Peter's Choice | Mother Jones
I asked my student why he voted for Trump. The answer was thoughtful, smart, and terrifying.
27 days ago
Circling Europe | Presence - Connection - Aliveness
Circling is an incredibly powerful, new and fast growing practice that raises the bar for what is possible in relationship, personal growth and self-realisation
10 weeks ago
The Circling Institute - Authenticity - Connection - Transformation - Mastery
Workshops, coaching & advanced trainings for seekers and transformational coaches. Rocking out profound moments of connection -- any time, with anyone.
10 weeks ago
Donald Trump and the Death of American Exceptionalism - The New Yorker
The old presumptions hold that some element of national humiliation and decline predisposes nations toward fascism, or at least the appeals of fascistic movements. But in the U.S. this movement sprang up on the contrails of the first black Presidency—a moment that was, perhaps naïvely at the time, thought to be one of national affirmation and triumph. The unsavory implication here, of course, is that, for the cornerstone elements of Trumpism, that triumph was a national humiliation, that the image of an African-American receiving the deference and regard that the Presidency entails invalidated these Americans’ understanding of what the U.S. is, or at least what it is supposed to be.
november 2016
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