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​🎥 Musical World Map
Surprisingly sonorous. Dig the Indian sub-continent trill.
music  visualization  world  map 
march 2017 by jntolva
Radio Garden
Browse a map of the world for radio stations. This is what it must have felt like to be a HAM radio operator 50 years ago.
radio  world  maps 
december 2016 by jntolva
Harry Caray’s Last Call
Cannot, simply cannot, maintain a dry eye through this incredible edit.
chicago  cubs  harry  caray  world  series 
november 2016 by jntolva
Layer Tennis: Around the World
Now boarding: one 10-layer Photoshop file, with stops in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, London, Lisbon, Paris, Stockholm, Kiev, Manila, and Singapore.
world  photoshop  coudal  design  layers  graphic 
february 2009 by jntolva
Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"
Sort of like the guy dancing in all the places around the world, except with a song. Pure great.
music  mashup  world 
january 2009 by jntolva
Where The Hell Is Matt?
Pretty sure this is the most awesome thing ever. Perma-grin is now in effect for the day. (You must wait for Gurguan, India!)
dancing  world  video  travel  happiness 
june 2008 by jntolva
BBC NEWS | Most Popular Now | Live World Map
Slick top-ten list of most popular stories. Click different regions of the world to watch the list re-arrange. Or just wait. It updates in real-time.
bbc  news  visualization  zeitgeist  world 
april 2007 by jntolva
b z z z p e e k
Onomatopoeia around the world. (Is the French cow ill?)
onomatopoeia  language  world 
july 2005 by jntolva

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