Datasette: instantly create and publish an API for your SQLite databases
I just shipped the first public version of datasette, a new tool for creating and publishing JSON APIs for SQLite databases.

You can try out out right now at fivethirtyeight.datasettes.com, where you can explore SQLite databases I built from Creative Commons licensed CSV files published by FiveThirtyEight. Or you can check out parlgov.datasettes.com, derived from the parlgov.org database of world political parties which illustrates some advanced features such as SQLite views.
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9 weeks ago
@20 (Ftrain.com)
Our software is bullshit, our literary essays are too long, the good editors all quit or got fired, hardly anyone is experimenting with form in a way that wakes me up, the IDEs haven't caught up with the 1970s, the R&D budgets are weak, the little zines are badly edited, the tweets are poor, the short stories make no sense, people still care too much about magazines, the Facebook posts are nightmares, LinkedIn has ruined capitalism, and the big tech companies that have arisen are exhausting, lumbering gold-thirsty kraken that swim around with sour looks on their face wondering why we won't just give them all our gold and save the time.
12 weeks ago
Silicon Valley's People Problem, Explained - CityLab
“If ever a city stood as a symbol of the dynamic U.S. economy, it was Detroit,” wrote Timemagazine in October 1961, as the city began its long decline. ”Prosperity seemed bound to go on forever—but it didn't.”
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september 2017
How Washington Made Harvey Worse - POLITICO Magazine
Two relatively modest storms that hit Houston in 2015 and 2016--so small they didn't get names--did so much property damage they made the list of the 15 highest-priced floods in U.S. history.
august 2017
It's finally harvest time at the new Purdue Student Farm by Purdue Agriculture - Purdue Agriculture
Every weekday I get to work at the Purdue Student Farm, which sits on three acres of land at the northwest corner of campus.
july 2017
Plants | R-bloggers
In my last post I did some drawings based on L-Systems. These drawings are done sequentially. At any step, the state of the drawing can be described by the position (coordinates) and the orientation of the pencil. In that case I only used two kind of operators: drawing a straight line and turning a constant angle. Today I used two more symbols to do stack operations:

“[“ Push the current state (position and orientation) of the pencil onto a pushdown
operations stack
“]” Pop a state from the stack and make it the current state of the pencil (no line is drawn)
These operators allow to return to a previous state to continue drawing from there.
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july 2017
The Cold Civil War
Revolutions end when a coherent, persuasive idea of the common good returns to the public mind. Only then can statecraft be practiced rationally, as more than a minimalist calling designed to prevent the worst from happening.
june 2017
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