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U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes offer chilling lesson in effective architectural exhibition
Taken solely for what they are—symbols of an imagined architecture—the efficacy of the prototypes is that they sound so clearly and so loudly such a profound emotional note. That note is dread.
wall  architecture  trump  bullshit 
december 2017 by jntolva
There will never be a better time to save the planet
"By far the most important thing blue-state cities can do is the one that for the last 25 years has proven the hardest: build much, much more housing."
climate  change  policy  trump  america  cities 
november 2016 by jntolva
You Dumb Motherfuckers, By James Madison
"You assholes only have yourselves to blame."
parody  election  2016  trump 
october 2016 by jntolva
The Wiener's Circle offers "Trump footlong" 3-inch mini hot dog
It's as if the Wiener's Circle didn't know it already had all of my respect.
trump  small  hands  hitler  hotdog  Chicago 
march 2016 by jntolva
Eight Things About Donald Trump
"Actually, he is a disease. But he’s an opportunistic infection allowed by a previous illness. You have to have had the one to have the other. The GOP didn’t vaccinate for the first. It actually smeared the infection vector all over its body."
donald  trump  politics  presidency  america 
december 2015 by jntolva

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