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Today’s Problem With Masculinity Isn’t What You Think
I don’t have the group picture from the day my dad visited my fraternity house at Oklahoma State University. It was awkward compared to the “Mom’s Day” photo we would snap a few months later. Not…
7 weeks ago by joeshirley
The Official Website of the Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation
Hylozoics, esoteric knowledge for our time. Pythagoras' secret teaching.
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12 weeks ago by joeshirley
Panpsychism is crazy, but it’s also most probably true | Aeon Ideas
Common sense tells us that only living things have an inner life. Rabbits and tigers and mice have feelings, sensations and experiences; tables and rocks and molecules do not. Panpsychists deny this datum of common sense. According to panpsychism,...
march 2018 by joeshirley
What Separates A Good Scientific Theory From A Bad One?
When you look at any phenomenon in the Universe, one of the major goals of scientific investigation is to understand its cause. If we see something occur, we want to know what made it happen…
march 2018 by joeshirley
The 9 Rules of Design Research – Mule Design Studio – Medium
Lately, I’ve noticed a lot more ambient enthusiasm for research among both early stage start-ups and established organizations. Businesses have embraced the idea that meaningful innovation requires…
march 2018 by joeshirley
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