourcefulness of the whole
on behalf of the whole.
democracy  co-intelligence 
march 2018
Roberta's Pizza Reheat Instructions
Pan med-low, 2 mins (crisp bottom)
2 drops water away from pizza & cover 1 min (melt cheese)
march 2018
iCloud security overview - Apple Support
Want this overview for other OSes - shows what is end-to-end encrypted or not, etc.
privacy  security 
february 2018
IP address in shell
command line - Efficient way to get your IP address in shell scripts - Stack Overflow

ifconfig | grep 'inet' | grep -v '' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{print $1}'
internet  cli  unix  howto 
january 2018
Hack for a Cause
is an event (2016-) and I'm proposing an event calendar project
technology  events  eugene  calendar 
january 2018
Light pollution map
The Bortle scale, where you live and everywhere else. Few places reach 1 any more, but 2-3 is pretty good for seeing the Milky Way.

via https://kottke.org/17/12/lost-in-light-how-light-pollution-obscures-our-view-of-the-night-sky
maps  astronomy 
december 2017
Liberapay - a free/libre recurrent donations platform
Liberapay is run transparently by a non-profit organization, its source code is public.
commons  nonprofit  grassroots 
november 2017
BioNumbers - The Database of Useful Biological Numbers
Styled B10NUMB3R5, Eris help us

Found via someone mentioning it as a source for xkcd's mammal mass comic
biology  ecology  database  reference 
october 2017
Tears | Melting Asphalt
"...what I'm suggesting is that the original function of weeping was to serve as both a submission signal and a distress signal at the same time, but addressed to two different receivers."

Also, interesting open (below), contrasting perspective with Jared Diamond's Third Chimpanzee - half-full vs. half-empty.

> So humans are a peculiar species. You probably knew that. What you may not have realized — like I hadn't until recently — is just how many specific traits and behaviors are uniquely human.

> We're not just big-brained featherless bipeds with special instincts for language, tools, and culture. We're also the only creatures who sing from the ground, sing and dance together, bury our dead, point declaratively, enjoy spicy foods, blush, and faint [1] (not to mention all of our weird sexual practices). We have the least symmetrical brains, the most dependent babies, and the fastest and most accurate overhand-throwing skills. And we have unique instincts for tempering aggression in our social groups — about which, more later.
humanorigins  anthropology  psychology  physiology  evolution  via:solarfuel  miniblog 
october 2017
Periodic Table of Elements: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Includes sources, seeking better source on such including more on consequences
chemistry  physics  ecology  economics 
october 2017
Are Clothes Modern? An essay on contemporary appeal, Bernard Rudofsky 1947
"...fashion addicts, a term which applies to practically everybody who has reached adolescence..."

Part of a 1947 exhibit at the NYC Museum of Modern Art, and MoMA is doing their second exhibit on clothes, see next link
clothes  art  design  addiction  overconsumption 
october 2017
Repaleolithization | KimStanleyRobinson.info
Frank Vanderwa lists paleolithic behaviors that are said by anthropologists to be stimulating to the human brain and acted as triggers in its expansion in the past. They are (p.99):

walking upright
stalking animals
throwing things at things
looking at fire
having sex
dealing with the opposite sex more generally
cooking and eating the paleolithic diet
gathering plants to eat
killing animals for food
experiencing terror


Interesting that he singles out "looking at fire" rather than tending or starting it. --JA
health  ecology  humanorigins  humanrights  healing  basictech 
september 2017
Webpage archive
Archive.is is a time capsule for web pages.

It takes a 'snapshot' of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.

It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page"
backup  tools  web  oblink 
september 2017
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