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Why Cities Need Their Own Foreign Policies
"Right now, a Chicago-sized city is being added to the world’s urban population roughly every two weeks."
cities  climate  change  sustainability 
june 2017 by jntolva
Architecture and the Third Industrial Revolution
"The challenge will come in learning how to mass customize architecture in an economy in which everyone may become a producer as well as a consumer of design."
architecture  energy  design  engineering  sustainability 
january 2014 by jntolva
Announcing the 2012 TED Prize Winner – The City 2.0
"For the first time in the history of the prize, it is being awarded not to an individual, but to an idea. It is an idea upon which our planet’s future depends."
sustainability  city  smartcities 
december 2011 by jntolva
On the impracticality of a cheeseburger
"The cheeseburger couldn’t have existed until nearly a century ago as, indeed, it did not."
food  sustainability 
december 2011 by jntolva
Dubuque Smart City | PBS
Blueprint America looks at an old factory town in the Midwest that’s using stimulus dollars to not just put people back to work but to also make the city work again.
dubuque  ibm  smarter  city  sustainability 
september 2010 by jntolva
This Is Not a Weed - The Boston Globe
"Plants that spontaneously grow in the city are marvels of adaptation. What can we learn from them?"
botany  ecology  weeds  cities  sustainability  urban 
june 2010 by jntolva
SourceMap - Open Supply Chains
What a great site. At scale this will be indispensable for proving/disproving a product's claims to sustainability.
visualization  maps  technology  green  sustainability  environment  supply 
december 2009 by jntolva
Prairie Pioneer Seeks To Reinvent The Way We Farm
"The solution is to build an agriculture based on the way nature's ecosystems work." I'll add: it's the solution to not just agriculture.
nature  agriculture  prairie  sustainability  farming  evolution 
october 2009 by jntolva

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