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The Good, the Bad & the Irritating
The psychoacoustic explanation for sounds that we want to run away from.
sound  audio  acoustics  psychology 
january 2018 by jntolva
This Is Your Brain on Architecture
"We need a real paradigm shift in how we think about the built environment."
architecture  psychology  space 
october 2017 by jntolva
Why Our Brains Love Curvy Architecture
"In other words we prefer curves because they signal lack of threat, i.e. safety."
neuroscience  psychology  lines  architecture  curves  geometry 
october 2013 by jntolva
Researchers Study 'Sidewalk Rage'
Do you suffer from Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome? (Also did you know that headphone-wearing walkers move along 9% faster?)
psychology  social  sidewalk 
february 2011 by jntolva
Wayward Alzheimer's patients foiled by fake bus stop
“We will approach them and say that the bus is coming later today and invite them in to the home for a coffee,” said Mr Neureither. “Five minutes later they have completely forgotten they wanted to leave.
memory  architecture  psychology  city  bus 
july 2010 by jntolva
TSA Checkpoint Evolution - Case Studies - IDEO
A redesign, because "it was clear that trying to observe the subtleties of hostile intent would be less effective in a chaotic environment filled with stressed passengers."
design  psychology  air  travel  airport 
august 2009 by jntolva
Metaphorically speaking, Pepsi's gibberish is hard to swallow
"Across huge swaths of the world, scientific reasoning is regarded as decorative: a rhetorical stance, or a speech in a white coat from a 1950s B-movie."
science  psychology  marketing  pepsi 
march 2009 by jntolva
Mind Hacks: The myth of the concentration oasis
"If you think twitter is an attention magnet, try living with an infant."
twitter  parenting  productivity  internet  psychology  attention  concentration  distraction 
february 2009 by jntolva
SketchUp: Why Kids With Autism Love It
"SketchUp is not only entertaining kids with autism spectrum disorders, it's providing them with skills that might one day help them as they age out of school and into the workforce."
software  psychology  kids  sketchup 
january 2009 by jntolva
Music 'can enhance wine taste'
I'm hereby boycotting iTunes until it can make playlists by grape varietal.
wine  sound  science  research  psychology  music 
september 2008 by jntolva
Bikini-clad women make men impatient
"It seems that sexual appetite causes a greater urgency to consume anything rewarding."
culture  psychology  sex 
may 2008 by jntolva
Dunning-Kruger effect
"The phenomenon whereby people who have little knowledge systematically think that they know more than others who have much more knowledge." I have an in-law who suffers from this. Or rather, the rest of the family suffers from it.
behavior  psychology  research 
june 2007 by jntolva
Cheap Psychological Tricks for Parents
I am not above this. Not even a little bit.
parenting  psychology 
april 2005 by jntolva

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