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One Thing Silicon Valley Can’t Seem to Fix
"The built environment of the Valley does not reflect the innovation that’s driving the region’s stratospheric growth."
urbanism  design  corporate  park 
july 2017 by jntolva
Unearthing the City Grid That Would Have Been in Central Park
"Many New Yorkers lose their Cartesian sensibility, their precision about location, in places where the foliage is thick or a path arcs downhill, in places where it is hard to see the buildings for the trees."
urban  grid  newyork  nyc  city  park 
january 2016 by jntolva
The 606 Shows How to Design a Park in the 21st Century (and Beyond)
"It will tell a story of urban environmental anxiety, with a living data visualization that runs the length of the park, an ongoing experiment in climate science. Serviceberry trees will burst into bloom every spring, but the cooling effect of the lake ensures that it happens gradually over the course of several days, like lights turning on down a long hallway as the city slowly comes back to life."
606  bloomingdale  trail  chicago  park 
june 2015 by jntolva
"A series of seven fictitious construction plans of physically impossible amusement rides in combination with seven short video clips."
amusement  park  rides  fictional  crazy 
september 2014 by jntolva
Rooftops are for lazy people
In honor of today's Cubs home opener.
park  outside  cubs  chicago 
april 2012 by jntolva
Google Street View makes it up to The High Line
Wonder what the status of The High Line is as a public way?
google  streetview  highline  nyc  park  ascentstage 
november 2011 by jntolva
Central Park Car Ban Approved
Keeping an eye on this, hopefully.
nyc  newyork  central  park  cars 
may 2011 by jntolva
Chicago Park District 2010 Movies in the Park
Fantastic mashup of park district movies by location.
cinema  chicago  movies  park 
june 2010 by jntolva
Fantazy Land, Alexandria, Egypt
Perhaps the scariest theme park that has not officially been abandoned to horror film makers.
egypt  park  themepark 
may 2006 by jntolva
Millennium Park Audio Tour
Forget the dirty rentable wand. Download the MP3 files to your own player.
chicago  millennium  park  tour 
june 2005 by jntolva

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