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Chicago picked as site for Obama's digital manufacturing initiative
This is a huge deal. Possible reignition of Chicago's manufacturing ecosystem.
chicago  digital  manufacturing  obama 
february 2014 by jntolva
When the Nerds Go Marching In
"I always look like a fucking idiot," Reed told me. "And if you look like an asshole, you have to be really good."
harperreed  team  tech  election  obama 
november 2012 by jntolva
The Real Reason Cities Lean Democratic
"There are certain things in which the physical nature of a city, the fact the people are piled on top of each other, requires some notion of the public good," he said. “Conservative ideology works beautifully in the suburbs, because it makes sense spatially."
maps  obama  policy  politics 
november 2012 by jntolva
Built to win: Deep inside Obama’s campaign tech
Details on the OfA tech team's stunning achievement.
Obama  Narwhal  Election  2012  devops  campaign 
november 2012 by jntolva
How Obama’s tech team helped deliver the 2012 election
“Our goal[was to be the force multiplier, not to be a technology experiment.”
tech  obama  election 
november 2012 by jntolva
Obama Wins: How Chicago's Data-Driven Campaign Triumphed
"The “scientists” created regular briefings on their work for the President and top aides in the White House’s Roosevelt Room, but public details were in short supply as the campaign guarded what it believed to be its biggest institutional advantage over Mitt Romney’s campaign: its data."
Data  Analytics  bigdata  obama 
november 2012 by jntolva
White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars
This better come up in the general election debates.
mars  cia  obama 
january 2012 by jntolva
Great stimulus tracking site using IBM's ManyEyes visualizations.
stimulus  government  bailout  visualization  obama 
march 2009 by jntolva
Obama plots huge railroad expansion
Railroads made Chicago, and now a Chicago-rich White House wants to return the favor."
chicago  rail  highspeed  usa  obama 
february 2009 by jntolva
Essay - Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy - NYTimes.com
Anyone who knows me knows I am an arts and culture guy, but this is the reason I am most happy about our current administration.
science  obama  usa 
january 2009 by jntolva
Cubs Fan... Mr. President
Funny exchange between Obama and Chicago-born troops in Afghanistan on baseball team loyalty.
chicago  cubs  obama  sox 
january 2009 by jntolva
Chicago Tribune endorses Barack Obama for president
Bucking 151 years of Republican endorsements, the Trib goes with Obama. Wow.
tribune  president  politics  obama 
october 2008 by jntolva
Jackson says Obama comments not about envy
Give me a break. My respect for Jackson was holding on by a thread. It just snapped.
jessejackson  obama  envy  politics 
july 2008 by jntolva
Looking Back: How Different Groups Voted
Fascinating (and beautifully-designed) stats on the race for the democratic nomination. This ain't no USA Today chartjunk.
america  clinton  obama  election  statistics  visualization 
june 2008 by jntolva
Is Chicago taking over the country?
Yes, yes we are. Mwaahahaha! A good primer on Chicago politics.
chicago  politics  obama  daley 
april 2008 by jntolva
A Republican Valentine's Day Card featuring Barack Obama
Um, I seem to recall another politician from Illinois with less experience than this who ran for prez.
lincoln  obama  valentine  republican 
february 2008 by jntolva

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